Navy River Capture game coding

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Navy River Capture:


Rules of Play - Begin

Your river Navy (purple) is docked just off the Island Atwater on the major river of Bowia, and the opposing Navy (green) is located just off the Island Badger at the joint with the major river of Gozz. Using small (smaller than ships) amphibious attack boats, your Navy needs to cross over to the opposing navy’s island and capture the opposing navy’s flag boat.

Both navies have the following amphibious boats for their own use, from most powerful to least powerful:

Most Powerful:

Battle boat: Qty 1

Admiral’s boat: Qty 3

Squadron boat: Qty 5

Sniper boat: Qty 8

Flag capture boat: Qty 2 (this boat can capture the opposing navy’s flag to win)

Flag boat: Qty 1 (flag is located on the flag boat, not an attack boat)

Least Powerful

The board is 14 (0-13) positions wide (numbered left-to-right) by P (A-P) positions tall (lettered top-to-bottom).

Your Bowia amphibious attack boats initially occupy the bottom “South” side of the board within rows N through P.

The Gozz opposing amphibious boats initially occupy the top “North” side of the board within rows A through C.

The each team places their pieces one at a time before the game starts. The flag boat gets placed last and may be placed anywhere on the board, except the flag boat cannot be placed on any blockade. Only the flag capture boat can capture the flag boat. If a player loses both their flag capture boats, the game is considered a draw.

There are Gozz defensive blockades initially set-up by the opposing Gozz navy in the following positions:

D2, F3, G4, H5, G6, H8, J10, H11

Your Bowia amphibious boats must travel around the Gozz defensive blockades, but your opponent’s boats can travel over/through the Gozz blockades. The Gozz team may move one of its own blockades one space per turn instead of moving an attack boat.

There are defensive blockades your own Bowia navy has initially set up in the following positions:

M1, K2, N3, J4, O5, L8, M10, O12

Your Bowia amphibious boats can travel over/through its own blockades, but your opponent’s boats must travel around them. Your team Bowia may move one of its blockades one space per turn instead of moving an attack boat.

You can win the game by either capturing your opponent’s flag boat, or killing all of their movable boats, or your opponent cannot move (stuck behind blockades).

The opposing green Gozz navy gets to move first.

All pieces can move (including the flag boat as it also has an engine).

Pieces can only move one position at a time.

Pieces can only move left-right or forward-and-backward.

Diagonal moves are not allowed.

Multi-position moves are not allowed.

The North Side is at the top of the screen.

The South Side is at the bottom of the screen.

Water is to be colored blue.

Like Western Chess, you move your piece and touch the opponent's piece to attack it.

Blockades cannot attack.

Blockades are to be colored brown.

During an attack, both sides must state the rank of their piece.

During an attack, if both pieces are the same rank, then both pieces are removed from the game.

If your Navy’s (team) flag capture boat the opposing Navy’s (team) flag boat, then the game is won by your Navy (team).

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