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Company Name: Melbourne Mouldings We are looking for someone to design 2 logos, one simple, the other a little more complex, and an illustration for a picture frame moulding manufactur...

153 $400 AUD Aug 12, 2020 5 días, 22 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I would like to design a name and logo for cosmetic products. High-resolution file containing artwork in 400 dpi or higher, black image on white background in a victor file. I attach so...

832 $250 CAD Aug 10, 2020 3 semanas, 5 días Publica un Concurso Similar

I work in the accommodations industry and I am looking to create my own brand. I provide unique accommodation for travelers that want a unique experience With in the state of Texas!! I ...

168 $200 USD Aug 10, 2020 1 semana, 3 días Publica un Concurso Similar

Hello, all! I am the art director at VizFrame, a web-based software to make promoting products in 3D easy for online sellers with no artistic or programming abilities. We are looking ...

28 $100 USD Aug 8, 2020 1 semana, 1 día Publica un Concurso Similar

Playmat business. I’m establishing a new brand for baby playmats. The play mats that I want to design are something modern with a new concept. I’m looking for a design pattern with neu...

96 $150 USD Aug 5, 2020 1 día, 16 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

Hello Everyone, We are building out a retail store at our current business and I wanted a designed to give it a go based on some drawings and color scheme of the...

19 $269 USD Aug 4, 2020 12 horas, 15 minutos Publica un Concurso Similar

Logo to be added to a scarf. Company Name: Sparkie Scarf will be used for a large variety of sports, amongst other uses (Example: dust and wind protection.) Logo Details: 1-2 Colours. ...

833 $100 AUD Aug 4, 2020 1 día, 4 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I would like a logo designed for my new blog CheatChinese I am attempting to learn Chinese in 3 months and am blogging about all the “cheat codes” I find to help learn the language fas...

98 $100 AUD Aug 2, 2020 2 días, 8 horas Publica un Concurso Similar