Nonlinear Signal Processing in Matlab

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I was asked to process and classify hundreds of recorded ECG curves in Matlab. I developed a custom classification method based on Shannon-Markov entropy (a notion of the information theory) and I wrote Matlab codes to implement my method. Then I was able to map each curve onto a color-labeled point in a 2D graph. This made it easy to see which curves are similar or dissimilar to each other, which was the purpose of the project.

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I have a PhD degree in theoretical and computational physics and dozens of published papers in peer review journals on computational physics, computational chemistry, mechanical science and engineering. I do modeling and calculations using Matlab, Matematica, custom algorithm design and coding in C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl for Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux. I do analytical derivations and solutions using advanced calculus, ODE, PDE, matrices, minimization, statistics, spectral analysis, wavelets, and some other areas of mathematics. I have extensive experience in neural networks, image analysis, object recognition, object tracking.

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