Converting Financial Math Equations into Excel Formulas

por cugamelover

In this large project ($1500, see I converter over a dozen of advanced math equations from scholarly journal articles (such as to easy-to-use Excel calculators. The user would not need to use any specialized computational platform, but simply enter his market data into an Excel spreadsheet and have all calculations on pricing VIX futures done for him by Excel automatically.

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I have a PhD degree in theoretical and computational physics and dozens of published papers in peer review journals on computational physics, computational chemistry, mechanical science and engineering. I do modeling and calculations using Matlab, Matematica, custom algorithm design and coding in C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl for Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux. I do analytical derivations and solutions using advanced calculus, ODE, PDE, matrices, minimization, statistics, spectral analysis, wavelets, and some other areas of mathematics. I have extensive experience in neural networks, image analysis, object recognition, object tracking.

$50 USD / hora

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