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I am currently developing a small battery operated-handheld GSM enabled device and I am looking for a freelancer who can help choosing low cost components, designing a working prototype PCB and getting 5 pieces manufactured and shipped to me, Once this is done a simple firmware should be written to help me port my code to your PCB. The device components are:

-MCU (preferably PIC 8bit with code written in C - should be able to refresh the TFT with a jpeg/bmp in well under 1 second perhaps using 16b interface, there should also be an extra interrupt plus UART line left unused to connect to a second PCB that I am developing myself),

-GSM module (low cost chinese SIM900 or similar/cheaper),

-RFID read/write module (Mifare 1k read/write),

-sFLASH (10 MByte or similar),

-keypad (14 simple push button SMT buttons),

-TFT screen (low cost 320* 240px 3" or so with resistive touch capabilities),

-Power circuit (5V in, 3000mAH Li-Po Battery or similar & battery charger/ voltage regulator IC etc),

-small low power speaker (voice should be heard from max. 10 cm away i.e. similar to mobile phone sound)

...and other necessary components as per your design.

These are the Milestones as I would like them to be completed:

**This job is urgent so please give realistic completion dates for the milestones and break your bid quote down into the 4 milestones so I know what you expect at what point in the job. Thank You.**

Milestone 1: Costing & Schematic - create a priced Bill of Materials incl. board cost estimate & case cost estimate

Milestone 2: PCB design- should incl. 3D renders that can be used by a case designer

Milestone 3: PCB production & Shipping - get 5 boards made, check boards work by writing simple code then DHL 3 pieces to me

Milestone 4: Firmware development - Please see a more detailed description below


The 14 SMT buttons would be used as a numeric keypad 0 to 9 with accept, decline and two menu function buttons. The device test firmware you write will simply be for the purposes of testing the device you design plus speed up porting of my code to your hardware. The first thing you will need to code is an interrupt triggered function which would be able to decipher keystrokes on the keypad, then i suggest that you use the keypad to drive the rest of the test firmware. So when:

"1" is pressed then a TFT test function would be executed which would load a bmp from the sFLASH onto the screen, there should be at least 2 bmp images stored on the sFLASH so everytime "1" is pressed a different image is shown on screen with no software delay to show how quickly the screen can refreshed.

"2" would initiate comms with the RFID module in order to elicit a reply to test correct connection of comm lines

"3" would initiate comms with the GSM module in order to elicit a reply to test correct connection of comm lines

"4" would play a short .wav file stored on the sFLASH using the low power speaker

"5" would be used to test the resistive touch capabilities, so something written to screen would be saved as a black and white bmp to the sFLASH

You do not need to code menu structure, UI or anything like that. Thank You.

Habilidades: Programación en C, Electrónica, Software integrado, Microcontrolador, Diseño PCB

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