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Develop an app for iOS and Android to manage a tennis court - develop an app for my site. 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No Need designing.. - DEVELOP AN INTELLIGENT WHATSAPP PANEL Develop an interactive 3D map using HTML5 (image provided) - Develop an interactive world map Develop an Interative Website - Develop an investment website with bitcoin payment via Develop an Invitation Management System with ASP.Net MVC5, EF6 - Develop an iOS and Android Application Develop an iOS and Android Application with Administration console - Develop an IOS Application Develop an IOS Application - Develop an iOS application for ipad Develop an IOS application for LED Smart Bulbs - Develop an iOS Site Inspection App Develop an iOS Social Media Photo App - Develop an iPad App Develop an ipad app - Develop an iPhone /Android Application Develop an iPhone /Android application - Develop an Iphone App Develop an Iphone app - Develop an iPhone app and related website Develop an iPhone APP catalog - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone application (SIP/XMPP) Develop an iPhone application - Large Project ( long term relationship, future projects) - Develop an iphone game for us Develop An IPhone Learning Game based on Body of Knowledge Structure - Develop an IPsec based Android vpn client Develop an IPTV android application - Develop an Mobile Game App Develop an MP look up tool for a campaign website - Develop an online arts/gifts store using CsCart, Vi art or Prestashop Develop an online auction site - Develop an online Database with Custom Web Publishing Develop an online dating site - Develop an online platform like and Develop an Online Portal using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JQuERY - Develop an Online Strategy Battle Game Develop an online survey in Laravel 4 Framework - Develop an optimization tool Develop an order form for a flowerstore - Develop an SAP App Develop an School Management Android App - Develop an student login system Develop an third party app store for new country - Develop and Add pages templates to existing WP site Develop and add-in for Revit 2012 - Develop and bootstrap a SERP tracking website Develop and build a mobile game app with in-app purchase - Develop and Customize a 'Monthly Attendance Report' in Orangehrm Open Source Develop and Customize Corporate Identity According to fully editable eps vector file supplied (eps file downloaded from shutterstock), Logo eps vector file will also be supplied. Need to customize the corporate identity according to my needs!!! - Develop and Design a UI/GUI for Mobile Phones(Android) Develop and design a unique portfolio for me - Develop and Design Existing Wordpress Site - open to bidding Develop and Design Family Business Intranet - Develop and Design website with Develop and design website, hiring soon (Reposted) - Develop and finish Realcopy website Develop and Fix - Develop and implement web crawlers in Python Develop and improve Crystal Reports - Develop and Integrate Wordpress Template and PHP Application Website Develop and iOS app for a client - Develop and maintain webshop on and Develop and Maintain Website - Develop and Online Store Develop and Online Store with Custom Theme - Develop and Set up VPN. Develop and setup simple OSCommerce Site - Develop and Write a Technical report in java SE and Mysql. Develop and write an iphone application - Develop Android and iOS APP Develop Android and iOS App - 04/09/2016 01:13 EDT - Develop Android Antivirus with locate device capability DEVELOP ANDROID APP - develop android app develop android app - Develop Android app for news website Develop Android App for security - Develop Android App. for audit store - repost Develop Android Application - Develop Android Application And Migrate to Blackberry Z10 develop android application for barcode scanning - Develop Android based follow-up reminder and feedback management system Develop android browser app - Develop Android Live Wallpaper Develop Android Live Wallpaper With Bubbles - Develop Android VPN client integrated with IPVanish API (white label) Develop android web apps - Develop Antivirus on DOT NET Develop Anypic (Parse app) - develop API of payment module to connect LinePay and TH counter service Develop API on Open-Source Project (Java, Linux) - develop app - open to bidding Develop App e-Book voice (Audio) reader ( Android, Apple, windows phones) - Develop app for idevice. Develop App for iOS and Adndroid for bookings - develop app in android Develop app in Android and iOS to field soccer and interaction between players / Desarrollo de aplicación movil para canchas de fútbol - Develop app to manage soccer league Develop app to post 50 Yelp reviews per month - Develop Application (mobile? html5?) for use by insurance agents Develop application and user management dashboard in codeigniter - Develop application SCADA - Email Develop application server - Develop Apps for Joomla/PHP Sites
Develop apps for pur website - Develop Artefacts Develop Articles that can be posted in a number of different forums - Develop Auction Site develop auction site in Php - Develop Automatic Website Reports Develop Automatic-Checkout for a Store Using HTTP Requests in C# - Develop Backend database for iOS Application Develop backend englne for website - Develop Basic App Develop basic elearning solutions for me - Develop BI dashboard in Tableau Develop BI dashboard in Tableau - Develop Book Database Website; PHP, MySql Develop Book Database Website; PHP, MySql - repost - Develop branding and corporate identity. 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Develop Digital Sigange Player, Cloud, Studio. - Develop downloadable mobile application that would run on android platforms, iOS, Windows Develop downloadable PDF Joomla component for form records - Develop Drupal website Develop Drupal website with custom quotation form & Integration into SharePoint Online - DEVELOP E-COMMERCE SITE Develop e-commerce site - Develop EA for Metatrader Develop EA for Metatrader 2 - Develop Eclipse Plugin Develop ecom site - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - smallpox Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - white powder - Develop email response for several web forms Develop email template - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Empower Website Develop EMS Billing and Patient Care Reporting Software - Develop ERP for Construction Company Develop ERP module for prestashop - Develop Excel macro to read txt file and generate plots Develop Excel Macro to Split Sheet - Develop existing Joomla! Mosets tree custom field - multiple check boxes + text option Develop existing logo to full Corporate Identity - Develop expert 3D model/animation of mobile POS system Develop expert advisor - Develop Facebook Activation in PHP Develop Facebook App - develop facebook cutstom tag(Photo Contest) develop facebook extractor software - Develop Fantasy Cricket league site Develop Fantasy Football - Develop FFT in embedded system Develop FFT in embedded system using stm32f4 discovery board - Develop Firefox addon with custom GUI Develop Firefox and Chrome Addon - Develop Flash banner with XML connection for Google Adwords Develop Flash banners for website - Develop Flash Module for DNN 6 with given Design Develop Flash Modules for DNN 6 with given Design - Develop for me a readling list on a business subject develop for me a small windows desktop application to catch expiring domains. - Develop foundation for SaaS application Develop four "skins" using DevExpress SkinEditor - Develop Front End for Java Application Develop Front End of the Website - Develop Full Truck Fleet Management Software Develop full website - develop further my site develop web site - Develop game similar to surf subway Develop game that can be played in browsers - Develop geolocation project (clone) Develop Geometric Modeling and Analysis of A Series of Turbocharger Turbine Heads - Develop Google-Like Search Engine for Paid Text Advertising Develop Gospel Tract - Repost - Develop Gym Management CRM Develop Hadoop Email System - Develop HIGH END front end website only (No back end), CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL! HTML5. Develop high quality as3 audio stretch - Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site Develop Hotspot page - Develop HTML Pages develop HTML pages By using CSS - Develop humorous quiz items Develop Hybrid Apps using Cordova/ IONIC framework - Develop IM Client Develop iMacro Script - Develop Indicator/Expert Advisor for latest MT4 build version develop individual/personal sales for art related products - Develop interactive advent calendar on website Develop Interactive animated world map design webpage on magento. - develop internet casino Develop Internet FILTER -- Net Nanny Clone -- Filter Porn - Develop Ios & Android App for a delivery service