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Develop Desktop Document Editor - Develop Dispatching System + Mobile app Develop DIY Javascript Image Editor - Develop drawing 2d polygon with unity3d - repost Develop DriverUpdater Software with C# - Develop Dynamic Model Plaform Develop Dynamic Network Charts - Develop E-commerce website in Magento version. Make it multivendor site to sell apparels develop e-course/e-book in Managing Projects - Develop easy algorithms in Java Develop easy algorithms with java - Develop eCommerce Gift Card store Develop ecommerce iPhone & iPad App - Develop educational animations for kids Develop educational Flash Games - Develop Email List and Send Emails for dance business Develop Email List For Business - Develop Embedded Mobile Linux Develop Embedded simple embedded browser for multiple platforms, mainly C++ - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop enterprise applications using Java source development stacks across multiple business areas Develop entire back end of custom website PHP, MySQL, and some HTML5, CSS, Javascript where needed. - Develop exam schedule using genetic algorithm Develop example oracle java jsf - Develop existed template with wordpress Develop Existing "Auction Sniper" Application And Make It Cloud-Based - Develop Existing Website. Develop Existing Websites - Develop extensions for yii2 for conecting API Develop External and 2 no Internal Renders - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook application - Develop Facebook related native Android app Develop Facebook related native iOS app - Develop features for existing ruby on rails platform Develop Features for the Website - Develop Finance Calculators Develop Finance software - Develop fitness training platform w/ calendar and payment Develop five songs and music for Youtube video - Develop Flash Games Develop Flash Games - Develop clone Develop font tester module for Drupal 7 - Develop forms in bootstrap and work seamlessly with salesforce Develop forms in visual studio 2012 - Develop front end Develop front end application - Develop full brand guidelines for my company Develop Full Featured SMS Platform for sending and receiving bulk messages. - Develop Fundraising Program Develop funky/ quirky shop front wallpaper design - Develop game quiz like "who wants to be a millionaire" Develop game quiz like "Who Wants to be a millionaire" or "Show do Milhão"(Brazil Version) - Develop Geo Location based Custom Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad Develop Geo Location based Custom Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android - Develop Google Search Console API Code Develop Google-Like Search Engine for Paid Text Advertising - Develop Gym Management CRM Develop Hadoop Email System - Develop High Level CRM -- 2 Develop High Level CRM -- 3 - Develop Hotspot page Develop house Plans & 3D Rendering Photo realistic images - DEVELOP HTML RESPONSIVE QUESTIONAIR Develop HTML shopping cart, admin. interface and order checkout system offering paypal, google and merchant account (credit cards) as payment options - Develop hybrid mobile app using Xamarin Develop hybrid mobile application - Develop image search engine (Drupal / Joomla etc accepted) Develop Image Search Engine Optimization (Image SEO) using ASP.NET - Develop Informational Website for a Tie Store Develop informative html5 app for my employees - Develop Interactive Map For Website Develop interactive training software/dvd- with Macromedia Director/Captivate/Articulate or etc - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js -- 2 - Develop iOS / iPhone Voice Guidance Navigation App Develop iOS 7 Application - Develop iOS and Android Social App Develop iOS Android Taxi app - Develop IOS App with Offerwall - users can complete offers and make $$ develop ios app. design and framework is ready. will provide android app as reference - Develop iOS Game based on tapping and physics DEVELOP iOS GAME FOR iPAD. - develop ipad app Develop Ipad App - Develop Iphone and Andorid app Develop Iphone and Android app - Develop Iphone App Develop Iphone App - Develop iPhone app Calendar DEVELOP IPHONE APP FOR 3D VIEWER - Develop iPhone Application - Scan QR BarCodes & Geo Location Develop iPhone application - Video app - Develop iPhone movies app Develop iPhone multiplayer 2D game - Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results -- 2 - Develop Java integration to data cleaner Develop Java Library - Develop Job site Develop Job site portal & Online tutorial - Develop Joomla websites for our company on regular basis Develop Joomla! Template from PSD - Develop LabVIEW based standalone application to automate VeriStand test execution Develop Landing Page - Develop Let It Ride game Develop LG WebOS custom player - Develop live dashoard in matrix format Develop live streaming app - Develop Logo and Hangtags Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 6 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 7 - develop MAC OS Develop Mac OS X app that hides background applications (and desktop) - Develop Magento plugin Develop Magento Site - Develop Mangeto website and deploy on Amazon EC2 Develop Map Application - develop Master-Details Form visual c# Develop Matching Tile Game Using Python - Develop me a Brochure for our HR Software Develop me a clothing blog - Develop Menu for viewing/searching digitise newspaper Develop merchant account connection (transfirst) - Develop Microsoft AX Test Plan Develop Microsoft Office addin for Word/Excel/Outlook - Develop Mobile App Develop Mobile App - Develop Mobile app for both Android and iPhone Develop mobile app for business reviews site - Develop Mobile App UI Develop Mobile App using Phone Gap API - Develop mobile application for Google play store using ionic framework Develop mobile application for iPhone and Android - Develop Mobile Game for iOS and Android develop mobile game for kids - Develop mobile website.... Develop mobile word game using Unity asset - develop module for prestashop design product -- 3 step 3.1 develop module for prestashop design product -- Final project - Develop MP3 Player for my website Develop Mq4 DLL & GEO bug fix - develop multifunctional Apps . Develop multilanguage for Bigcommerce website - Develop my blog Develop my blog - develop my forum web site
develop my game - develop my role application............. develop my role applicaton 2parts...... - Develop my website - APPLY ONLY if you can get this done for maximum Rs. 6000 including Payment Gateway Integration. DEVELOP MY WEBSITE - open to bidding - Develop name for education company Develop narrative of physical modeling for biological applications. - develop new algorithm develop new App - Develop new features for existing SAAS Codeigniter application Develop new features for our node.js Web application - Develop new Joomla component Develop New Leads for Established Company - Develop new site Develop new site at USA$ - develop new website DEVELOP NEW WEBSITE - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a web based management system for an insurance agency Develop of an Android App... - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food develop one application in php - Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop one responsive page - Develop online course - Video tutorials Develop Online CRM for me. - Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management Software Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management System - Develop online store functionality Develop online store in magento - Develop OpenCart functionality Develop OpenCart Module - Develop or Implement a Tinder Clone iOS Script for mobile dating app develop or improvement for IOT Protocol like (6lowpan, zigbee, coap, mqtt, xmpp) - Develop our application software Develop our business - Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today5 Develop our simple Webapplication in PHP - Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. Develop pages for Newson Consulting website. - Develop Payment Modules for Integration Develop payment page - Develop Penalty Kicks Game Develop Perceptual Hash Algorithms in C - develop phonegap or hybrid app Develop Phonegap plug in to enable printing labels on Zebra printers - Develop PHP Based Mini-CRM Code Develop PHP based REST API - Develop PHP Site for Clover API will use firebase as well Develop PHP site or in joomla - Develop platform for social network/content management site. develop platform from ilance software for reverse auction - Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration - Repost - Develop Portal with login and password for monitoring visualization Develop POS and Purchases/Inventory Modules - Develop presentation Develop Presentation in Powerpoint - develop private label web 2.0 platforms, software, bots or scripts effective online marketing tools Develop private Shopify application for API Integration to my Shopify Store - Develop Professional Website for IT Staffing Develop professional wordpress websites - Develop Project Plan for a Business (Hypothetical Project)(Small Project) Develop Project Plan for a Business (Hypothetical Project)(Small Project) -- 2 - Develop pseudo-code to reflect the process developed in a scientific paper (Masgar) Develop PTC Script - Develop Qlikview, Sharepoint and Webpage(For Bangkok area ONLY) VERY URGENT Develop QPython to APK solution - Develop Ramayana game Develop Random Image Facebook Application - develop really simple trading software develop Realtek RTL8188SU/8191/2 driver for Microchip PIC32MX695F512L - Develop Remote Support Web Application Develop Remove Access Program - Develop research proposal - scenario 2500 words Develop Reserved Seating Function for Existing Website - Develop REST API Develop REST API in Java - Develop robust iPhone application Develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron - Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement) develop SACD on Marvell 3010 - Develop SAP Product costing and Material ledger Videos Develop SausageBread,com - Develop script and go with team to the field to produce a short film on poverty issue among ethnic minority children in Vietnam Develop Script and/or Download Data on Internet Site - Develop Search Engine Develop search engine for web-page - Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support Develop seo in our online shop in order to be in the first lines of Google - Develop seven D3JS graphs based on seven images. Develop several IOS / ANDROID MOBILE APPS - Develop Shopify Develop Shopify - open to bidding - Develop similar website with features and user interface Develop similar website with features and user interface - Develop simple app for Androind and IOs - repost Develop Simple App for iPhone & iPad - Develop simple flash MMORPG game Develop simple front end wordpress image editor - Develop Simple iPhone Game(repost) Develop Simple iPhone Game(repost)(repost) - Develop Simple PhP Script Develop simple PHP software - Develop Simple Social Mobile App Develop Simple Software - develop simply app android with source code Develop simulation for pizza delivery drivers - Develop site in drupal 8 Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features - Develop small android application. Develop small app in 2.0 - Develop small WordPress website Develop Small/ Mini Android Games - Unity - develop Soccer website Develop social app like tinder - Develop social networking App IPhone that is about the same as "mixr Develop social networking application in Web, Android and IOS - Develop software Develop software - develop software for YT views -- 2 develop software for YT views -- 3 - Develop software for purchase sale and inventory Develop software for Raspberry Pi - develop software program's Develop Software Prototype - Develop software to generate vector file develop software to make bulk transaction over payment gateway - Develop some features on Social Networks Script Develop some flash for our website - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Span Charts for solid verified timber in the New Zealand market Develop Spec for Transaction and CODEC over PCIe - develop Sql query for Typo3 database Develop SQL Server stored procedure - Develop stick figure game for iPhone develop stocastic expert advisor - Develop Subscription Course Website on Rails 5 Develop super JS widgets (JQwidgets) - Develop system Backup integrated with google drive Develop system biometric - develop taxi app in android Develop taxi apps - Develop Template and Program using API and XML - repost