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Create an iTunes Podcast Cover - Create an logo Animation -- 2 Create an Logo Animation / Morphing - Create an mobile app for android and ios device Create an mobile app for android, iOS, windows comptaible - Create an MS Access database Create an MS Access database - Create an Native app and wordpress service. Create an Native app and wordpress service. (Budget 500usd) - Create an offline stand-alone HTML Line item page Create an offline version of a Google Form in Excel - Create an online art AUCTION website create an online art site with different painting types, so that members can create their own gallery and post articles - Create an online car auction Create an Online Card Game, Coding - Create an online database for Unity 3D Game Create an online database in a WordPress website to manage memberships - create an online form (apllication form) create an online form (apllication form) -- 2 - Create an Online LMS Create an online loan decision management tool - Create an online peer-to-peer marketplace create an online photography template maker - Create an online scheduing system, and associated Android and iPhone apps for fitness company Create an online scheduler (similar to outlook) in JS for a Bootstrap template - create an online store create an online store - Create an online store using Shopify Create an Online Store using API - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - Create an Open Cart v2.2 extension - eBay api Create an open office fillable form - Create an Opening Video 5-10 Second Create an opening Video for my YouTube channel - Create an option on our PHP site to create a new teacher with the same students as another teacher. Create an optional field in user registration which can be turned on and off - Create an original avatar for an IPhone game - repost Create an original cartoon frog - Create an outlook macro to migrate emails and generate folders and sub folders from the inbox Create an outlook macro to migrate emails and generate folders and sub folders from the inbox - repost - Create an Presention Create an print ad - Create an RSA like animation for me. Create an RSA Style Teaser and 5 Minute Videos - Create an SEO Directory to list Escape Rooms from TripAdvisor Create An SEO Software that Does Local Directory Submission - Create an Sinple ASP.NET MVC 4 application in Visual Studio 2012 Create an Skill Animation - Create an SQL Server stored procedure Create an SQL table - Create an uber type app Create an UBER-like app - Create an up to 5 seconds Animation Create an UP TO DATE C-Level Contact List of Finance Directors in LONDON - create an video create an video - Create an webpage advert for a health and wellbeing retreat using word press Create an Webservice for a Community website - Create an windows based Membership Database software Create an windows Event on C++ and Register for that event on C# - Create an Xray Scanner Prank App create an XSL - create and add background images create and add background images - repost - Create and animate a (vector) Spider Create and animate a 2 minute product sizzle reel - Create and biuld a voice recognition engine for a mobile translation porpouses. Create and Brand a Full Website - Create and configuration Network Multisite Create and configure a DokuWiki Wiki - Create and customize a pharmacy joomla template Create and customize a pharmacy joomla template - Create and design a logo for a product Create and design a Logo for my company - Create and design all covers for google+, facebook cover and timeline, Twitter. Create and Design Amazon Product Image - Create and Design Games Create and design graphic images in Arabic for iPad/iPhone - Create and Design Web Banners in Various Sizes Create and Design Website - Create and document a grid server using globus toolkit 6.0 Create and document a relational Database - Create and Edit Microsoft SQL Reports (Microsoft SQL Reporting Services) Create and Edit News Story - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF - Create and finalize website with clipbucket. Create and find the reference for approx 50 pics - create and implement a new design for a website Create and implement a salesforce app/object integrated to my salesforce installation - Create and Index 300 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers From Provided Materials for Insurance Company Create and Index in Excel - Create and install basic Free Vivvo Template Create and install CRM onto my webserver - Create and install Wordpress Template - Sachin only Create and install Wordpress Template -- 2 - Create and integrate the game 'Mastermind' in my website Create and integrate unique Theme - Create and maintain a video chat server with clients (sub sites) Create and Maintain a website for a year. - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign old adword accounts also need Create and Manage a Profitable PPC Campaign - CREATE AND MANAGE ADWORDS Create and manage adwords campaign - Create and Manage my Crowdfunding Campaign ASAP Create and Manage my ppc campaigns - Create and manipulate lists of cards CREATE AND MAP EBAY PRODUCTS IN MAGENTO and MAP to M2E PRO FIELDS - Create and morph an anime figure according to specifications Create and online booking using API integration to ontime system with auto fill for city, province and zipcode using geocodes database - Create and post advertisement on local kijiji. Create and post an advertisements on multiple platforms(No pay if awful work) - create and promote/optimise facebook page Create and prototype 3 Dojo Dijits - Create and query databases using SQL Create and query databases using SQL - Create and save QR codes create and schedule email marketing for my cleaning business across Oxfordshire - United Kingdom - create and setup an Article Directory like ezinearticles Create and Setup Program / Project Management Office - Create and submit classified ads to classified ad web sites agreed upon Create and Submit for backlinks - create and upload Create and upload 1,000 videos to youtube with description and tags and title of each video to be given - Create and upload thumbnails on Youtube Create and Upload torrent - Create and/or Translate Advertisements to Chinese! Create andoid application - Create Android and iOS app as a Dawah Assistant contact management tool Create Android and iOS App for Magento eCommerce Website - Create Android App Create Android App - create android app create android app - Create android app for my website Create Android App for Online Radio Station (ShoutCast v1) - Create Android app using Broadlink SDK (Preview App available from broadlink) Create Android App with 15 screens - Create android application (online music) create android application - open to bidding - Create android based messenger create android based safety app-1 - Create android game fast and cheap SEE BELOW! READ ALL! Create ANDROID game like a iOS game - Create Android Market Developer Account Create Android memory editor - Create Android TV UI along with curation of TV channels, Movies, Sitcoms Videos within TV Menu Items -- 2 Create android version existing app iOS - Create Android/IOS app for Broadlink SDK (APK available from previous developer)
Create Android/iOS app to access Angolan/African sport data stored on Web DB - Create Animated 12 eCards Using HTML5 - repost Create animated 2d video - Create animated chars PLEASE READ Create animated circle/menu system for wordpress site - Create animated gifs Create Animated Gifs for a PowerPoint Presentation - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 38 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 39 - Create animated logo Create animated logo for a website - Create Animated Text Video for 90 Second Voiceover Create Animated Thumbnails (Image Magick) - Create animated video of 2.30 min of website Create animated video scrible using sparkol - create animation create animation - Create animation drawings that I can import to my timeline Create Animation Explainer - Create animation for website header Create Animation for website launch/home page... - create animation on after effects Create Animation On Wordpress - Create Animation Video -- Pirouette! Create Animation video about our Product - Create animations for a game character Create animations for a turn based rpg with Blender 3d - Create annimations in 3d Studio Max Create Annotated PDF - Create another set of banners Create another set of banners - open to bidding - Create any software with perfect report Create any type of Anroid Game - create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor -- 2 - Create API for wordpress to payson create api for xfilesharing - Create Apiary documentation for Nodejs services app (node skills needed) Create Apis for a Mobile App - create app create app - Create App for Android and iPhone Create App for Android and iPhone: Stop Smoke - Create app for iphone/ipad for viewing images Create app for live FM radio - Create APP Icon for a Mobile Website in both Android and iPhone Create app icon within a few hours - Create app purchase / sale type BlaBlaCar and Wallapop Create app puzzle game (iOS) like '4 pics one word'. - Create app to run on iphone 4, ipad 2, itouch (4gen), enable locking of all buttons during facetime. Create app to scrape email and phone number from LinkedIn user\'s own network - Create Apple Mac Program Create Apple Mail Stationery - Create application fro website Create application fro website - open to bidding - Create application to split text file based on time create application used at multiple locations via online - Create APPs to work with Vtiger - open to bidding Create Apps which store url - Create architectural drawings of furniture products Create architectural drawings of shade sails showing shaded area at different times of day/year - Create around 40+ custom products in Woocommerce Create around 50 images in Corel Draw - Create article for our blog everyday Create Article Form - Create articles in Joomla Create Articles on Sports Betting Software - Create Artwork For a Wedding Design Create artwork for an outdoor A-Frame sign - Create ASP report, pull data from Access Create ASP Script - Create Web pages Create ASP.NET Web Service - Create Athan Timer for Worldwide with Islam azan sound create ATI module - create attributes for my cvs and categories and create cvs or excel file - repost Create Auction App to IOS and Android -- 2 - Create Audio Download for Smartphones Create audio file - Create Audios with Transcript Create Audit Program Software - Create Auto Attendant Simple IVR Create Auto Bot Software - Create Auto Refresh Service Management Software Create auto refresh task for an android app - Create AutoCAD drawing from jpeg/vector file Create autocad drawing from pdf file - Create Automated Amazon Mechanical Process and Setup Hosting Create Automated Annotated Summary Sheet from Access Database - Create Automated VPS Servers for Game Server Hosting Create Automated Wordpress Plugin based on XML data feed - Create Automation Test Script Create Automation tool for Social Website - Create Avatars for 7 Individuals Create avatars for an online game - Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF - repost - Create Azure environment with Bussiness and 365 Remote Apps Create Azure scale set with custom image and autoscale based on service bus - Create back-end of a company portal (kind of small website) with use of Spring , Hibernate , Maven, mySQL. Create back-end systems for Website and tie-in existing Front-End - Create backend to 3D Virtual Sports Game Create Backend-Database for Forms - Create backlink on high PR and Citation/Trust Flow homepages Create Backlink System - Create backlinks for my site Create Backlinks for my Website - Create Backup For Website Files and Quick Web fix Create Backup or Unzip Backup files (Extract) - create bank statement temeplate for chase create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi - Create Bank Statement Template - repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost 2 - Create Banner Ads Create Banner ads - Create banner for Essay contest Create banner for exhibition stand - Create Banner Photoshop Templates (27 sizes) create banner price - create banners Create banners (2x) - Create banners for my website Create banners for new online store - Create Barcode Label - Bianco #1 Create Barcode Label - Milano - Create basic Animation for 1 image with text Create Basic animation for an Archer and a Zombie - Create Basic HTML Website Template create basic html5 with jquery site - Create Basic online webpage Create basic OpenGL ES 2 rendering application for iOS - Create basic website holding page Create Basic Website Promo Video - Create Beach House Emblem Create beach cotton candy pattern - Create Beginning Affiliate Website Create Behavioral & Personality Surveys - Very Challenging!! - Create Bi-Folded Business Card Create Bia Wordress Theme - create billing system and kiosk software Create billion row CSV files - Create Bitcoin Pool Create Bitcoin Pool - Create Blank User Area in Application Create BLE PCB - Create blog articles for website (corporate business in finance/retail/hospitality) Create Blog Articles/Infographics/Content for our Startup - Create blog entry posts on my blog