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Create and Manage a Small Adwords Campaign - Create and manage Google and Bing ads Create and manage Google and Bing ads -- 2 - Create and manage SEM campaign + Facebook ads Create and manage social media accounts - Create and Modify some pages in Angular JS theme Create and modify web 2.0 elements - create and post 7x7 squido lens Create and post a responsive website - Create and Promote Web Site Through Various Methods. create and promote website on darkweb - Create and publish simple Android app Create and Published Wikipedia page for my client - Create and save FusionCharts as image and send it in html email Create and save QR codes - create and sketch 100 creatures for a game create and skin 3 slot machines - Create and submit reviews and ads (no brain work) -- 2 Create and submit ringtone to Blackberry appworld - Create and upload 25-50 product pages - Wordpress Site Create and upload 3 basketball videos for Youtube - Create and Upload Videos to our Youtube Channel Create and Upload Videos to our Youtube Channel TLP - create andriod app create andriod app - open to bidding - Create Android and iOS Application Create android and ios application - Create Android app Create Android app - Create android app - open to bidding Create Android App - Reference Library (offline) - create android app from android studio create android app from existing iphone app - Create Android app, IOs app and website. Create Android app- Bangalore location only - Create Android Application from Existing Iphone Application Create android application functionality from sites created - Create Android Clock Widgets Create Android code library to process jpg 2 images - Create Android interview questions for Partharaj Create Android iPhone app (similar to ''Words with Friends'') using Corona SDK - Create Android notification App for phone and tablet Create android or iphone app. - Create Android Video Player Create Android War Game - Create angular 2 application using firebase create angular dashboard - Create Animated Banner in 3 Sizes Create Animated Banners - Create animated GIF Create animated gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 18 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 19 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 6 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 7 - Create animated objects in Flash Create animated outline of face - Create Animated video Create Animated video - Create Animated Web Video - Explainer video Create Animated Website Introduction Video - Create Animation - 23/08/2016 02:29 EDT create animation -- 2 - Create animation for GAMSAT Exam - I will provide script Create animation for hand bag advertising. - Create animation movie Create animation movie -- 2 - Create Animation Video Create Animation Video - Create animation/cartoon commercial for a Product Create Animation/Video for Teaching Course - Create ANIME Logo design for website/instagram Create Anime Site with Wordpress - Create another Karaoke create another log-out button - Create antivirus software by modifying source code Create antivirus software in 3 days - Create API Create API - Create API for MODx / ShopKeeper Create api for my browser based game - Create API to Import and Export Custom Fields in BigCommerce Create API to script existing trading application - Create app create app - Create app for Android and iOS about our web (invoice app) Create App for Android and iPhone - Create App for iphone/ipad Create app for iphone/ipad for viewing images - Create APP icon & Optimize our Logo Create App Icon based on existing logo - create app partnership Create app preview video for my mobile app - CREATE APP TO AUTOMATE LIKES ON POST ON ANDROID APP Create app to connect the EasySocial Conponent in Joomla - Create Appbar which moves the taskbar Create Appbar which moves the taskbar(repost) - Create application for iPhone and Android to place frames to photos and allows you to share them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram Create application for Mac to convert PDF files to HTML file - Create application that installs custom controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox Create application to batch convert many jpg files into single PDF (or Tiff) file - Create approx. 10 website templates complete with code Create approxamaly . 8,000 pages from a template... Easy - Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech - Create around 100 simple graphics Create around 100 simple XML files - Create article and spun version of it. Create Article and Submit my website to Search Engines(Off Site Optimization) - Create articles based on existing screencasts Create articles covering local events in real time - create artwork Create artwork - ongoing work - Create ASP + iframe viewer like W3school has Create ASP .NET Form Designer - Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed Create Pages from Prototype Pages generated with Ironspeed(repost) - Create astore in Amazon and add best seller products Create Asynchronous Methods With Events (VB.NET) - Create attractive Packages On my wordpress website Create attractive page that includes <script>alert(document.cookie)</script> - Create Auctions webbsite like wellbid Create Auctions webbsite like wellbid - create audio/text pop up box for website Create audio/video engine for Android and improve audio/video engine for Windows - Create authetication code for download from a website Create Author-Focused Parent Theme for WordPress, Plus Ongoing Support - Create auto install ammy software create auto installer for jadu jukebox - Create Autoblog For Me Create Autoblog that makes $10-$15 day - Create AutoCAD video TUTORIALS Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture - Create automated returns for Magento Store create automated script to convert xml feed to display on html page. - Create Automatically code for URLs create automation - Create avatar (bubble heads, comic style) Create Avatar (character) builder - create awesome art 3D and 2D Create Awesome Avatars - Create axure wireframes -- 2 Create axure wireframes -- 2 - ongoing work - create back links for website using our SEO tool Create back links on blogs related to swimming pools, swimming, water sports or water. - Create Backend for Website Create Backend for XML file ( PHP, MYSQL and XML Genius ) - Create Backlink Create Backlink - Create backlinks for casino website - repost 9
Create backlinks for casino website - repost2 - create backlinks. $0.03 / link Create backlinks/increase traffic 1000 visitors a day - Create Bank Statement Create Bank Statement - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - Create Banner (feature graphic) for app (Google Play Store) Create Banner 780 X 95 - Create banner connected to Wordpress create banner design - CREATE BANNER FOR WEBSITE ADVERTISING Create Banner for Webstore - Create banners Create banners - create banners for a website Create Banners for advertising - Create Banners To Go On Website Create bar chart with variable width/height based on user selection and available data (VBA) - Create basic SIP we have the API Create basic website - Create basic Facebook app snippet Create Basic Flash 8 Banner with Instructions - Create basic map from google map screenshot Create Basic Map of Australian Regions and Overlay onto Google - Create basic user forms in Word or Excel Create basic VB.NET application that will read / write XML file to DevExpress Treeview - Create Batch Downloader For Website URL create Batch file to monitor folder for file canges and trigger events actions - Create beautiful images for slides Create Beautiful Inspirational Video (KMP)(repost) - Create Betfair API-NG Software Create bets in online betting companies - Create Bigcommerce Plugin Create BigCommerce Plugin for my Email Service Provider - create bingo village banner create bio stories for characters - Create black and white animation Create Black and White Line Drawing of Product - Create Blog Create Blog - Create blog for existing website - URGENT 2-3 HOURS Create blog for my site - Create Blog Posts For Online Coupons Create Blog posts for personal injury website - Create Blog with SEO Create blog with some unique Work From Home Job articles - Create Blogs on Create blogs on free blog hosts - Create Book Cover Create book cover & make my book into amazon format - create booking system ( for admin, workers and customers) Create booking system - First quote via email, then proceed to book on webpage - Create Bootstrap Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS from existing site Create bootstrap mobile version of the site, and improve form validations - Create bot for telegram Create Bot of Account Registrations (no request of graphics) - Create Box Graphics Create Box Image - Small Graphic Project - Create Brand Level Script That Displays Popular Products - BigCommerce Create brand logos in 200x70 png format. - Create Branding ID- Logo design includes Corporate Stationary suite Create Branding Identity style guides PDF - create brochure Create brochure - Create business cards - create banner last minute - Create Brochure/Data Entry/Microsoft Word Create brochures for our products - Create Buddypress Plugin Create Buddypress Social Networking Theme - Create Bulk SMS Marketing Software Create bulk social and internet promotion site - create business card + 3 flyers create business card + 3 flyers b - Create Business cards and stationary from Logo Contest Winning Design Create Business Cards in Illustrator/PhotoShop - Create business leads Create Business Listing Citations - Create Business Plan For Start Up NonProfit Business Create Business Plan for Technology Company - Create Button For Website Create Button For Website - Create buzz and boost new product create buzz around my website. - Create C# instant messaging lib Create C# interface for native C++/C to be used by Unity3D - Create C++ extension ruby gem with SWIG Create c++ forum website - Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product -- 4 Create CAD drawings - Create CALAMP PEG script to work with GPSGate... Create Calculate AUSTRALIA GST BAS Statement Totals from Accounting Reports - create call to action and fix magento newsletter mailchimp Create call to action banner - Create captcha for my software Create captcha for my Web Scraper - Create card designs Create card game to be played on Play Station / Xbox and WII - Create Cartoon Animated Commercial For Toy Product! Create Cartoon animation video advertising about our company - Create Cartoon Mascot and One Page Website CREATE CARTOON PICTURE FROM PHOTO - Create cashback / cms website create cashback site - Create catalouge Create Catchy Category Names for Trendy YouTube Videos - Create category icons Create category icons - Create cdr from jpg create CDR or PSD file from four JPG files - Create change on OOS script Create change on website magento - Create Characters for Kid's Vitamin Label. Create Characters in 3D - Create chat app with sharing feature -- 2 create chat app. like whatapp or telegram - create checklist for creating successful niche sites Create checklist table with editable pdf cells - Create child theme in wordpress Create Child theme in Wordpress site. - Create Christmas scenes for large store windows Create chrome addon that will find subtitles and insert them in video ? - Create Chromium-based Text Editor like TextMate (Open Source, great opportunity!) Create chronological index - Create class diagram for a given business logic Create Class Enrollment and Event Attendance Live Shopping Cart. - Create clean 2D / 3D designs for technical informational drawings. Create Clean and Professional Logo - Create Clickable Image in PDF (change image when clicked) Create clickable prototypes based on sketches - Create clipart/vector drawings based on photographs Create Clipped Grid from Multi-polygon --GIS--Vector Programming-- - Create closed caption for 6 videos in a SCC or MCC format Create Closed Polygons on Google Maps from Database and edit / determine if within. - Create CMS and 2 news slide with sections /users/articles Create CMS and deploy the content by javascript - Create CMS with MySQL database - 2 Create CMUSphinx training script - Create Code Repository System -- 2 Create code sample in various web languages - create codigniter website Create coding to implement onto my app - Create Color Swatches from Scanned Images create color variations for 48 graphics - Create Comic book Create Comic Book Style Art - Create Company / Website Logo Create Company About Us page - Create Company Brochure
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