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Create a page moniter chrome extention - Create a page to determine where to but products from suppliers Create a page to display large database, or import full data - Create a panorama and edit an image -- 2 Create a panorama and edit the photo - Create a Parqllax website Create a Parse Migration tool that can handle user_ prefixes in MongoDB - create a password protected entty page on site Create a password protected interactive healthcare website - Create a Payment gateway for WHMCS Create a payment gateway for woocommerce on wordpress using a webservice - Create a Payoneer account for me Create a paypal web form - Create a PDF and Slideshow Create a Pdf Audit Report, with Back Office, from a webpage - Create a PDF fillable form for our website that can be submitted online Create a PDF fillable form from scanned images - Create a PDF in runttime from Flash AS2(repost) Create a PDF Information document from the content on my website - CREATE A PDH FILE OR SPOTIFY STREAMS FOR ME! Create a Peacock - Create a Personal Blog create a personal blog for a school project submission due July 6. - Create a Personality Quiz Wordpress Plugin Create a Personality Quiz Wordpress Plugin - Create a Petition website with email fucntionality -- 2 Create a Petition website with email fucntionality -- 3 - create a phonegap application Create a PhoneGap Application + A Website - Create a Photo Editing App Create a photo editing app - Create a photo/video posting application. Create a Photo/Video Sharing Website - Create a photoshop catalog page CREATE A PHOTOSHOP DESIGN FOR A RADIO STATION - Create a PHP API for MSSQL database Create a PHP API for MSSQL database -- 2 - Create a PHP Client for Image Matching ISK Daemon Create a PHP Client for Image Matching ISK Daemon(repost) - Create a PhP form Create a PhP form - Create a php function that reads data from Create a php function to add jquery searches - Create a php page to manage an squid/firewall server usig Shell + PHP Create a php page to srapce a website with multi thread. - Create a php script that will generate a excel sheet Create a PHP script that will get direct video links from google services. - Create a PHP template Create a PHP to PDF form using FPDF or better - Create a PHP/MYSQL/AJAX/JSON web based incident reporting application that can be placed on our web host Create a PhpBB 3.0 Template from a Wordpress 4.1.1 Template - Create a picture swatch of colors Create a picture to attract people to join our newsletter - Create a Pitch/Thriller Video for an Upcoming Gaming Website Create a Pitch/Thriller Video for an Upcoming Gaming Website -- 2 - Create a platform similiar to Linkedin. Create a platform to command food and reserve table in restaurant - Create a plugin Create a plugin - Create a plugin for mijoshop (urgent) create a plugin for moodle - Create a plugin for Wordpress that creates site the site map of the website Create a plugin for wordpress to display 3rd party data on a page. - Create a plugin to add functionality to the product page of woocommerce create a plugin to built to manage advertisement - Create a plumber responsive website Create A Plumbing Website In Prestashop - Create a policy procedure document on hotelbsales Create a poll / survey so I can send it to clients via e-mail - Create a pop up page with radio player & chatbox Create a pop up page with radio player & chatbox -- 2 - Create a popup Login screen for Opencart Create a popup notification for out-of-stock item when item is added to cart (Bigcommerce Site) - Create a Porter Robinson/Madeon style EDM song Create a portfolio - Create a post template & integrate it with buddypress. Create a Post-Apocalyptic Movie Poster for upcoming film - Create a poster (web only) create a poster - mock-up required - create a poster for a website-- create a poster for a website--- - create a poster in arabic ----------- create a poster in arabic-- - create a poster--- create a poster---- - Create a power point presentation with creative graphics and copy - 15/11/2016 18:25 EST Create a Power Point presentation. We are looking for custom images - Create a PowerPoint page Create a powerpoint presenation - Create a Powerpoint Presentation & Audio file for a speech Create a PowerPoint Presentation -- 2 - Create a powerpoint template Create a PowerPoint template - Create a PPT Create a PPT - Create a presance Create A Prescription Writing Software - Create a presentation to be used as a visual display to entice delegates to visit a conference. Create a presentation using Doodly software - create a prestashop create a prestashop -- 2 - Create a Prestashop theme for a Windscreen Wiper Blade site Create a prestashop theme for Tour operator agency - Create a price calculator for my Wordpress site Create a price calculator from a VLOOKUP Table - create a print ready file for me Create a print ready invitation - Create a private betting site create a private browser extension - Create a process model using Petrinet(like visio) Create a process on pc that connects with my API - Create a product demo clip Create a product demonstration video for youtube from provided video clips and graphics - Create a product introduction video Create a Product Introductory Video - Create a Product Selector for Shopify Create a product show reel - Create a production chart MACRO create a production management system - Create a professional blog Create a professional brochure - Create a Professional Introduction Video for Online Marketing Website create a professional invoice for me - Create a professional portfolio I can post on my website Create a professional portrait/picture using some cameo photos - Create a professional template Create a professional Template for a blog - Create a Professional Wordpress Template Create a professional Wordpress website for Vehicle/Automotive Detailing - Create a profitable website create a profitable website - Create a program for a website Create a program for Android to auto register accounts - Create a program that enales people to print their Astrology Birth online - for Mac and PC create a program that flags ads on craigslist - Create a program to create mailbox in exchange server Create a program to display rank for PHPSEO - Create a Program with my Source Code Create a program with python - Create a Project Plan for group of Strategic Management MBA students create a project plan/detailed Requirements for a software engineering project - Create a Promo Video Create a Promo Video - Create a promotion video Create a promotion Video for education and tourism content - Create a promotional video Create a promotional video - Create a Promotional video for a backpack
Create a promotional Video for a game. - Create a promotional video. Create a promotional video. - Create a Property site using wordpress Create a property video tour - Create a prototype from designs, and then Manufacture headphones. Create a prototype interface between an aspx page and sharepoint 2010 - Create A PS Website Create a PS, AI, Gif and JPEG based on a jpeg - Create a PSD template based on 960 grid Create a PSD to Wordpress Template or THEME, CLASSIFIED ADS PAGE SIMPLE - Create a Purchase Pixel Web Site Create a Purchase Pixel Web Site(repost) - Create a python program Create a python program : YouTube Auto-Comment bot ! - Create a quality high definition video Create a quality label picture - Create a quick animated story in Storyline 2 Create a quick animation - Create a quiz Create a Quiz - Create a R Web app using Shiny Create a rabbit model on Unity - Create a Rap Video Animation Create a lyrics/translation section of a music sales website - Create a Real Estate Feature Sheet for Listing - Repost Create a real estate floor plan - Create a Real Time Data Feed for Rightmove and Zoopla Create a real time online graph - Create a realtime mmo like Game of War, Kingdom of Camelot and King of Avalon Create a realtime video ! - Create a Recurring Change Request Module for OTRS ( Create a recurring listing option within my theme - Create a Referral Tracker with PHP + Database Create a Referral Tracker, with PHP + Database - Create a relational database schema in MS Access Create a RelaxedJson archive for Cereal - Create A Replica Design Of Motor Site In Wordpress YooTheme create a replica of a site [migrated on wordpress] - Create a report of my adwords account Create a report of the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world and in Mexico - Create A Reservation Form Create a Reservation Form for a Tour Company - Create a responsive CMS page for prestashop, that can email data to the shop email Create a responsive cost calculator for my html website - create a responsive funeral plan provider website Create a responsive grid-styled Wordpress theme - Create a responsive Joomla Template Create a Responsive Joomla Template ( T3 framework preferred but not required) - Create a Responsive Newsletter Sign up POPUP w/ Option To Exit POPUP as well Create a responsive one page presentation - Create A Responsive Web App Create a responsive web app for mobiles iOS, Android, HTML5 etc.. - Create a responsive website using Bootstrap and jQuery. Create a responsive website with 2 pages and login - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a Responsive Wordpress theme based on current design Create a responsive wordpress theme based on the design of an existing website - Create a REST API in PHP to update / inquire tables (1347371) Create a REST Client for existing Online Services - create a resume create a resume - Create a Review Website Create a review website - Create a Risk Model - Probability Model Create a Risk Model - Probability Model -- 2 - Create a Role and custom capabilities for post type Create a roll-over for the logo of our Squarespace site - create a rss page create a Rss scroller for our homepage - Create a Sage 50 sales commissions report (MySQL) Create a sailing magazine - Create A Sales Page Video For Me (Audio Is Done) paying well Create a sales PDF - Create a salesforce apex code that will enable all IPs in network access Create a salesforce apex code that will enable all IPs in network access - create a sample project from given GIT location Create a sample project with frisby.js or protractor and jasmine to test API's. - Create a scam html copied from my website Create a scanner Metaxploit Linux Vuln - Create a scoreboard summary bar similar to's. Create a Scoring Survey - Create a scrapper (b o t) to fetch tweets Create a Scrapper for new website. - Create a screencast video demonstration Create a screencast video using software like screenflow - Create a script for accessing a MySQL database. Create a script for Adobe InDesign to Automate certain functions - Create a Script for Setup, Manage and Tracking of Advertising Create a script for time- and project tracking - Create a script similar to Twollo Create a script so when the button is pressed a box will drop down below - Create a script that will run from your hosting Create a Script that will Update Product Categories based on their Attributes - Create a script to display the best results Create a script to download all ingress portal locations - Create a script to render an STL file using Blender (or equivalent) or Python Create a script to reprocess images using attachment_fu - Create a Script which create a List in the Database Create a script which create a list in the database. - Create a Scuba diving Create a Scuba Diving Log website using Google Spreadsheets - create a search engine in bing, weather channel create a Search Engine Optimization system - Create a Searchable List Create a searchable membership directory for - Create a secure login to webpage Create a secure Membership System - Create a Sell Sheet Create a seller account and list 10 items on each Ebay and Amazon and make in them available different countries - Create a series of text images Create a series of text images -- 2 - Create a series of lesson plans for secondary schools based around the use of a 3D printer Create a series of newsletters - Create a server in Bash Create a server ip address on my laptop so that an IP phone can get config files - Create a set of 3D images/animations for an event Create a set of 3D still iages and a 3D flyover animated video of a building - create a set of image ads for Google Display Advertising Create a set of images for Google Display ads - Create a sexy couples resort web mockups Create a sexy lady and dragon image - Create a Shell Script to backup directories and databases Create a shell script. - Create a Shopify App Create a shopify app - Create a Shopify theme for my Shopify Store Create a Shopify theme from design - Create a Shopping Mall Mobile Application for Android and iOS create a shopping site - Create a short 2d animation of a flying bird - Repost - open to bidding Create a short 2D explainer video. - Create a short animated video Create a short animated video - create a short animation. Create a short animation/live/combination Video for my app - Create a short film for a mobile game Create a Short Film Poster - Create a short promotional video and a ppt template Create a Short Promotional Video for a New Brand - Create a short Video 2 minutes length Create a short Video with pictures - Create a short video for MBA application Create a short video for my website. Don't apply without reading! - Create a short you tube video introduction