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create a animation app - create a animation video video length is 55 seconds Create a Animation Videos For DSP - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp - Repost create a app like whatsapp - Repost - Create a APP like total fitness create a app like whatsapp - Create a Aqua Log website Create a Aquarium app - create a attrative website of the mobile Create a auction game website - Create a AWS (Amazon) request and grab the xml response from Create a AWS lambda function to query postgres for API gateway - Create a backend service in .NET to process Stripe payments Create a backend using php as implementation language to support frontend API calls from an Android application. - Create A Backlink Indexer Script I have visual for you Create a backlink verification tool - Create a bank statement for proof of income Create a Bank Statement Template - Wells Fargo - Create a Banner (Easy Project) Create a Banner (for a gaming network) - Create a banner for existing website create a banner for facebook ------- in arabic - create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours create a banner, very simple - Create a basic android/iphone hybrid mobile app Create a basic animated GIF for a blog header - Create a basic footer in Magento Create a Basic Form which Stores Name, Address and other Personal Details by using MEAN Stack - Create a Basic OpenSSL Build Script Create a Basic OpenSSL Build Script -- 2 - Create a basic web query to a spreadsheet Create a basic web script - Create a batch folder scan that auto positions auto re-sizing and saves files as JPG Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce - Create a Beautiful Marketing Presentation for my company Create a beautiful mascot in 5 variation (for KUBOGRAPHICS) - Create a benchmark for comparing the performance of three open source web servers; JBoss, Tomcat, and Glassfish Create a bespoke CMS platform. - Create a Bibliography and format in-text citations for Textbook Create a bibliography APA reference style - Create a Billboard Advertising Concept (Campaign) Create a Billiards (snookers) IOS, Android and Facebook game App. - Create a bitcoin payment system Create a bitcoin ponzi website - Create a block of content with html/css. Create a blocking access software with panel - Create a blog - Modified brief create a blog - repost - Create a blog for our website Kadonation Create a Blog for our Website powered by WordPress - Create a Blog page and template edit in Wordpress Create a blog page for a website - Create a blog web site Create a Blog Website - Create a Blog/website with a Word Press template Create A Blogger Template - Create a BOM for my product. Create a bonitasoft connector to access an external rest API - Create a Book with Tajweed for learning Qur'an, Create a Book with Tajweed for learning Qur'an, also interactive DVD/CD - Create a bookmarking website to store web links and notes -- 2 Create a Bookmarklet - Create a bootstrap template based on the fields given for each page. Create a Bootstrap Template from PDF - Create a Bot Farm for Android App Create a bot for a game - Create a bot on Mobile App Platform Create A Bot Or Script To Login To Website & Fetch Data. - Create a Bot/App to run on Server and Desktop Create a Bot/App to run on Server and Desktop -- 2 - Create a brand Create a brand & run a social media campaign - create a brand name and its design and logo Create a Brand Name and Logo for Men's Suit brand - Create a branding package for Huntingdon Response Create a Branding Package Template In Publisher for Fitness Facilities - Create a brochure - flyer with events and news and offer for a baby shop Create a brochure / catalogue for a family winery - Create A Browser Based Bot Create a Browser Based Client For Existing Game - Create a budget Create a Budget Calculator - Create a bunch of widget style applications Create a bundle of pinterest images for ads. - create a business card ------- create a business card --------------- - Create a business game/simulation for my research Create a business guide to Snapchat - Powerpoint presentation - Create a Business Plan Create a business Plan - Create A Business Slogan Create a Business Template - Create a Button in Wordpress create a button on a existing website - Create a C# app to replace identifier columns in a MS SQL DB Create a C# application - Create a C++ Or C# FTP Server Create a C++ Or C# FTP Server -- 2 - Create a CAD image for a Sock Create a CAD image/s from 2D/3D images from a word/pdf document - Create a calendar/schedule like Google Calendar create a calender for my booking form - Create a captivating website for Afritrack Create a Captivating, Professional Brochure for the Raise Institute - Create a Caricature Create a caricature / drawing - Create a cartoon animation for landing page Create a cartoon animation for me 10 seconds - Create A Cartoon Logo For Sexy Lil Create a Cartoon looking Habanero Chili Pepper Logo Design - Create A Cartoon Wallpaper Create a cartoon which will be on a t-shirt - Create a Catalog Database Create a Catalog for my company - create a cause with 100 real signitures Create a CCAvenue account - Create a CGI Video for a thermometer Create a CGI-BIN Folder in a linux server - Create a Charicature from a Photo... create a charity website for charity - Create a Chat Room for Our Website Create a Chat room software like Paltak. - Create a chegg Tutor account for me -- 2 Create a Chemical Interaction for Urine, similar to how saliva interacts with litmus paper. It can either be a chemical or temperature interaction or both. - Create a child theme in wordpress Create a child theme in wordpress - Create a Christmas Card1 Create a Christmas Jumper - Create a chrome extension for photo collection sharing site Create a chrome extension that change a url onload - Create a city and suburbs map Create a city for a car simulator game in Unity3D - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid--- Create a class for Visual Composer Grid-1 - Create a classified website . create a classified website and digg like site - Create a Clean Backlink Profile Create a Clean Boostrap Template for a hosting business with Branded Graphics - Create a clickable classified ad Create a clickable custom background - Create a clipping path for a design in CS3 Create a clipping-path Website with WordPress - create a clone of site Create a clone of the following site using pre-design PSDs - Create a cloud computing project proposal (template provided) Create a cloud logo - Create a CMS table in a WordPress website -- 2
Create a CMS Template (preferably for Contao) - Create a code in joomla or prestashop -- 3 Create a code in MATLAB and generate simulations. Need to be able to read and understand an IEEE paper to do so. - Create a Collage in BlueJ Create a Collage in BlueJ 2 - Create a comic book cover featuring my wife and I as super hero characters as an anniversary present Create a comic Cartoon Series - Create a comment form element with jQuery Create a Comment Script with option to Rate - Create a COMMUNITY BUILDER Template for Joomla Create a community forum , private 1-1 discussion and a group chat - Create a company Logo Create a company logo - create a company mobile website Create a Company Name - Create a company video Create a company Video - Create a compelling Kickstarter camapign video Create a compelling marketing email to Sales Leads - Create a Complete PHPFox Blueprint or Manual Create a complete product manual. - create a complicated pdf fillable Form Create a compnay logo - Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes - Create a connector between ERPNext and Office 365 Create a connector between multiple database engines and storage data - Create a contact form based on the design attached Create a Contact Form for website - create a Contact us page and tidy up website Create a contact us page and upload it to my webhosting company - Create a Continuous Background for Mobile Game Application & App Icon create a contract or schedule - Create a cool design for a great site. Only Tanvi can do that! Create a Cool Form - Create a copy of a Wordpress Theme Create a copy of an Android App from the source - Create a copy of Create a copy of the form for orders creation - create a core php website Create a Corel Draw flyer from a pdf/ppt version of the graphic - Create a corporate image and create a web site Create a Corporate Introduction Video for a company - Create a corporate video using after effects template Create a corporate video using after effects template -- 2 - Create a couple of pages in HTML/CSS from my mockups. Create a couple of quick stored procedures - create a course create a course - Create a CPA offer for my company/product Create a CPA website - Create a creative iphone Video with my image on the iphones create a creative login and register form for a website - Create a CRM in PHP/Bootstrap using Inspina Theme Create a CRM On Codeigniter ( Coaching Center and Shop) - Create a cross platform mobile app -- 2 Create a cross platform mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) - Create a crowdfunding site Create a crowdfunding site - open to bidding - Create a CS GO trading website - skins for cash -- 2 CREATE A CS:GO GAMBLING WEBSITE - EXAMPLE: CSGORUMBLE.COM - Create a CSGO Gambling Website Create a CSGO Gambling Website - Create a CSS form Create a Css Framework/Template - Create a CSV file to upload to Amazon Create a CSV file upload with converting csv to a standard csv structure - Create a custom 404/401 error page Create A Custom 8 1/2'' x 14'' Business Survey Form - Create a custom attack module for AppSpider in C# language. Create a Custom Auction/Bartering Website - Create a Custom Chrome and Firefox App-Extension Create a custom CiviCRM Report Template (WordPress install) - Create a custom deck of cards, a logo and the box Create A Custom Design - Create a custom Excel dashboard Create a custom excel script - Create a custom font, replica of another font Create a custom for an Android app - Create a custom IC part for Fritzing PCB Software Create a custom illustration for use on a website - Create a custom link that "escapes" a website Create a custom link that "escapes" a website urgent hire now - Create a custom mobile Jetpack (WordPress) Homepage Create a custom mobile OS from Android - Create a custom page for wordpress Create a custom page in wordpress - Create a custom plugin for ecommerce store Create a Custom Plugin for WordPress - Create a Custom Question and Answer Area - PHP/MySQL Create a Custom Quote & Invoice Theme in (HTML / PHP / CSS) - Create a custom Shopify theme/template. NOT ALL CAN SUBMIT PROPOSALS. PLEASE READ. create a custom signup form template for AMEMBER pro - Create a custom theme syntax for CREATE A CUSTOM THEME TO MY REQUIREMENT - Create a custom web scraping application CReate a custom web service for pushing data - Create a Custom Wordpress Plug-in to Manage Online Advertising (Hourly) Create a Custom WordPress Plugin - Create a Custom Wordpress Template Create a custom Wordpress Template - Create a custom wordpress theme create a custom wordpress Theme - Create a custom Zap integration for Zapier API Create a Custom Zencart Template Theme Part 1 - Create a Customer Survey from GLPI Create a customers display from customer list in wordpress - Create a customize ROM of the Android Operating system Create a customize software for trading plaform - Create a Customized Script Based on FiverScript Clone Create a Customized Spray Deck for an Inflatable Kayak - Create a CV(Resume) Wordpress Template create a cvs file and atributes for me. - Create a dance flash game! - repost Create a dance flash game. - Create a dashboard with real time information from Sybase SQL Database Create a dashboard/project management system/control panel for clients, writers, and editors - Create a databank using delphi 7 and SQL CREATE A DATABASE - Create a Database , a UI to enter data, generate automated report from database Create a database - Import XML data,parse, categorize and export XML data - Create a database for a membership form create a database for a reits feed and populate template for real estate website - Create a database of 1000 top questions about diabetes and answer to them Create a database of 200 spas in Poland - Create a database of publicly traded US companies with a specific range of annual earnings Create a Database of Speakers - create a database with 309 places listed in yellow pages create a database with a graphic interface - Create a datasheet. Create a Date class...... - Create a Dating Website [Indians Only] Create a Dating Website similar to - CREATE A DEALER SHOP IMAGE Create a deals list - Create a demo for my product (a e-ticket selling platform) Create a Demo for Responsive Design in Wordpress - Create a demonstration video Create a Density Map from a list of addresses - Create a design for a baby shop site Create a design for a brand new app concept - Create a Design for T-Shirts Create a design for the box for my new headphones. - Create a Designer like Teespring's Create a Designs overlaping - Create a desktop game with C# Create a desktop GUI application for a java command line application - Create a detailed GIF (from my logo) that I can use for an advertisement