Projects Directory : Create 15 short articles from tax tips scripts - Create a 300 word letter to a company about why I should be hired to promote your product on social media.

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Create 15 short articles from tax tips scripts - Create 150 email on Yahoo, hotmail, AOL......I need need them urgent Create 150 extremely simple 30 second videos - create 16 gmail accounts Create 16 icons for website - Create 1:15 product promo video Create 1:30-3:30 videos from my clips, enhance, edit - Create 2 30sec videos, 3 banner with 5 dimension each for an android app Create 2 3DAnimation - Create 2 animated GIFF from FLASH files Create 2 animated sprites and a background for iPhone/iPad game. - Create 2 basic websites - Excellent design required Create 2 Blogs integrated into Existing Site - Create 2 Cross-Functional Flowchart Diagrams in Microsoft Visio Create 2 crystal reports - Create 2 editable google docs invoices Create 2 Email Creatives - Create 2 form data to email and setup paypal Create 2 form landing pages in a greybox - Create 2 HTML email signatures Create 2 HTML emails - Create 2 infographics based off existing information. Create 2 Instructional videos 45 secs total - Create 2 lists of agencies in a spreadsheet Create 2 logo designs - Create 2 MINUTE Animation VIDEO Create 2 minute Children Animated Videos, such as Nursery Rhymes etc - Create 2 new pages in WP including graphics Create 2 new pages plus make small changes on existing pages - Create 2 pages in site create 2 pages in WordPress - Create 2 portfolio pages Create 2 positive five star comment on Amazon - Create 2 saveable standalone pdf forms Create 2 Scripts for Brown Recluse Software - Create 2 simple HTML salespages - repost Create 2 Simple Image Buttons - Create 2 Squeeze/Landing Pages -- 2 Create 2 Squidoo Lenses - Create 2 Video demos for apps Create 2 video from animation based on existing after effects project - Create 2 webpages from Excel to enter/change data in a mySQL database Create 2 Webpages in Drupal - Create 2 windows based applications Create 2 windows based applications - repost - Create 2 x Basic PHP Web Services Create 2 X Compliment Slip Flyers - create 2-3 min video to front crowdfunding campaign Create 2-3 Minute Film Commercial - Create 20 banners/slider images Create 20 banners: 1 original + 19 derivates - Create 20 forum posts Create 20 forum posts (2) - Create 20 newsletters for digital photography website (12 Feb 2010) Create 20 page report on Asian Dating journey (indian, pakistani, etc.) - Create 20 unique denmark account and denmark ip for trust site - repost Create 20 Unique Plumbing Illustrations for students. - Create 200 Articles using Spinblitz(repost) Create 200 Back Links for our Website - Create 200 PHP test questions Create 200 PPC Campaign - create 2000 inastagram accounts Create 2000 jobs on website - Create 24 (vector) watch faces Create 24 accounts on a website with bio. - Create 25 short basic animations for an app Create 25 Slideshows - Create 26 Clickbank Ready to Sell Sites Create 26 screenshots of 3D videogame using Unity 3D - Create 2D Animation Create 2D Animation - Create 2d born baby Animation Create 2D car model from 3D blueprint - Create 2d games. Create 2D GUI level map - Create 2x New Fillable PDF Forms Create 2x PDF Templates using our background. Invoice & Delivery Note - Create 3 Animated Videos for a Charity Create 3 Animated Videos for a Charity - Create 3 C# Forms Create 3 Campaign Monotor Email Templates - Create 3 different youtube intros / Fitness & Sports related create 3 differents logos - Create 3 forms in a wordpress site Create 3 forms in a wordpress site(repost) - Create 3 images for home page slider Create 3 images in Photoshop - create 3 mailchimp template to advertise three services Create 3 Marketing One-Sheets - Create 3 New Web Pages from .NET Master Page Create 3 newspaper ads - Create 3 pieces of artwork for pesto packaging. Die cutter supplied along w... Create 3 playing cards for a trading card game - Create 3 responsive HTML templates Create 3 responsive pages from wireframes - Create 3 Small Python Scripts from Algorithm Create 3 Small Web Banners - 220x150 each - Create 3 Versions of Quiz App - Simple Create 3 versions of simple logo layout for box design - Create 3 websites for SEO Create 3 websites mockup + 3 images mockups - Create 3,200 unique product images, by layering 200 different designs on to 16 different product images Create 3-4 3d fantasy Landscapes, 4 dungeons, and 2 PVP areas - Mobile Game - Create 30 Crystal Reports Create 30 Crystal Reports - repost - Create 30 Mailout Messages - Copywriters Required Create 30 morphing flash banners - Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Create 300 email addresses - Repost Create 300 email addresses - Repost - open to bidding - Create 3000 Links from 3000 Unique Sites create 30000 links for me - Create 32 static HTML pages from template Create 32-bit ISAPI DLL for Windows 2000 + IIS 5.0 platform - Create 37 simple 3D render of plastic/aluminium profiles using supplied AutoCAD files Create 370 Social Media Quote Images - Create 3D Animation of 5 different Women Character which the appearance nearly close to the real Human Create 3D Animation of How Brochure Folds - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 7528 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 76147 - Create 3d background -- 2 Create 3D Backgrounds - Create 3D Character Animation of 10-12 seconds Create 3D Character from 2D drawing - Create 3D dxf of Shape Create 3D ebook and Hi-Resolution Physical Book Covers and Other Graphics - Create 3D Game Create 3d Game for Android - Create 3D Images from 2D images using Blender and convert to json Create 3D images of air cargo containers from drawings and photos. - Create 3d mobile dungeons and PVP area Create 3d Mock Up Print and Packaging Designs for Bottle Label - Create 3D model from a 2D cartoon drawing Create 3D Model from AI or EPS file. - Create 3D model of an ice cream scoop product Create 3D Model of Building - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding Create 3d model of simple interior architecture out of DWG plan - Create 3D models and Generate Renders Create 3D models and textures for a video game - Create 3D models, with layers, of furniture, to be created from existing 2d models. Create 3D module in Xamarin - Create 3D Real Estate Floor Plans with fast turn-around (12hours) Create 3D realistic concept images for a small electronic device - Create 3D Secure system Create 3d Silver version of company name - Create 3D vector images animals (cheap) alike in example
Create 3D version of our logo - Create 3ds Max objects for Morning Coat Create 3ds Max objects for wedding products - Create 4 articles two Create 4 Autoresponder emails around sexual performance - create 4 easy wordpress shortcodes Create 4 Elemental Symbols Using my Logo - Create 4 html pages from 4 articles Create 4 HTML pages(repost) - Create 4 logos/ t-shirt designs using my drawings Create 4 Mandatory Photo Albums for PHP Users with Option to Create Others - Create 4 pages in WordPress Create 4 Pages optimized for a Mobile Screen - Create 4 short Videos introducing our logo Create 4 similar graphs - Create 4 videos from After Effects Templates from (PROVIDED) Create 4 Virtual Floor Map for a Virtual Tour - Create 40 "Teachers' day" greeting card messages (FROM STUDENT) - repost 2 Create 40 '16th birthday' greeting card messages - Create 40 moods stamp of my image character create 40 moods stamp of my image character2 - Create 40 XML layouts for an Android application Create 40+ Profile - Create 440 HTML pages from a Template.html file. Easy Create 45 Articles on Hosting - Create 5 Additional Theme for a eCommerce Site - repost Create 5 Adsense sites - Create 5 clickbank websites that generate $50 plus per day Create 5 collage slides from images - Create 5 Facebook Pages for Businesses Create 5 Fact Videos about any random topics (minimum 2min long ) - Create 5 illustrations from scratch in vector create 5 illustrations images in Illustrator or photoshop - Create 5 more flyer templates Create 5 multimedia presentations for the undergraduates conference. - create 5 pc sheet music from recording (12pc) Create 5 photo slides - Create 5 short animation videos Create 5 short articels Copywrite - Create 5 Squidoo Pages Create 5 Squidoo pages a week, 1 day using our content - Create 5 web banners ads from concept design in Flash & animated GIF Create 5 web pages - Create 5-10 second Video Intro Create 5-100 and more websites for SEO with unique texts, link building, hosting of them, etc (this project is for the first 3 websites only) - Create 50 citations in directories. Create 50 Company Articles (Open Bid) - Create 50 Gmail accounts Create 50 gmail accounts - Create 50 One-Page Blog Accounts Create 50 or more Infographic videos or 3D/2D Animation - Create 50 UPC A Barcodes for cosmetic line using our GS1 company ID. Create 50 user profiles on a dating website - Create 500 accounts on given site Create 500 additional email addresses in Gmail and Yahoo - Create 500 ID's/ accounts on web developer' s forums Create 500 JPEG's from supplied Photoshop template, adding a different band name & photo to each one - Create 5000 account create 5000 accounts - Create 5videos to tell people how to play iphone Minesweeper Create 5x Custom Animations to be used as Intro and Transition clips for a video - Create 6 Flash Demos for website's products Create 6 forms for wordpress - Create 6 pages to Finish a Site Create 6 pages using html5 animation - Create 6 web banners Create 6 Webpages - Create 60 sec. video for promoting our mobile app NAVIAPP ADRIA Create 60 second cartoon sales video - create 64 fake ads for test Create 640x480 images for 10 companies' logos - create 7 renders for a real estate project Create 7 scrappers very similar (PHP or Java) - Create 8 Background Illustrations Cartoon like clip arts scenes using Photoshop with different layers in each illustration. Create 8 Banners for Website - Create 8 second graphic with rotating words Create 8 Sexual Performance Tip Emails - Create 800 amazon listings from ebay. Convert ebay to amazon Create 800x330 banner flyer in photoshop illustrator - Create 9 Simple 1 Dimensional Images / eBook Covers Create 9 simple creatures. - Create 9GAG similar in WordPress Theme Create 9x animated HTML 5 web banners - Create a Bitcoin Wordpress theme Create a blog - in english Create a blog for my website. I want to add a blog to my website. Starting from scratch. Its a lawn mowing and gardning business. It will be focused on gardening ans lawn care. the information and blog must be related to austra - Create a Google Adwords Campaign Create a Google Adwords Campaign - Create a PPC Campaign Create a PPC Campaign - Create a Smarty PHP Feature on my CMS Create a social site combination of other sites - Create a Website in Drupal CMS create a website similar to - Create a "help" link in my website Create a "how it works" animation video for my website - Create a "responsive" version of my goolgle calendar and emmebed into a web page Create a "revolution slider" in Wordpress - Create a "Stand Out" Logo for Credit Repair Service Co. Create a "Tweet Brand" Like Application Web Interface & APP - Create a (interactive) GIF animation in Bounce House Theme Create a (iPhone + android + mobile website) 3 items - Create a .htaccess RewriteCond and redirect create a .ics file to populate a calendar from an excel file - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want - Create a 1 Flash Game -- 5 Create a 1 hours video - Create a 1 Minute Powtoon Video Create a 1 minute powtoons like video - Create a 1 page template with JQuery Create a 1 page Ticket purchase page using paypal - Create a 1-Page Bootstrap website Create a 1-page site for "fomodogo" - Create a 10 second Animation (2d or 3d your choice)for a truck company happy birthday message! Create a 10 Second Cartoon Animation - Create a 115x80 pixel icon Create a 12 days itinerary for trip including Edinburgh - Skye Island - Dublin - Create a 15 second animated production of a Steve Waugh talking head Create a 15 second animated production of a Steve Waugh talking head - Create a 1:30 minutes white board animation video Create a 1:30 video for a slideshow. Work for a 5-star freelancer! - Create a 2 mintues Youtube Video Commercial Create a 2 minute 2D Explanatory Video - Create a 2 page website create a 2 page website design( only psd) - Create a 2-fold brochure design Create a 2-minute animation - Arabic speakers required - Create a 25 page color catalog Create a 25 second video with Logo's changing - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation vedio - repost Create a 2D Animation Video - Create a 2D explainer animated video for our company website. Create a 2D Explainer Video - Create a 2D Video Create a 2D Video - Create a 3 minute Animation Create a 3 minute animation to be used in an independent music video - Create a 3 youtube commercial videos Create a 3-4 min 'hype' reel - Create a 30 sec whiteboard promotional video Create a 30 second 3D animated video - Create a 30 seconds Animation video Create a 30 seconds Audio and Video Testimonials - Create a 300 word letter to a company about why I should be hired to promote your product on social media.