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Create 1 Pure HTML5/CSS3/Responsive/Jquery from ecommerce/content design - Create a Auto_Updater Create a b o t to fetch tweets **((long term working))** - Create A GPS TRACKING SOFTWARE Create a HTML website from PSD - create a simple facebook header------ Create a simple tree in JAVA - CREATE ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY Create Adwords Campaign - Create app on a Android and web base. Create application to store data and upload data - CREATE FOOTER FOR MY WEBSITE IN PRESTASHOP create forex expert advisor - Create Logo for me Create Magazine Template - Create PPC Campaigns for the Legal industry Create Product Image for Ecommerce Website - create template for a blog Create territory franchise map using US Census data by area - Create Wordpress Template Create Wordpress Template - Create "if statement or else" for links Create "In den Warenkorb" Button in an existing theme - Create & Add settings features and configurations section to my app Create & Add Wordpress Site Content for 330+ domains - Create & design simple print templates Create & Design small html widget - Create & Install Simple 3 Page Wordpress Website Create & Integrate "Availabilty/ Booking Calendar" into admin panel - Create & Manage SEO SMM PPC campaign. Create & Manage SEO SMM PPC campaign. - Create & Execute A Super Simple HTML template in Zendesk Create & Implement design for twitter clone script - Create "Free" hotel affilliated wordpress blogs and SEO Create "How did you hear about us?" dropdown on checkout page and contact page. - Create 'Areas of Strength' and 'Areas of Focus' for Principal Report create 'become fan' page facebook - Create (1) EBAY and (1) AMAZON Listing To Market Our Fitness Ebook Create (2) 1 min explainer videos.. - Create (Or Find) Exam Questions on Physical Pharmacy/Pharmaceutics Create (Or Find) Exam Questions on Physical Pharmacy/Pharmaceutics - Create - How to Measure videos for Create - Manage a PPC Campaign - Create .dmg from Source Code Create .dst embroidery file from jpeg - Create .htaccess file create .htaccess file - Create .NET 2/SQL 2005 auction script Create .NET 4.5 DLL for 101Domain API - Create .pdf catalog of career colleges (content provided) Create .pdf for Invoices - Create / Code A Peer to Peer / Ponzi Website Script - Repost - open to bidding Create / Compile Amazon Libs3 Mingw32 - Create / Duplicate Website using Joomla create / duplicate websites in wordpress - Create / modify a Wordpress Template (Work required for NGO) -- 2 Create / Modify a Wordpress Template with high res graphic (Long Term) - Create /Edit web page in MVC in C# Create /Edit page in MVC - Create 1 flash animated slide (with big follow up project) -- 5 Create 1 flash animated slide (with big follow up project) -- 6 - Create 1 image ad + 8 size variants Create 1 image ad + 8 size variants, project 2 - Create 1 minute product intro video & product brochure Create 1 Minute Promo Introductory Video For Website [Instructional / Explainer Videos] - Create 1 Page HTML Email Template create 1 page html from jpg - Create 1 product online shop with personalised variations Create 1 Registration on home Web Page - Create 1 Web Page of Music Artists Create 1 web page with jQurey - Create 1,000's of verified myspace accounts Create 1,000,000 follower twitter account - create 10 abnb accounts Create 10 Access Control questions with diagram for the CCNA - create 10 carpet patterns Create 10 cats and 10 dogs - Create 10 Gmail email addresses and 10 user accounts on a forum create 10 good quality images embedded A to Z - Create 10 Minutes of Training Video - All Assets Provided Create 10 more options in a premium wordpress plugin - Create 10 printables Create 10 procedures for MYSQL database - Create 10 simple one page WordPress/Joomla websites Create 10 simple one-page templates for a website - Create 10 verified Yelp accounts for me Create 10 Video Animation for a new site - Create 10-15$ / day Adsense site for sasthaariv Create 10-page wordpress website with business theme and 1 email address - Create 100 Diggs on news article Create 100 EASY control panels (3 small images, rotate the details inside the image!) - Create 100 Gmail Accounts Create 100 Gmail accounts - Create 100 memes (Pictures) Create 100 modifications of the same wordpress page within the same website - Create 100 sample customer and supplier profiles and projects Create 100 Screensavers - Create 100 user accounts on a particular website Create 100 user profiles on my website - Create 100 yahooanswers unique accounts Create 100 YouTube accounts - repost - Create 1000 Email IDs and Facebook IDs Create 1000 Email IDs and Facebook IDs -- 2 - Create 1000 social bookmarking PR 10-Pr 4 for my website Create 1000 twitter accounts - create 11 flow chart and add them into a table in word document create 11 flow charts in a table - Create 12 banners of existing logos Create 12 blogs for new business - Create 120 'ticker' cute ticker bars create 120 basic web site banners (200 x 350 px jpg) - create 13 web 2.0 pages. Create 13, distinct url, EITHER blog websites AND/OR static info sites with picture/text/video about the keyword, and place affilate ads and banners - repost 2 - Create 15 coding interview question in 5 hours create 15 decals - Create 15 staff profiles Create 15 Static Promotional Web Banners (.jpg) - Create 150 Site Data Maps using Xpath Tool in one week create 150 user accounts with pictures and profile - Create 17 Blogs create 17 Die Cut Ai Files - create 1K accounts on aliexpress Create 1k Netlog accounts - Create 2 ads spot CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY - Create 2 Audiobooks in Perfect English Create 2 automatic emails with attachments to be sent weekly - Create 2 Catch Site Create 2 CD E-Covers - Create 2 Custom Views (category and detail) In Virtuemart Create 2 custom Wordpress plugins - Create 2 explainer videos ( preferably whiteboard animation) create 2 explainer videos for 2 mobile apps - Create 2 Forms with PDF generation on submit Create 2 forms with WP GravityForms plugin + integrate google checkout - Create 2 HTML pages from sample site Create 2 HTML Pages with JS and CSS - Create 2 jasper reports and install in Jasper Server create 2 joomla article pages - Create 2 Logos Create 2 Logos - Create 2 minute trailer videos with cool effects and time lapse Create 2 minute video - Create 2 new pages for our website with hosting plan information Create 2 new pages in WP including graphics - Create 2 pages in jsp - abierto a las ofertas Create 2 pages in site - create 2 plugins for 7-Zip Pro
Create 2 plugins for Live Agent Desk - Create 2 rollover buttons for website Create 2 rules for htaccess 301 redirect - Create 2 simple HTML pages from JPEG Mock (No psd) Create 2 simple HTML pages from JPEG Mock (No psd) -- 2 - create 2 smaller images from a 156x62 image Create 2 Smarty PHP Features for CMS - Create 2 very high resolution images Create 2 very simple minecraft mods - Create 2 web sites similar to existing web site Create 2 webpage with Bootstrap - Create 2 well designed contact forms Create 2 widgets - Create 2 x 3d cartoon cat characters Create 2 x 500 Word Article in 24 Hours (C) - Create 2,500 Posts In WordPress (Data Entry) Create 2,500 Posts In WordPress (Data Entry) - Create 20 audiobooks from 20 books in Italian Create 20 audiobooks from 20 books in Spanish - create 20 facebook posts Create 20 fathers day greeting card messages - Create 20 new Gmail accounts Create 20 New Pages in New Template - Create 20 to 1/ peer-to-peer donation website create 20 tumblr accounts from expired urls with DA 30+ - Create 200 Articles using Spinblitz(repost) Create 200 Back Links for our Website - create 200 quizzes for a job interview Create 200 Shirt Mockups from My Designs & Template - Create 200k Facebook accounts that look real and are verified. Create 2014 Course Flyer - Create 240 google alerts Create 240 google alerts - Repost - Create 25 website accounts + 1 Gmail Account Create 25 Youtube Accounts - Create 28 logo (same style) Create 28 short animations(20 sec long each) - Create 2d animation for mobile game Create 2D Animation from my existing normal video - Create 2D City Artwork Create 2D City Artwork for Website - Create 2D Spine Animations Create 2D Sprite Images in photoshop - Create 2x Websites incl. SEO create 3 contact 7 forms - Create 3 animations from logo Create 3 animations of a cat - Create 3 charts from excel data Create 3 charts in excel from provided data - Create 3 DotNetNuke Themes Create 3 EA's for Metatrader 4 - Create 3 forms using wordpress gravity form/cform/contact form 7 plugin Create 3 forum logons, each with 25 posts - Create 3 images for a one-page website Create 3 images for home page slider - Create 3 MailChimp HTML Email templates (English, Chinese and Japanese language variants) create 3 mailchimp template to advertise three services - Create 3 New Sitefinity Templates and Apply them to Site Create 3 New Web Pages from .NET Master Page - Create 3 piece picture menu Create 3 pieces of artwork for pesto packaging. Die cutter supplied along w... - Create 3 responsive html email templates Create 3 responsive HTML mailing templates - Create 3 slides for homepage Create 3 slides for the website - Create 3 vector course maps like you did last year for me Create 3 vector pictograms for website - car towing services - Create 3 website pages Create 3 Website Pages on Wordpress - Create 3+ perfectly seamless panoramic images (photo stitching) Create 3, 5 minute Videos - Create 30 Character Profile Layouts - Nudity/Adult Create 30 Comparators for MeraWaala.Com - Create 30 icons create 30 image simulation with photoshop - Create 30 sheets of 6 cards for 90 number bingo caller in bmp or jpg format EASY PROJ FOR BEGINNERS Create 30 short music videos - Create 300 email addresses Create 300 email addresses - Create 3000 Hotmail Accounts Create 3000 Instagram Accounts. - Create 32 3"x3" Ads For 11"x25" Bifold Brochure Create 32 banner ads. All the same dimensions. - Create 360 video - do all 3D modelling and animation Create 360-degree-video of London - Create 3D Animation for 40 short videos -- 2 Create 3D Animation for famous Cartoon Series- Motu Patlu - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 66597 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 66597 - Repost - Create 3D AutoCAD prototype of an innovative product Create 3D Avatar - Create 3D Cartoon Animation Create 3D cartoon Animation- High quality - Create 3D designs of Phone cases - repost Create 3d developable models that adhere to physics constrains by sketching in 2d - Create 3D floor render of a building Create 3D Floorpans. Based on existing 3Dmax files. 6 day project. Create from 10 to 50. Based on your capacity. - Create 3D image for A4 brochure Create 3D image for A4 brochure - Create 3D Logo Create 3D logo animation in Flash Away3D - Create 3D Model based off Sketches Create 3D model based on 2D drawing - used for 3D printing - Create 3D model inn ArchiCAD 17 of Existing building 2 Create 3d Model Objects for Strip Club - Create 3D model of House from Floorplan Create 3D model of interior design - Create 3D Model with my Label Create 3D Model with my Label -- 2 - Create 3D models from products photos Create 3D Models from SVG file: Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club - create 3D packaging Create 3D PDF Files - Create 3D Rendered version of a set of illustrations Create 3d rendering and fly through of DWG - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D Videos for Home Automation System Create 3D view from DWG Plan File - Create 3x Unity2D Sprites Create 4 2013 office Word Tables From Excel Data - Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM - create 4 fig images, Create 4 forms - Create 4 images for the home age... Create 4 images to a fullwith slider - Create 4 new Images based on Samples Create 4 New Nodes in Drupal Website - Create 4 product images of Woocommerce and enter it Create 4 products a row (instead of 3) wordpress - Create 4 spreadsheets from 4 tables in a .pdf Create 4 spreadsheets from 4 tables in a .pdf - Create 4 Wordpress Blogs Create 4 Wordpress Child Themes - Create 40 adult dot-to-dot designs ranging from 250 - 900 dots Create 40 Android advacned level questions - Create 40 Posts at a wordpress site with exsting content - Repost - open to bidding Create 40 pregnancy greeting card messages - Create 400 Multiple Choice Questions for Grade 6 Create 400 products at Magento E-commerce - Create 45-60 second video for customer education Create 45-60 Seconds Motion Graphic Animation - Create 5 article sites Create 5 Banner Ads - Create 5 design styles (.css) / themes to mock up our application status page in multiple ways. Create 5 different 500 words articles and distribute - Create 5 different buttons