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Check / Fix My Perl CGI Script Check / improve English document Check 1 issue Check 1 page of english text Check 10 pages for Cross Platform Compatibility and Fix check 10 small php files Check 10,000 links to english wikipedia Check 10,000 links to english wikipedia pages Check 100 Accounts Check 100 sites if they are porn Check 100, 000 Email addresses check 104 domains, website or not? Check 1182 websites Check 1247 Phone Numbers Check 14200 wiki links of soccer players check 15 pages writing Check 1700 products and record errors
Check 2 pages codes and provide tips and code snipset (css/html/javascripts) for improving cross compatibility and better viewing between IOS/ANDROID/ Check 2 pages codes and provide tips for improving cross compatibility IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS mobile Check 2,639 web URLs for mobile friendly and online / offline status -- place results in excel Check 200-400 websites for product information Check 240000 from travels (lat/lon From, lat/lon To) with Google and fill inn Distance (car) and Time into spreadsheet Check 2500 email addresses in ideally 6 hours, no more than 24 hours Check 290,000 Email Accounts for Validity Check 2x Wordpress themes for perfect wordpress specs Check 3 linux images for hacked services, rootkits, trojans Check 3 websites for google penalty Check 300 blog comments check 301 redirects in shopify Check 3200 links to see if they work CHECK 4 CHANGE Check 4 Change on a website that does not have text that can be highlighted. Check 4 web pages for grammar, spelling and style Check 400 Websites