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change needed - Change number in footer Change number of "Current Top Sellers" from 5 to 4. Requires coding - Change of Color and add a photo gallery to a existing website Change of Color and add a photo gallery to a existing website - repost - Change of heading in software Change of HTML site - change of phpmelody design (template) Change of poster on website - Change og macro excel 2010 Change old crappy handcoded html page with tables into html5 with div's and php auto build-up from MySQL table and with flash/html5 video display - Change one code on a wordpress template Change one color in existing image + add text into existing image (PHP) - Change One Page In Shopify Change one page to make it responsive like the rest of the pages in my website. - Change opencart plugin Change opencart product and latest page template. - Change Order Form Change order form - Change oscommerce template Change osCommerce template from 2.2RC2 to 2.3.1 - Change our Menu Layout Change our moodle interface (colors, design, etc.) - Change Output from dompdf to 300dpi change output of previous program to one-line to one-row (Add CRLF in output text for each data row) - Change Page Layout change page layout - Change partners for contracting - CPC Change parts of image on selection of options in Magento - Change Payment Gateway Change Payment Gateway from to Paypal Direct Payment - Change Payment System From Paymill to Brain Tree Change Payment system from Paypal Adaptive to MassPayment - change PDF File Change pdf file to word document with word count of file - Change permalink & Social Share Count reset from 0 Change permalink structure for certain posts/pages (Wordpress site) - Change phone number on Graphics. Change phone number on mail out card - change photo uploading page on AVS Change photo uploading to batch uploading and editing - change php code for auction script Change PHP code from MS SQL table access syntax to MYSQL - Change PHP script Change PHP script - Change php url form "id" to "container_id" change php userauthentication on existing Wordpress page into "wp-member" userauthentication - Change Picture Background Change Picture Background - Change pictures-retouch and create model Glamour shots Change pixels in slider - Change portrait of woman. change position of array mc with tween - Change Prestashop Tax Rules Change prestashop template - Change primary colour in a two-colour logo and change the font of the tagline. Also require logo for various social media platforms. Change Primary Domain for Google Apps - Change Product Layout Prestashop -- 2 Change Product Layout Prestashop -- 3 - Change proportions of artwork change protection on MQ4 file - Change quantity discount price Change quantity discount price - repost - Change redirect on Magento contact form Change redirection type - Magento - Change Remote Date Time Change report to be a barcode - Change resolution on images Change responsive front-end admin template to content of specs - HTML and CSS and JS job - Change Ruby settings on ubunto server and setup SSL on Amazon web server Change Ruby WebApp Landing Page - change script from SLA FileUP to ASPupload Change Script From Stormpay/Paypal to Alertpay - Change search icon to a button on 2 identical wordpress websites Change search method in my PHP site - Change Server Paths to New Hosting Company Change server settings - Change shop pages change shopify images and product info - Change simple HTML site in to Joomla site Change simple html site to wordpress - Change Site Domain & Do a 301 re-direct from the old domain to the new site(repost) Change site domain and make multisite - Change site structure and maintain existing SEO Change site template without changing the archived post links - Change size of existing graphic Change size of flash image - Change skin tones on hands to match face Change skin/ui on an existing open source Android application - IOrelay TCP - Change small images to big format - long term job Change small Javascript to server-side ASP - Change software to work on windows 7 rather than xp Change Solus VM template - change some colors and tools Change some colors around on my wordpress website - Change some designs and functions in my wordpress site Change some details - Change some icons Change some images - Change some part of website design Change some part of website design -- 2 - Change some sutff on this this templatmatic Change some sutff on this this templatmatic -- 2 - change some things on my wordpress Change some things on my wordpress website trough teamviewer! - Change sort by in a theme Change sort method and view for wholesale pricelist module (opencart - Change static front webpage to a fully responsive webpage. Change static html site into php mySQL dbase site - change structure of my code - to producer/consumer structure Change Structure of old site to be used as new site - change styling of the plugin on my site Change styling, fonts etc on single web form. - Change table to CSS layout Change Table to HTML - Change template and display of group product Change template and install module for magento - Change Template Name on Yootheme Template for Joomla 3.3 Change template of a site with codigniter framework. - Change template to blog-style + responsive Change Template to Dating script and affiliate script. - Change text and links in a FLASH file Change text and logo in video - Change text in a PDF file from a MS Word Table Change text in AI file and save it as png and save jpegs from psd files - read carefully - Change text in our logo Change text in PDF - Change text on a PDF document change text on a Voucher Design (AI File) - Easy work - small project - Change Text On My After Effects Project - Very Simple Change text on my business card .EPS format - Change Text, Design Logo And Images change text/picture locations on SimpleMachines forum homepage - change the background Change the background and design a new logo for a WordPress Website - Change the background of video Change the background on 15 photos - Change the brick layout on the front of house drawing change the callback form boxe on 3 websites - Change the color of 8 image's to 2 different colors Change the color of a banner for me - Change the colors in my site change the colors of a few buttons - Change the complete UI and Design of my App in xcode, i will provide PSD files. change the conditions of the software content filtering - Change the default Cart to Basket in WooCommerce 2.3.9 Change the default color scheme of a on page HTML5 template - Change the design of a website (php)
change the design of an existing css based website - Change the desktop wallpaper. I can not do it myself. Change the diameter of a tape in animation in Solidworks - Change the first 5 bytes of a big file by PHP Change the Flash file to include LLC in the company name - Change the graphics for to be more enticing Change the graphics in an HTML page with the graphics I created in a jpeg image of that page. Complete in 2 days. - Change the HTML editor for the describtion field on all the forms of Change the hue of an image - Change the joomla template of an existing site to a new one Change the joomla theme of an existing site to a new theme [repost] - Change the layout of the cart - Magento Change the layout of the product listing. HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT - Change the logo, branding and text of a pdf file change the logos and company names with the file named 130819 forms - Change the look of PHP wallpaper Website change the look of present site to the one i have given and install and setup 2 plugins - Change the menu according the the day change the menu display and the colors in my site. - Change the order of information backend, the orderview Change the order of information backend, the orderview -- 2 - Change the pixel size of logo Change the pixels of an image and change its size. - Change the Registration of Software Change the reporting page of our website to meet our needs. - Change the skin of my Adobe Flash Player Change the skin of mywebsite. - Change the submission of just two fields - easy PHP job (intrauto) change the syntax - Change the text in the psd files -- 6 Change the text in the psd files -- 7 - Change the theme of my wordpress website Change the theme on a exsisting blog - Change the visual appearance of the site Change the visual style of my joomla + virtuemart homepage... - Change the whole theme/graphics/logo/fonts of a Wordpress Blog Change the width and height of a already working timeline on my website. - Change Theme and develop php, html and add some developments Change Theme and Install T Shirt designer Module for Magento/OpenCart - Change theme of a video to our theme Change theme of a website & several corrections - change theme Yii - open to bidding Change Theme Zen cart Website - Change this teaser, integration picture... (picture) Change this teaser, integration picture...(tv) - change title of blog section joomla 1.0.12 - open to bidding change title of blog section joomla 1.0.12 -- 2 - Change to a website you made Change to a widget - Change to existing ASP/SQL application from Change to existing design that you prepared for me 1 year ago. - change to html pages Change to HTML website - (FoJ) - Change to Navigation change to new cakePHP theme - Change to responsive design - mobile - RinGy Change to Responsive Design - Mobile Joomla Template Needed – MacBu - Change to the tool - small php and css cahnges change to the video creator tool - Change to Wordpress plugin "UltimateMember" to change user role based on customer upgrading to a premium membership Change to WordPress site - Change twitter bootsrap3 theme to another TB3 theme Change twitter Bootstrap theme to religious template for Blogger - Change UI from a Login Scrip Change UI of Android application + minor functionalities - Change URL Change Url without Page Load in MVC RAZOR - Change URL using mod_rewrite .htaccess or PHP Change Url without Page load - change utillity bill Change value based on modal form popup - Change Vbulletin Forum Settings Change Vbulletin of Server - Change video resolution using Raspberry pi Gpu Change Video Resolution With ffmpeg - Change Vocals Change voice app - Change Web Page color, highlight Change web page design - Change website Change website - change website color design in few hours[time limited] Change website color scheme from green to red in Photoshop File - Change Website from all Capitals to only first letter capital Change website from English to Spanish - Change Website Layout Change Website Layout - Change website name Change website name on backend PHP Skills - Change Website Templates Change website templates - Change website to SEO friendly code. Change Website to Top Level - Change what it says when you search my website on google Change what it says when you search my website on google a - Change Windows Product Key - Visual Basic Change Windows program (command window) to graphical window and add image rotation - Change Woocommerce/Wordpress designs for my webshop Change WooTickets Admin email to display event booked and the date of the event - Change wordpress admin password Change wordpress admin theme - Change Wordpress Domain name Change Wordpress Domain Name Details - Change wordpress pages Change Wordpress Password - Change Wordpress slider to hyperlinked image not just "read more" button Change wordpress standard dashboard panel, using wpcom.js and rest-api. Create One Panel for every multisite owner. - Change WordPress Theme Change WordPress Theme - Change Wordpress Theme Colour Change WordPress Theme Design - Change wordpress url - repost Change wordpress url - repost 2 - Change wp custom login plugin Change WP default upload folder to a network share - change writing style of website, including fitting the text and making it bigger change written content on my site - Change Youtube link in Wordpress change youtube url - CHANGE//MODIFY COMMON AFFILIATES ON WORDPRESS WEBSITES - NEED IMMEDIATELY Change/Adapt Wordpress Theme, Options and Fields - Change/Modify website to work on Mobile Device(repost)(repost) Change/Move site form Adobe Business Catalyst to Word Press on our hosts - changeing of webtemplate for joomla Changelog management web site - Changer le "tchat" de mon site pour en mettre un plus récent et fonctionnel Changer refactor - Changes - fixes to a plugin Changes - Magento Template - Changes and adjustements Changes and adjustments on website - Changes and modifications to Medical, Education, and other sites. Changes and Modifications to my Website. - changes and upgrade features in a music player Changes and Upgrade to Umbraco - changes design changes designe to my web sit - changes for existing flash and htm website Changes for existing social media website. - Changes for Travis Changes for vietcode pro - Changes in a .net project Changes in a a wordpress website.(CSS also) - changes in a theme - must be done today -- 3 Changes in a web for a Funerary Services and little script - Changes in an existing PHP website changes in an existing site - Changes in bootstrap
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