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Change Ecommerce Website from Flash to html + SEO - Change Enclosure Design on Solid Works Change Encryption - Change existing wordpress website Change Existing 2 x Websites - Change existing Joomla restaurant order plugin and add functionality Change existing joomla template - Change existing site: Change Existing Software Name - Change Existing Wordpress Website - 2 Changes Change existing Wordpress website to new theme and look - Change face of picture Change face on a pic with photoshop - change Facebook page's name change facebook pagename - Change few detail of an existing website. Change few Drupal slider image - Change fields in register form - open to bidding Change figures/fonts on mock business statement - change files to low res Change filetype ''friendly name'' in Windows Explorer - Change Flash Design with action script Change FLash File - Change flash site menu Change Flash Source to be re-skinned + new features required - Change font and color on my voluison website and remove white bar Change font and encoding in existing Symbian open source application - Change font in menu Change font in opencart - Change Font Size On Wordpress Website change font sizes - Change Fonts in WP Change fonts of HTML Landing page - change for the grid on magento template Change for the OsCommerce - Change FORMAT of Email Form Page - ONE LINE OF CODE Change FORMAT of Email Form Page - VERY SIMPLE - Change from clip-share to mediasharesuite Change from current website to mobile optimised website - 24/07/2016 05:41 EDT - Change Front Page on Website - PHP Developer Required Change Front page pictures - Change functionality of Youtube Video search for EDU videos only Change functionality to increment quantity on order form - Change Google api URL to local url Change Google Auto Suggest for Particular Keywords - Change Graphic Header Change Graphic Image - Change gravity forms plugin layout Change gravity forms so it will add a service charge to each form total - Change head on a body - photoshop Change head on a body - photoshop -- 2 - Change header for wordpress website change header graphic - great way to get a quick 10 rating - Change header to a random image on refresh Change header, cart and other stuff in MAGENTO - Change Home Pages and Content for 2 web sites Change home site - Change hosting Change hosting - change html code for email marketing so it's scaleable for mobile devices or desktop Change HTML code in our site. - 30/08/2016 23:40 EDT - Change Html to ASPX change HTML to DIV in my website - Change icon cart in WooCommerce Change icon color - Change Image Change Image - Change Image File Names Change Image File Names - Repost - Change image on website Change Image on Wikipedia article - Change image to Hi-Res Change image to text + images on magento site - Change Images and Ad code on website Change images and description - Change Images on Flash Slides Change images on my website - Change in a common logo design change in a flash app. - Change in hyperlink function in FCKedit Change in iOS Socket.IO based Native App - Change in our php script Change in our script - change in VBA Change in Vivamus Cafe Logo - CHANGE INFORMATION ON A ONE PAGE FILE Change information on the Web about me and have certain key words take them to my website. - change ioctl(SIOCGIFHWADDR,...) results using Linux ptrace kernel interface Change ionic/cordova based app layouts to support arabic RTL - Change IPs on a live web server Change is brought by the power of words and thoughts and not by violence and corruption. - Change Javascript validations to Jquery Change jcow theme color - change joomla template Change Joomla Template - change jquery plugin Change JQUERY PLUGIN Color Picker Script - Change language in existing Android app change language in ubuntu - change layout and add easy installer Change layout and design a website - Change layout of a photocart implementation and add static pages. change layout of a wordpress theme - Change layout of website Change layout of website - Change layout/template Change Layout/Template in Wordpress Site - Change link in custom widget Change link in flex v4 swf - Change links on website Change Links On Website and Add iFrames. - Change Location of Woocommerce Checkout URL Change location to a multi select type - Change logo Change logo - Change Logo and Recompile Application (Windows / Mac) Change Logo and Recompile Application Windows / Mac - change logo colour -- 2 change logo colour to various colors inc white black and red - Change logo in app icon Change logo in banner and text - Change Logo Slightly and create letter head Change Logo Style - Change logo's and colors on 4 page HTML site Change logo, change an image and change text on ONE HTML web page - Change Look & Structure of Website | Wordpress + Headway Themes Change Look & Feel of a simple photo sharing website - change looking of calender 100$ Change looks for a PHP applications by removing old design and implement pure css with looks from Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Change Magento Logo To My Own & Some Changes In Front End change magento look and add 20-30 products - Change magento theme design, and setup store Change Magento theme from LTR to RTL - Change Management Change Management - Change management game Change Management in business context - Change maximum size of photo uploads for a classified ads site from 1mb to 5mb per single photo.To an expert this takes just 5 minutes to do.I need it done ASAP. change mayan snake into mayan fish - Change Menu for Indian Restaurant and make takeout menu Change menu for Joomla mobile website - change menu style of my website to the same one than on : Change menu style of the theme - Change mobile look of wordpress website change mobile menu - design - Change Movie Poster 5 Change mp3 player on my website. - Change My 'KEYNOTE' Presentations Into Videos With Voiceovers Change my 2 android apps to new ICS Holo theme - Change my Communa 3 Joomla template
Change My Company Website to Wordpress Or HTML5 With Responsive effect - Change my existing website theme to new one Change my existing websites theme to AVADA Theme. - Change my home page design,fix database error and a page change my home page on oscommerce site - Change my JPG color Change my jpg fiile - Change my magento shop change my magento them - Change my picture. Change my picture. - repost - Change my sign up details change my simple project from xib to storyboard - repost - change my upload script to convert any video file to mp4 on my website change my upload script to convert any video file to mp4 on my website -- 2 - Change my website files from .COM to .CA , .NET, .INFO Bluehost to Godaddy Change my website for mobile view - Change my website to Wordpress Change my website to wordpress - change my wordpress theme change my wordpress theme -- 2 - Change Name and Compile Symbian Project change name and images of android and ios app - Change Name on Graphics change name on logo - change navision program change navy dress to red - Change notification system - 13/09/2016 11:43 EDT Change Now - change of background of photos and finish online shopping website Change of Box Size - Change of existing website - repost Change of existing website - repost 2 - Change of name/data in a company's website. Change of office into 5 flats under PD - change of URLs Change of voice-over in existing flash video animation - change on my website -- 2 Change on Open Cart shop - Change one option in my app in android studio change one option in my app, android studio - Change online Store (Open Cart) Change online store from Shopify to Magento - Change or build an wordpress plugin Change or copy data from one sheet to new format - Change Order Template - Create Excel Workbook Summarizing Data from Other Excel Workbooks Change Order to Previous Project - Change our current website from Wordpress/woocommerce to Magento Change our existing flash site to a HTML site - Change our website from Wordpress to Typo 3 Change our website's grid structure (width) and theme files - Change ownership on SFTP Upload (overwrite), opensshd Change Package Design - Change Page Source to Plain HTML change PAGE TITLE - Change Password dialog box - VBScript / .net -- 2 Change Password functionality in .NET - Change Payment Gateway Script to work with modified OSCommerce Change payment gateway wordpress template for a form - Change paypal paiment with fb like change paypal payment buttons on a website - Change PDF price list from Euros to USD by multiplying all prices by 1.35 Change PDF Print-out template - Change Permalink Structure For PHP Site change permalink to customer structure - Change Phone Number on Site Change phone number on site graphic - Change Photos Change Photos - CHANGE PHP CODE DIRECTORYPRESS CODE change php code for auction script - Change PHP script Change PHP script - Change php to allow printed page breaks Change PHP to Apache or Rebuild PHP with FastCGI - Change picture and color change picture and numbers on a id - Change pictures-retouch and create model Glamour shots Change pixels in slider - Change portfolio on existing site to be easily update-able through cms Change portfolio page and modify the menu - Change Prestashop 1.6 "add to cart" button color of the default theme Change prestashop checkout process - Change prices on site Change prices, desicription, dimensions in my opencart - Change product details in Shopify store Change Product Image Background to white - Change profile layout in Pligg [PHP/CSS] change profile page of website. - Change Purchased Video (HD) - Change Text / Add Music Change Purchased Wordpress Template to Fit New Ecommerce Store - Change receipt in woocommerce for Wordpress Change received email and change - Change Registration to a ''2 Step Process'' Change Registration to a ''2 Step Process''(repost) - Change Requests Change requests - Change Roll-Over first time Look change room colors - Change screenshots of an App on the appstore Change script - Change scroll bar color Change ScrollView to list View - Change select2 jQuery component to have checkboxes Change selected color in a jquery menu - change shipping calculator please Change shipping codes in a Perl cron job that sends purchase orders to a supplier - Change Sidebar based on URL Change sidebar from bottom to top in mobile screens - Change single video functionality to multiple video functionality in wordpress template - ongoing work Change single-post to show portfolio thumbnails with titles associated with a post (taxonomy) - Change site from to Change Site Genorator Code to HTML - Change sitemap from HTML to Sitemap Protocol 0.9 for google submission and recitfy any sitemap tags - repost Change Sites to Adsense Sites - Change size of Windows Taskbar Change size on PSD so it fit with 1200 x 628 Facebook ad - Change Slider menu of an IOS app Change slider of a drupal website - change small website from Front Page to Dreamweaver and some basic SEO done to site change small website from Front Page to Dreamweaver and some basic SEO done to site(repost) - Change some area in wordpress website Change Some ASP Page - change some content on website Change some content on website template - Change some dimensions on an existing design - ongoing work Change some elements - change some images for me Change some in contact-form and make it secure - Change some part of website design -- 2 CHange some parts of a PHP-script - Change some stuff on a flyer change some stuff on my Shopify - change some things in wordpress Change some things of our worpress e.commerce website. - Change something in wordpress Change something on a template in a browser based program Lightspeed cloud - Change SQL queries Change SQL query code - Change stone colour on 100 jewellery images Change Stone in the Earring Picture - Change Style of Existing Site Change style of invoices in admin - High expert Magento only needed - Change surrounding colors Change SWF Background Color - Change TCP scanner to SYN scanner in source Change TCP sockets to Bluetooth sockets in Linux daemon - change template for joomla site Change Template for My existing website (front end + back end) - Change Template of website