Projects Directory : Change and add some things in MySQL database and php scripts and admin forms - Change one word on my logo. 5 minute job!

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Change and add some things in MySQL database and php scripts and admin forms - change and fix website change and fix wp sites (small changes) directly - Change Android Apk. app name and icon Change Android Apk. app name and icon -- 2 - change any point in template wordpress change apache to nginx in my dreamhost hosting - Change Appearence of Magento Menu Change apperance of an existing website - Change ASP.NET MVC FORM Change aspect of facebook / Cambiar el aspecto de facebook - change automatically to the URL of the latest real-time referral source and destination access. -- 2 change autorespnder code in graphic - Change background (Jewelry Photos) Change background 15 category images - Change background color for a button and a table in a wordpress page. Change background color from my linkedin personal image. 2/3 colors - Change background colors Change background colors - Change background image on WP (slider) Change Background Image with button - change background of 300 images, and resize all of them in 3 sizes Change background of 40 photos - change background on 2 ads, design text block on flyer Change background on Google form template - change background to white on 15 images Change backgrounds for products - change basic php script output to soap object output change basic php script output to soap output - Change Blog format Change Blog PHP Code - Change bootstrap theme (Smart Admin) Login page Change BOUNDARY CONDITIONS MATLAB - Change business card to good quality (small job) Change Business Cards - project for Cre8tive - Change C# software from smart device to desktop Change C+ +Class / DriectX Grabber - change cart php header / footer in whmcs to match existing template Change Cart66 plug-in into multi-currency - Change checkout from paypal to stripe change checkout layout Woocommerce + added distance charge map plugin: - Change clothing colour 6 images change clsid dll - Change code in Ruby on Rails Website. Change code in system/make my system responsive/payment - Change color background change color code in css for form text and other duties - Change Color inside Website Image Change color of an Image - Change color of current logo change color of curtain - Change color of our logo Change color of our product image - Change color on menu ''active'' Change color on menu ''active''(repost) - Change color scheme on web page mockup Change color scheme to existing zencart website - Change colors in a twitter bootstrap template to give it a 'windows metro' look Change colors in a twitter bootstrap template to give it a 'windows metro' look and feel - Change Colors of product on model Change colors of purchased website template. (opencart) - Change Colors/Sliding bar on Website - ongoing work Change colour and header of my webpage - change colour of my logo Change colour of our logo + simples... - Change colours and update icon imagery on website change colours in a psd design and create CSS - Change Company Change Company Logo - Change Contact details in Virtuemart - ongoing work Change contact details on contact page of our website - change content on website Change Content Script of Chrome Extension For Gmail - change cpanel in website2 Change Cpenal subdomain root to domain - Change CSS Cart WHMCS Change CSS code to make grids show differently - Change CSS of a site to reflect another change css of drupal_set_message - Change css/ design changes for 8 pages: colors and alignment of content and tables - Repost - open to bidding Change CSS/add picture backround to several blogs/scripts - Change current website change current website - Change data in a product list (sizes mm to CM) Change data in an SWF file - Change de address of contact map (google maps) Change Logo and Banners (Pinky?) - Change default size of featured images on wordpress theme Change default size of featured images on wordpress theme - repost - Change design and Features to My WordPress Template change design and functions of website - Change design of a contact page Change design of a current OpenCart Site - Change design of index page (above fold) into available mockup Change design of Joomla/Moodle site - Change Design of Website Change design of website - change design to wordpress website Change design view of our Rent Portal website similar to reference site - Change dimensions of the logo change dimensions of the logo for facebook - change document Change Document Format - Change domain name on blogger site using 1&1 domain. Change domain name on Prestashop site - Change drill holes size of Solidwork files Change Drinks Menu - Change Drupal template header to match psd Change dst file to larger size embroidery format .dst file - Change Ecommerce List Change ecommerce site's text buttons to site button with ability to enhance with call to actions. Want to increase conversion rates. - Change Encryption Change Encryption of user sign in - Change existing accordion menu from onhover to onclick change existing after effects "Type-On Text " preset - Change existing logo to high quality resolution - minimum 300 DPI Change existing menu. - Change existing VB6 CSV file data extracting / change program Change Existing VBA Code to Print to PDF Writer - Change exitsing CSS for new look on website Change expiration date & address in a pdf file - Change Facebook Group Name change facebook group name - Change Facial Expression of a Cartoon Character Change Facial Expression of a Cartoon Character - change few links on 2 websites change few pages - Change file format -- 2 Change File Format from .CDR to .AI & .EPS - Change firmware of android tv box with permissions properly set for kodi. Change firmware of android tv box with right permissions for kodi. - Change Flash Images from Purchased Template Change flash intro - Change Flash.... Change Flash/Swish Template - Change font colors on CSS and add premade forms (2) Change font colors on CSS and add premade forms (2)(repost) - Change font on my site Change Font on Opt In Page - Change fonts Change fonts - Change footer/header in OpenCart Change fopen to cURL - Change format of a Food Menu in a Word Document Change Format of a gif banner from 250 x 250 to 600 x 50 - Change from .COM to .CA need help changing files Bluehost to Godaddy Change from 1shoppingcart to Aweber and Clickbank - change from wordpress to:ajax,php,java,html5, add media
change from zbar to zxing - Change functionality of the news feed page on my existing social network site Change functionality of Withdraw process in Dokan Theme Wordpress - Change Google Analytics To Show orignal source of payments through paypal change Google API - Change graphic design of the site Change Graphic Header - Change gravity forms plugin layout Change gravity forms so it will add a service charge to each form total - Change Header Change Header - Change Header In Wordpress twenty ten theme Change Header Layout on Custom Wordpress Site - Change heading boxes on Opencart Website template - ongoing work Change heading on web site - Change homepage images Change homepage on wordpress - Change how My Ninja Trader 7 strategy exits trades Change how my posts display on main page - wordpress - Change html page background image from google image search result. Change HTML page layout - change html/css user login appearance Change HTML/CSS/JS Template to look like Screenshots - CHANGE ID'S & INTERGRATE CHARTBOOST Change ID's on mySQL database (using date) - Change Image Background to WHITE Change image background to white - change image of my android code source Change image on 8 graphics - Change image text change image text - Change images & text on Wordpress website (plug-in) Change images 2 - Change images on my website Change images on my website. - Change in a picture and make it in HTML change in a vba code - Change in Java Code Change in Java Code - change in php website Change in PHP Website (Link builder) - Change in website Change in website - ongoing work - Change Integrated Payment Gateway Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: - Change iOS Status bar in my phonegap app Change IOS Template / Upload to Itunes - Change Jamoola site over to new site Change Japanese name into Englsih - Change Joomla Api and Android Source can Do it Now Change Joomla Api from Ijoomer App - Change Joomla Theme Change Joomla Theme Homepage - Change kernel project change key board layout - Change language on Wordpress website Change language to a Magento Website - Change Layout For One Screen Change Layout - Change Layout of my Website - Urgent! Change layout Of one page - change layout productpage Magento webshop Change Layout Products and Categories in my Prestashop - change link after first click Change link behavior and appearance on wordpress site - Change links in FLA Change Links name (find & replace text) - Change location of Like Button on my Site Change location of nextpage navigation - Change logo Change logo - change logo and remove footer change logo and secure email sign up from spam - Change logo colours and stationery design change logo colours basic job - change logo into a eps Change logo into HD vector image - change logo things Change logo title - Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) -- 3 Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) -- 4 - Change look And Feel of Site Change Look and Minor Modification in Webservice - Change Maelstrom front page Change magazine app framework - Change Magento Search Box change magento search result URL structure - Change mail settings Change Mailchimp API to Constant Contact on Wordpress site - Change Management Assignment Change Management Assignments - Change managment Change Manangement Course - Change menu change menu - Change menu of my website Change Menu of the page - Change method Change method of email sending for an online form - change moneybookers payment processor to hipaywallet change moneybookers to hipay - Change multiple product names Change Multiview to AJAX TabContainer - Change My Blogspot Blog (HTML/Admin) Change my booking system URL - Change my ebay menu and my ebay header change my ebook to android - Change my front page to look like Change my frontpage, direct the cusomer for sale. - change my iphone apps grafixs and name and also make a new app using this soure code as a base Change my Java Script to add functionality - Change my logo to transparent PNG Change my logo, favicon - Change my phone number Change my phone number numbers on my site, COPY & PASTE - Change my Shipping Operation To Work Like My Wholesalers Change my Shipping Operation To Work Like My Wholesalers -- 2 - Change My Template Into Business Card Change my template, remove frames - Change my website design Change my website design to be like - Change my website to French Change my website to responsive and better looking while maintaining its functions - Change my Wordpress Theme into Premium Change my wordpress theme to RTL and change the language to persian - Change name and logo on a banner SET Change Name and LOgo/Icon on APK file - change name servers Change name, add emails, QR code for the ready made name cards - change needed change needed - Change number of "Current Top Sellers" from 5 to 4. Requires coding Change Number of Columns in Woocommerce Products page (custom website) - Change of Color and add a photo gallery to a existing website - repost Change of color on wordpress site - Change of image size - Magento shop Change of Images - change of sizing in frame work - terbuka untuk penawaran Change of smarty template - Change old ebay HTML listings to my new template change old form with new html form. - Change one color in existing image + add text into existing image (PHP) change one color on vector illustration - Change one page to make it responsive like the rest of the pages in my website. Change one panel on our website NOW! - Change one word on my logo. 5 minute job!