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created XML feed plugin - CreateProcessWithLogonW output fix (VB.NET) Creater autoreminder program - Createspace Book Interior Design & Cover -- 2 Createspace cover - Creatine - new landing page creatine landing page enhancement - part 2 - Creating User Interface for Desktop Application Creating Web services project using Java - Creating .Net-C# Adapter for Instant Messeging API's using predefined libraries Creating / desinging small and professional templates for websites - Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) -- 2 Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) -- 3 - Creating 2 variable length Gray scale postscript boxes as color bars for Corel program Creating 2 very simple plugins for Classipress (category icon, and ads upgrade) - start ASAP - Creating 3 beautiful banners with description for slider Creating 3 D blocks for Furniture in Autocad - Creating 3D environment for the Temple Run Game. Creating 3D facial image from a single 2D real photo - Creating 4 Banners and a 2 Favicons Creating 4 Banners and a 2 Favicons - Creating 8 HTML/CSS pages with 2 submit forms. Very Simple. Its already 50% Complete Creating 9 empty blogs on Wordpress MU - Creating a 2D Corporate video for a web company creating a 2d image from a 3d image for website - Creating a 3d paper doll system for prestashop Creating a 3D Penguin Game - Creating a auto update website Creating a automatic voting system for a Top100 site! - Creating a basic website Creating a basic wireframe model from a photo of a computer - Creating a blog online. Creating a blog online. - Creating a bracelet Creating a Brand Book for Metsec Cables Ltd - Creating a c++/c# load function Creating a CAD image from a JPG to help make a brass plate - Creating a Circular Queue of Ints in C++ for Linux that works between threads and processes Creating a Citation Report (LaTeX and BibTeX) - creating a commandline tool for changing a link field in BLOB column in a database Creating a comment sharing plugin to add facebook and email sharing on each comment - Creating a Conference Program Creating a configurable product in Magento - creating a css table Creating a CSS web page structure from a design - creating a custom sharepoint theme Creating a Custom Task Schedular - Creating a Databae in Access Creating a database - Creating a dataset using tweets Creating a Datawarehouse - Creating a Directed Graph and longest path in C programming Creating a directive for an object - Creating a Drupal Theme and Matching Moodle Theme From Template Creating a Drupal Theme based upon supplied design - Creating a fake photo Creating a fall detection android app - Creating a Flash File Creating a flash game - creating a forum on existing site Creating a forum using html and PHP - Creating a Game Glossary in Norwegian (1915977) Creating a Game in C language - Creating a GREAT Software Creating a great and exciting new business. - Creating a HTML-PHP website Creating a HUGE buzz Online - Creating a Joomla 2.5/3.0 template from an existing Design/Layout Creating a Joomla 2.5/3.0 template from an existing Design/Layout - repost - Creating a layer of software, which would run on the top of existing Operating Systems in a distributed nature Creating a lead capture form in SugarCRM for our site - Creating a local deals mobile app Creating a Location Map - Creating a Logo for Ankit Creations! Creating a LOGO for Maritime Company "KazMorTransFlot" - Creating a Magento Configurable product via API SOAP v2 - repost Creating a Magento Online Store for Wholesaling - Creating a medical report to be given to patients. Creating a members site - Creating a Mobile Application - repost 2 Creating a mobile application compatible with any mobile platform - URGENT WILL PAY YOU GOOD MONEY NEED IT DONE ASAP - Creating a multi-user mult-blog site Creating a Multilingual Site on WIX - Creating a new Logo Creating a new logo for my company, and Power Point Frames and business card. - Creating a new website Creating a new website - Creating a Online Shop system for vacation rentals Creating a online store - Creating a PDF file from an XML file Creating a PDF file from SQL server - Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages - Creating a plugin for WP - - apartment booking Creating a Plugin Macro for Powerpoint - Creating a presentation Creating a presentation - Creating a Product Video Creating a product video rendering - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - creating a proposal to host a major sporting event Creating a prototype and further collaboration - creating a recipe e-book Creating a Record Label LOGO - Creating a Rhymes Creating a roulette program out of C# - Creating a script for an advertisment Creating A Script For Reservations - Creating a shopping website Creating a short 4 min animated video explaining crypto currency (info will be provided) - Creating a simple app:) Creating a Simple Article Reading Website - Creating a simple registration form Using PHP/ MySQL in XAMPP Environment Creating a simple registration form Using PHP/ MySQL in XAMPP Environment - open to bidding - Creating a single data file from ingram micro and icecat Creating a Single Page Wordpress Theme from PSD - Creating a small Website Part 2 Creating a Smart Phone Application - Creating a Special Website Creating a Specifier Form Page - Creating a static political database Creating a Station dashboard chart in SWF format with Laszlo and Fusion Charts (075) - Creating a table out of Strings + Saving as an XML File Creating a Tasklist - Creating a text based game Creating a text browser game - Creating a transparent image from JPEG Creating A Travel Agency Website - creating a Users control and permission Creating a Uvocorp Account - creating a video Creating a Video - Creating a Video-Tutorial in Houdini for Cinema 4D Creating a Videogame - Join the Team! - Creating a web based social game. Creating a web browser strategy game similar to Travian (C#/MSSQL/ASP.NET) - Creating a Web Site Creating a Web site - Creating a Website Creating a Website - creating a website creating a website - Creating a website and logo Creating a website based on provided design - Creating a website for students Creating a website for the company - Creating a website similar to the ebay
creating a website similar to - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before MONDAY! -- 2 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Sunday Evening. ... - Creating a WHMCS Theme from Existing Design Creating a Wholesale storefront on Magento 1.6 Site - Creating a WordPress Intranet Creating a wordpress landing page theme for a lawyer - Creating a Wordpress theme update notification Creating a Wordpress theme update notification -1 - Creating a Yogiwe Website for articles and postings - updated NEW - Repost - open to bidding Creating a youtube animation group - creating accounts and submitting a press release Creating accounts at "" - Creating Ads creating ads - Creating an " All-In-One" Sneaker Auto Checkout Bot/Backdoor Links Creating an "Account Login" button and child theme - Creating an AddOn for FireFox Creating an Addon for Mozilla Firefox - Creating an android mobile application Creating an ANE for Adobe AIR - Creating an app Creating an app - Creating an Architectural Drawing Creating an Artistic Photoshop Image/Sketch - creating an EA for renko charts creating an EA on the MT4, MT5 Stochastic oscillator and MACD - CREATING AN EXCEL BASED ORDER FORM CREATING AN EXCEL BASED ORDER FORM - Creating an frontpage with preregistration. Creating an FTP interface - Creating an infopath form Creating an Information Pipeline using an existing HTTP API - Creating an iOS Application (Tableview with Audiorecord) Creating an iOS Developer Account (Enrolling as an Organization) - Creating an online course registration system for students Creating an Online Enquiry Form - Creating an oracle stored procedure Creating an oracle stored procedure - Creating and activating a custom online form Creating and activating a temporary page while my site is under constructurion - Creating and development an online store Creating and downloading Beatport Sales - Creating and maintaining successful marketing campaign for website launching in a month. Creating and maintaning Website. - Creating and updating press list Creating and updating press list 2 - Creating AngularJS version of a Jquery Slider System creating animated flag by flash or gif for header of site - Creating API to download catelogue info from flipkart or snapdeal creating app - creating architecture or ISA (Instruction Set Architecture). Creating aromas that stick to fabrics. - Creating auto forwarding mail program google script Creating auto invoice generator - Creating back of linux server + local systems(windows) creating back-end by cakephp - creating banners Creating Banners / Photoshop some images to fit our brand.... - Creating Blog or Website Content Syndication Platform Creating Blog Page for Travel Blog - Creating browser extensions creating browser reader mode - Creating calendar appointments in an exchange 2007 server with C# or PowerShell CREATING CAMPAIGNS & SALES FUNNELS - CPA OFFERS VIA PPV TRAFFIC - Creating charts for an iPad application creating charts using data in excel for presentation; creating a presentation in powerpoint - Creating clothes for a game called IMVU Creating clothing for human 3D models by editing textures - Creating Complex Shapes to upload on the web Creating Component & Module for Joomla 2.5.6 - Creating Content Rich Site Creating content rich website with internet survey - Creating creative variations for a home page for A/B testing Creating CRM - creating custom pictures with Photoshop Creating custom product types for woocommerce - Creating CV as per the templelate Creating Cylinderical Subzones in Tecplot 360 2009 - creating database on MySQL workbench and writing report Creating database, etc. - Creating designs for business cards, brochures, company logo Creating designs for business cards, brochures, company logo, etc.. - Creating dragging functionality with JS and JQuery Creating Dreamweaver Templates - Creating Dynamic XML Sitemap for Google and Bing creating dynic pdf file based on form - Creating educational video courses Creating effective landing pages - creating enquiry form Creating Entities for Symfony 2.3 from API calls. - Creating Excel form -- 2 creating excel form to update data sheet - Creating Facebook apps with analyzing data of the user for website Creating Facebook Content - Creating Feed blocks for Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress Creating feeder site with newsletter function for customers - Creating flash animation html5 Creating Flash Banner urgent - Creating form for html and perl. Creating form to export XML - Creating free online magazine about Java Creating Free Profiles for my Website - Creating FusionChart like library Creating Galleries - Creating Google PLA Creating Google Play Developer Account - creating hierarchy Creating High Converting Sales Pages - Creating HTML website from PSD files Creating HTML Website From Template - Creating illustrations for 9 Country cards Creating illustrations for five Country cards - creating index page for website creating index page of myweb site - creating intro movie for new site Creating Introduction Videos for Internet Marketing Services - Creating Jackpot for existing Poker game Creating Jackpot for existing Poker game (1625224) - creating kids website with design using wordpress creating labels for printing - Creating layout of auto images, newsletter, Creating layout pattern in WPF with UI screens using MVVM - Creating lists of on-line business directories Creating Litecoins - creating logo - open to bidding Creating logo and website from A to Z - Creating macros across multiple excel budgets Creating Macros in Excel - Creating maps using given coordinates - We will be giving GPS coordinates for number of points, these need to be plotted on a Plot Plan at a given scale, with the actual image of the region on the background. Similar to Google Earth, but with some specifi Creating maps with HTMl5 - creating me some customized email addresses creating me some customized email addresses -- 2 - creating mindmap Creating mini profiles X50 - Creating mock-up Creating modal with different link - creating multiplayer games, ajax Creating multiple account - different ip - Creating MySpace accounts Creating Myspace accounts, Adding friends, and Sending messages - Creating new Features- repost Creating new features. - Creating New Website Creating new Website - Creating of a calligraphic drawing - repost Creating of a calligraphic drawing - repost 2 - Creating of project
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