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This site was completed 85%. - Create some HTML from JPGs Create some HTML Pages - Create some images for my website Create some Images for Our Website - create some magento extensions and themes create some magento products manually - Create some PDF hyperlinks in a document Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - Create some promotional / review youtube videos for our amazon affiliate website -- 2 Create Some Quick Homemade Testimonial Videos - Create some simple graphics containing text Create some simple javascript functions - Create some stationery for a new project create some styling graphics for motor home horse box ect - Create some website elements - high CSS, Javascript, JQuery skills Create some website Forms - create sophisticated websites for adsense create sort / search algorithm - Create Sound Software Create sound track - Create SparkPost API integration for aMember Create Speach Recognition Software - Create spend and saving advance model in excel Create SPF Record For My Domain - Create clone script Create clone script - repost - create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 - Create spreadsheet of details of industry associations from websites given Create spreadsheet of details of industry associations from websites given - Create sprites for characters, items and tile-sets for RPG creation software on Steam Create sprites,GUI and assets for the island multiplayer battle game - Create SQL script for ER diagram (12 hour deadline) Create SQL script for ER diagram (12 hour deadline) -- 2 - create squeeze page. Create Squeeze Pages - Create SSO link on wordpress site with ASMX Create SSRS Orchard Module - Create standalone very difficult scraper Create Standard Banners from PSD - Create Static Google SiteMap for Create Static Home page and update image links in our wordpress 4.6 website - Create Stationary For Soundbase -- 2 create stationery templates - Create sticker set for a bike from attached pictures Create stickers in Illustrator - Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch NO TEMPLATE NO PLUGIN Create stop motion recipes videos from storyboards - Create storyboard for a video Create Storyboard Video with Animated Graphics - Create stronger website without pop-ups Create Structure Chart from a DFD(repost) - Create stylish Text for a T-Shirt Create stylish Text for a T-Shirt - Create Subcategories in MVC Create Subdomain - Create API for flexget entry create subscribe form - create suggested design for an android and iOS application Create suggested match software for product datasets - Create Supply website Create support desk sytem - Create SVG Animation | Jquery Scripting Create SVG Animations from EPS - Create swf banners Create SWF Display Adwords Display Ads - Create System Send Message using Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS and Facebook Messaging Create system to extract text from jpeg\'s via OCR - Create tabbed product descriptions for Zencart Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor - Create Table of Contents in Microsoft Word -- 2 Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - Create tables in admin in cs cart Create tables in bootstrap and widgets - Create take-out app for iPhone & Android Create Takeaway Menu, Logo and Poster for a Restaurant - Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android - Create technical documents -- 2 Create technical drawing of a website Back End mock up/Applicatiob Mockup - Create Template and Generate images on server using template Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create template for Deal site (provide PSD) create template for design (hhgs) - Create Template for Sharepoint Intranet Create template for shop online - Create template of wordpress / Personal blog Create template page for Wordpress - Create templates for phpmyfaq and textpattern to look similar like main-site create templates for pop-up lightboxes - Create Terms of Use and Privacy Create tesponsive webiste from existing site - Create test webservice with Basic Authentication and one with Token create testcases - Create Text for Music Video Create text from clouds in Adobe Flash - Create Texture Map for 3D Model Create texture maps to use in Vray of travertine bricks. - Create the Animation for a Video Explaining a Business Create the Animation of the 3D Model Character - Create the black and white effect of WinXP when it show the shutdown menu
Create the blog section of WP site. - Create the Excel graph with automation Create the Excel graph with automation --2 - Create the HTML/CSS/JS of a website layout. Create the illustration the label image & put it on our bag. - Create the mobile application for Iphone Create the mobile version for - Create the platform and application similar to uber create the plugin for my website - Create the second video for Sufi 3D Create the series of video tutorial for our products. - Create the user manual and online help for a SEO software create the user profile page - Create Theme Design for baby & kids from the style we have Create theme for a website - Create theme to Magento Create theme using HTML5 & css for my php script - create this business card create this business card, i need to see a mockup - create this video in flash or HTML5 create this video in flash or HTML5 - Create three different page replacement algorithms: FIFO, LRU and OPT-lookahead-X -- 2 Create Three Dropdown Lists using HTML/PHP and Ajax - Create three small banners for Homepage Create three small illustrations - CREATE THUMBNAIL OF VIDEO IN S3 BUCKET in AWS Create Thumbnail When Video Uplaod - Create Ticketing Website Like Create tickets on Autotask - Create tiny Envato API request page Create tiny icon - Create To-Do Lists Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - Create top quality videos to submit online Create top users sort field in admin - Create Tracker within Mobile App for all platforms Create tracking code for Google Analytics / Adwords to track conversions by click on button / link - Create traffic to my website with SEO and linkbuilding Create Traffic to the website - Create Training Videos create training videos - Create transparent .gifs and optimize Create Transparent and Hi-Res Images - Create travel magazine for me Create travel mug label design - Create Triggers, PKs and FKs create triifold document 11x17 from template - Create ttf font for the given list of items create ttf font from image - Create tutorila document explaining detail the functions of our software suite 7.5 Gangwani Create Tutuorial Video - Create emotes CREATE TWITTER ACCOUNT - create twitter iphone app Create Twitter Marketing Accounts - Create two 3D CAD objects from pictures. Google Sketchup Create two 3D characters | only professional! - Create two banners and chage some website graphics Create two bar graphs - Create two custom wordpress pages Create two custom wordpress template - Create two flags (Mexico and Belgium) the same as the attached example Create two flash objects. Add glimmer effect - Create two images for web use Create two images from examples - Create two maps in Tableau using data from excel - URGENT Create two minutes animation - Create two pages on an existing site and add content provided by my client Create two pairs of dice objects - create two responsive landing pages per design cupplied Create Two Responsive Web Pages - Create two simple fragment for android Create two simple fragment for android - Create two tabs and inside second tab two forms Create two templates for Wordpress - Create two web pages website template create two web templates based on exsiitng code base. - Create txt file create txt files with "known" doman names - create udemy course Create UDEMY Course - Create UI/UX of Android App create uiscrollview with imageview enable zoom and rotation correctly - Create un css sprite Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages - Create Unique CS-Cart Theme for Website Create unique descriptions - Create Unique SWF Tools for Web Creation Create Unique Tables - create unity 3d game Create Unity 3d game from existing 2d game - Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website Create Universal iPad/iPhone App from Mockup - create updates for our wordpress website (new company photos, content; links etc) Create UPI Android Application to used banking services - Create URL using a date-picker Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet - Create USB Products Create USB-DVD installer for Hardware OS - Create User Form - Excel Create user friendly admin pages from exsisting website - Create user login to submit content on website - repost Create user login, profiles and members area - Create User search page Create user section - Create Users in System Create Users in System - Create v2 of my software Create V7 MS28 Sprint 3 Label Translations - Create variations of an existing logo Create Variations of Logo - Create VB Setup - Easy Setup Create Vb Soft for Cryptocoin Mining - create VB6 command button ocx Create VB6 DLL from .java PDF stamper... - Create Vbulletin Theme to Match Main Website Create vCard (.vcf) - Create Vector Artwork (as near as possible) from JPGs Create Vector artwork of triangular pattern - create vector file from photo Create Vector file of current logo - Create vector from JPEG Create Vector from jpg - Create vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and create a puppet in Adobe Character Animator CREATE vector ICON for Chinese sign of Dragon for 2012 - Create Vector Image from normal photo Create Vector image from psd or png - Create vector letters from pictures of letters Create vector lines around a logo (dieline) - Create vector of logo create vector of logo (ai) - Create Vector-based (.eps) file from .jpg image Create Vector-based (.eps) file from .jpg image - Create verified account in Create verified account. - Create very basic ebay Create very basic Joomla 1.6 site - Create very simple HTML5 mobile app (for iOS and Android) Create very SIMPLE images within an hour!! - create vhost on nginx, config dns so root domain can have ssl cert. Create VI Package (Letterhead - PPT Template - Pull Up Banner) - - Create video Create video - Create Video & Voice Over Create video (software demonstration) - Create Video - How It Works ---