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Create templates from PHP software - Create test accounts Create Test accounts on MY website - create testimonial content for products - repost Create Testimonial Video for Dental Practice - Create Text only Transcription of my 3 minute Video Create text or add logo to pdf or swf file - create textures and backgrounds Create Textures for 3d assets - Create the Augmented Reality APP in Unity Create the Back End of a Website - Create the calling script Create the catagories and files.. for my cvs magento files - Create the financials (balance sheet, income statement, break even and cash flow) for a fictitious startup Internet Business Create the first comic strip for Captain Sideways - Create the index page Only Create the installer from the jar file. - Create the most advanced website on the market (i.e., electronic order forms with sophisticated features; automatic confirmation pages and E-Mails which content (e.g., text) is EDITABLE by admin; Electronic Asessments/Tests for Applicants who will be Expe Create the most advanced website on the market in which all content (i.e., text) is to be editable. Example website includes: An example website of additional features to be included is as follows: Slides must be - Create the Print and Packaging Designs Create the privacy policy and terms of use for a marketplace platform - Create the Shortest Route Between Multiple Points Create the side menu on Jquery mobile, CSS, HTML and CSS - Create the visual design for a mood tracking app - "Vectorminator" only Create the VPN connection - Create Theme for MediaShare Video Sharing Script Create theme for Moodle 2.3 - Create themes for Front Accounting Create themes for - Create this exemplo in PHP ( - Share Webcam Create This Facebook App For Me - Create this Wordpress theme Create Thousands of Blogspot Blogs - Create three Front-Page style widget areas for a Genesis WordPress Child Theme Create Three Header Images - create three web graphics Create three web images - Create thumbnails for adult sites create thumbnails for colors using photoshop - Create time and expense system for a small business Create time delay for wordpress website - Create Titanium module to expose iOS7 Multipeer Framework Create Titanium Module: Upload File - create toile test garments and produce tech pack details/info for selection of womens clothing Create token generator for MFC - Create tool to scrape website Create tool to synchronize db4o table with data from FoxPro Table On A Windows Server - Create Topology Map Create TopSite List Script For Apache - Create Tracking System with SmartdbApps Create trade show software showing product videos and information sheets - create trailer for our kids videos (a long term) Create trailer for RTS browser game - Create transcript files for YouTube videos Create Transcript for 4 5 minute videos - Create Transparent Background PNG's (ERAAW12) Create Transparent Background PNG's - Part 1 - Create Travel Website Create Travel Website design in Drupal - Create truck visuals Create true font type - Create turn based bingo like game app for android and ios Create turn-based strategy game for iPad, iPhone and Android - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Repost - Create Twitter Accounts and application keys -- 2 create twitter acct software - Create twitter streamer in Python Create Twitter streamline API to live feed TOP HASHTAGS from a country - repost 2 - Create two admin reports for Oscommerce Create Two Ads - Create two branded signatures for use on all our company outgoing E mails using Outlook Create Two Brochures from Word Documents to CorelDRAW - Create two drupal forms Create two DVD labels - Create two forms. Reservation and Contact. Create two fossil vector art graphics - Create two interface projects for ACESTP Create two IT product explanation videos - Create two multilingual websites from two Drupal templates Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon. - Create two patent drawings create two pdf with excel - Create two responsive wordpress webpages Create two run Animation - Create two simple pages in PHP -- 2 create two simple PHP forms and place them on my site - Create two Twitter Wall Visualizations using Wordpress Platform Create two Twitter Wall Visualizations w/ separate Backend Admin for each - Create two webpages (no header or footer needed) Create Two Webpages based on an existing template - Create Typeface from Bitmap Type Images create types of voices for voice changer application - Create UDEMY course from my Info Product Create Udemy course image - Create uitableview with expand and collapse Create UIWebView of a Website - Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages - Create unique descriptions Create unique design for my brand name ( text design ) - Create Unique SWF Tools for Web Creation Create Unique Tables - Create Unity 3d game from existing 2d game Create Unity 3D humanoid to work with perception enuron - Create Universal iPad/iPhone App from Mockup Create Universal Windows Application in ASP.Net C# - Create UPI Android Application to used banking services Create Upload / Download link email script. - Create URL using a date-picker Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet - Create USB-DVD installer for Hardware OS create use case for mobile application - Create User Friendly Dashboard for Van Sales Scorecard Create User Friendly Recording Application for Offices - Create User Management Tool PHP/MySQL Create User Manual - Create user section -- 2 Create User Signup Email Hosting script - Create Users in System Create users in wordpress from customer database, then send custom welcome email - Create V7 MS28 Sprint 3 Label Translations Create Vacation Exchange Site - Create variations of an existing logo Create Variations of Logo - Create VB Setup - Easy Setup Create VB Static HTML content page - create VB6 command button ocx Create VB6 DLL from .java PDF stamper... - Create vCard (.vcf) Create vCard Website Template - Create Vector Artwork (as near as possible) from JPGs Create Vector artwork of triangular pattern - create vector file from photo Create vector file of existing logo - Create Vector from jpg Logo Create Vector From Logo Image - CREATE vector ICON for Chinese sign of Dragon for 2012 Create vector icon in shape of Fort McHenry - Create Vector image from psd or png Create Vector image from psd or png - ongoing work - Create vector letters from pictures of letters Create vector lines around a logo (dieline) - Create Vector of Existing Logo Create vector of logo - Create vector, psd and png files from existing designs Create Vector-based (.eps) file from .jpg image - Create verified account Create verified account in - Create very basic ebay
Create very basic Joomla 1.6 site - Create Very simple header for letterhead (based on example) Create very simple HTML5 mobile app (for iOS and Android) - Create vex files for IBwave Create VFX and graphics for video projects - Create video Create video - Create Video from Audio Recording Create video "commercial" - create video and photograph for techonology based project Create video and/or picture meme for realtors - Create video clip Create Video Clip - Create Video effects over Video for cycling trail Create video effects with images using ffmpeg - Create Video for my MLM's Compensation Plan. Create video for my songs - Create video from photos and audio to android Create video from powerpoint - Create Video Intro (4K Quality) -- 2 Create Video Intro : Vintage Luxury Ecommerce Site - Create Video on the fly from database (name and image) Create Video Opening Sequence - Create Video Series Based on iOS hacking create video series for our Instagram account - Create Video To Match Audio On Hair Loss Create video to promote best man book - Create Video Tutorials Create video tutorials - Create video website using VPS and FTP? - repost Create video while answering few questions and send us - Create videos (script and format provided) Create videos (script and format provided) - create videos for youtube channel Create videos from 1000s of photos in a dropbox folder - Create Videos with 3D Models 3D MAX Create videos with Adobe After effects templates - Create viral interest and intrigue Create Viral Marketing Script (PHP/MYSQL) - Create Virtual Gift Icons Create Virtual Gift Vouchers - Create Virtue Mart plugin for payment to multi vendor Create Virtuemart 2 Inventory Update/Export Plugin - Create visitng cards, letterheads & envolope in coreldraw Create visitng cards, letterheads & envolope in coreldraw - repost - Create Visual form - from existing dropdown and checkbox form. Create Visual Google Ads - CREATE VISUALS FOR NEW SOCIAL SALON Create visuals for online course / podcast - Create VoiceChat With Login mssql database Create VoiceChat With Login mssql database -- Repost in USD - Create VPN Create vpn - Create VS.NET C# console project to consume LiveChat JSON API Create VS2015 Project Solution from C++ DLL Source Code - Create Wallpaper Graphic from Existing Designs Create Wallpaper plugin for wordpress or modify one - Create Weapons Models/Animation with 3DS Max 2012 Create weather website - Create Web api for IOS and Android Create Web API for IOS and Anroid app with Firebase - Create web application for hotel using .net or cms skills Create Web application for landing page with QR - create web based api -- 2 Create Web Based App - Create web based Video Conference script -- 2 Create web booking online b2b with LARAVEL framework - Create web design for home page Create web design for home page -- 2 - Create Web Form to Email Create web form to write data directly to Opportunity Record in infusionsoft - Create web interface for C# program - repost Create Web Interface for Device - Create Web page design and content Create web page design, presentations, demos - create web page w 5 pages interactive for ordering on line create web page with img table - Create Web Radio Player PHP + JWplayer Create Web Radio Player PHP + JWplayer - Create web service for previous project to allow org chart drill down client side Create Web Service for SQL 2000 - Create web site templates Create Web Site (As in the example website) - Create WEB SITE STEAM API Create web site template - Create Web templates for create web version - Create web-pages create web-script based in "PHP" and "teamspeak 3 php framework" - Create Webcam Chatroom Create Webcam Class in .NET - Create webiste 16 pages Create Webiste Called - Create webpage display products stock level from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 upon search create webpage drop-down menu - Create webpage to show data from MySQL database on same server. Create webpage to swipe images left and right (Tinder Style) - Create webservice for calculation of billing Create Webservice for WordPress and android app - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - create website create website - create website create website - create website create website - Create website (responsive)/online platform for prestigious project. Create Website (see details) - create Website -- 2 Create Website . - Create website and e-store Create website and fill to a acrobat form. - Create Website Android & IOS app for Radio Station create website animation, convert photo to vector - Create Website beach background Create Website Bidding - Create website content related to health and pharmaceutical Create website content related to health and pharmaceutical (1646488) - Create website design for very kind project Create website design for very kind project - open to bidding - create website for advertiser and publisher Create Website For Affiliate Marketing - create website for farmers Create Website for fencing company - Create website for my business create website for my business - Create website for sales and delivery fast-food online Create website for selling books- step 1/12 - Create website form, validate submit and email PHPmailer Create website form, validate submit and email PHPmailer plus backend - Create website from Photoshop files / Template Monster template Create website from photoshop graphics - Create website functionality and design for wedding gift website Create website functionality into a specified design - Create website in Joomla Create Website in Joomla to upload Music Files, Video Files and Wall Papers - create website integrated with arduino