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Create RSS feed from website - create RTL for existing web site Create RTL table-less design of PSD - Create s Simple CMS system in Symfony 2.8 Create s simple Web Application for tracking orders - Create Sales Funnel (Pop Ups, Call To Actions) Create Sales Funnel (Up-Sells/Downsells/) - Create sales reports in Netsuite Create sales script for 45 second video - Create same login that and a the same profile with photo that Create same logo (Vector File) - Create sample google cast app using : Create sample HTML page from Wordpress RSS Feed - Create SAPUI5 Application ( Dynamic Layout based on Model Data) Create SAT-style math questions - Create SCOM Lab Create scope of work for sharepoint intranet project - Create Screen Capture Video Create Screen Capture Video-Audio Recording Software (C++ coder needed) - Create Screenshots form a website and match the image Create screenshots of all web pages of a website - create script for archiving tables in sql server Create script for automated age calculator - Create script for serving page by searched keyword create script for signing up in webmail - Create Script that auto index product url pages Create script that auto-download android app from Google play - Create Script to extract data from Excel sheet Create Script to extract data from Excel sheet -- 2 - Create script to record song names from website Create script to remove 4 seconds from start of video - Create script/application for data entry into javascript-based platform from automatic emails Create Script/Application for printing receipts on EPSON Thermal Printer IP - Create Seamless Mixes Create seamless patterns - create search engine Create search engine - Create search function in Wordpress Date object with ACF Create Search Functions/Database for our Zen Cart-based site - Create second language for my weebly web site Create second language for my weebly web site ( - Create security to stop us receiving spam on our forms. Create Security Training Document - Create semantic content topics for specific keyword phrases in SEO create semantic web search engine - Create SEO friendly site for showcasing photos Create seo friendly URL's using mod_rewrite - Create SEO tools for webmasters create seo tools like - Create series of Combo Boxes in Excel to filter Raw Data Create Series of HTML newsletters in Mailchimp - Create Services Website Create session Variables based on recordsets - Create seven generic banners Create Seven Graphics - Create several product line drawings. Create Several Progress/Status/Loading Bars - Create shape in Adobe Illustrator based on my specifications. Create shape in illustratorv - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Shaving Razor Packaging Design Create Shedule - Create Shipping Plugin for "YAK for WordPress" Create Shipping Quote Tool - Create Shopify from an Excel sheet (Data Entry) Create Shopify Permalink - Create shopping cart for existing Joomla Website Create Shopping Cart for existing project with PDO - Create short 3D Animation clips Create short 3d title Video - Create short film as tour guide of your town/city! Create Short Flash Animation - Create Short Resource Box in Articles create short sale flyers - create short video using after effects Create Short Video Using Videohive and some stock footage from YT - Create Shortened URLS Manually Create shortlist - Create Sign up form with Sql Create Sign up form with wordpress - Create silo picture of a set of cushions Create Silo Site Using Wordpress Plugin - Create similar image Create similar image from scratch (combine pictures of iPods - Create Similar Site Create similar site - Create Similar Web Site Create similar webpage to example - Create Similar Website Using Wordpress Create similar website using Wordpress & Avada template - Create simple .js calendar. create simple .net app + Data extract web scraping - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers(repost) Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers(repost) - Create Simple 1D images/ebook covers Create simple 1D images/eBook Covers - Create Simple 3D Nurbs Model (Rhino 3D) Create simple 3D printable model of medallion from drawing (EPS file) - Create simple alerting app to be displayed on google glass Create simple alternate link plugin - Create simple animated GIF Create simple animated GIFs from still product icons - Create Simple application of Mobile view of existing website Create Simple Application to Highlight Duplicate Emails - Create simple banner in Adobe Illustrator within 24-48 hours Create simple banner like attached with basic animation - Create Simple Button From Template Create simple buy sell EA. Based on custom indicator provided - Create simple CMS website Create simple code to mute/unmute the audio output of my OS X app - create simple database schema Create simple database to manage tools. - Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 2 Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 2 - Create Simple Flash Header Create Simple Flash Slide Presentation from Existing Photographs - create simple geo based iphone prototype create simple gif animation - CREATE SIMPLE HTML CODE Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Create simple html5 canvas game for rails Create Simple HTML5 Roulette game - Create simple IOS game create simple ipad application - Create simple Joomla/Wordpress Site create simple jquery animation (today) - Create Simple Logo From Image Create Simple Logo From Image(repost) - Create simple Mobile site Create SIMPLE Mobile Sites (Long Term Job) (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!) - Create Simple One-Dimensional Images for ebook covers Create Simple One-Page TOR Hidden Service - Create Simple PHP / MySql application (using SMF user database) Create Simple PHP / MySql application(repost) - Create simple powerpoint slide video with voice over Create simple Powerpoint template based on PDF Layout - Create simple responsive website Create simple responsive CSS element - Create simple script for my website Create simple Script on several functions - Create Simple Small Flash Banner Urgent
Create simple smarty template with bootstrap - Create simple template in microsoft word for personal use Create Simple Text Preloader - Create Simple Video Creator (adobe air desktop program) Create simple video from images in BULK software - CREATE SIMPLE WEB WITH VIDEO INTRODUCTION Create simple web-crawler and email sender - Create simple website and business banner create simple website and logo - Create simple Website with HTML & CSS Create simple Website with Mail Function - Create simple wordpress site Create simple Wordpress Site (Theme is already installed) - Create Simple, Clean Ebay Listing Template for Jewelry and Watches Create Simple, Easy Dating App - Create single 512px x 512px product graphic for SEO Education 101 Video Series Create Single ASP page to manage data in tables (ASP.NET) - Create single page website - July 2013 Create single photo article and fix mysql php problem - Create Site Create site - Create Site for advertising on mobile sites (similar to Create site for Australia Wide Creative - Create site invoice managment Create site like ebates - Create Site Patterns for Full-text RSS script Create site Plan & plot house on site plan - Create site with an existing white label software - repost Create Site With Many Forms - create sitemap, rewrite dynamic url and minor tasks create sitemap, rewrite dynamic url and minor tasks . - Create sketchup model of my product Create SketchUp Model of New Home - Create slider from psd (weekly) Create slider functionality from existing slider template - create slideshow of 98 home page images Create Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website - Create small affiliate website(repost) Create small affiliate website(repostt) - Create Small C# Classes to shrink SQL DB within Csharp existing code Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB - Create small graphic images of toys/food Create small house level from 3ds - Create Small PHP script to uses cookies Create small PHP/MySQL/AJAX&JQuery web application and complimentary mobile app. - create small website (Joomla) Create small website - no graphics needed - Create smart search function on website Create smart sheet templates - Create SMS gateway software and connect into modem gsm and can connect with multiple computer - Repost Create SMS Messing Website - create so file for android Create SOAP based API - Create Social Exchange Like Create Social football Community in (Angular js, Nodejs and MongoDB) - Create Social Media BUSINESS (NOT PERSONAL) Accounts/Profiles for me Create Social Media Business Website - Create Social Media Presence for politically neutral book - repost Create Social Media Profile - Create social network accounts plus pull news Create Social Network Aggregator/Search Engine - Create social Options for Question And Answer Website Create social pages to Wordpress with Nextscript Plugin - Create softeware for loading items multi category site Create Softphone apps for iPhone, Android - create software box art create software box design - Create software for website Create software for website - Create software similar to this one. rss. social media. Create Software Soltuion Busissnes Report - Create software to send automatic messages on website Create Software To Send PMs In vBulletin Forums. - Create Solar PV design documents. Create sold out badge woocommerce - Create solution to display instagram images on website Create solution to find social profiles associated with email - Create Some Ad Banner For My Company Create some addon function for our online store under under OpenCart - create some banners for a small business using our images - 27/12/2016 16:08 EST create some banners for a website - create some character like human body, those basic projek of me. - open to bidding Create some Character Profiles - Create some digital Product Images Create Some Doodle/Sketch Animation for a Sales Video - Create some function to solve these problems create some function wordpess. This site was completed 85%. - Create some HTML Pages Create some HTML template for listings on a marketplace - Create some images, copy, edit, paste - easy task Create some Infographics/Graphs - Create some Mobile pages for a website Create some mockup data - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - create some radio spots for a web-radio Create some radio spots for radioshows (web-radio) - Create some simple XML feeds for testing Create some simple XML feeds for testing - repost - Create some Thumbnails from already cleaned product images Create some tool, Window Application, tool for business webstie, special module - Create some workflows on Podio Create Some Wowza Conversion Feeds - Create sound audio Create Sound CLoud App ( recorder and uploader ) in php and html5/flash - Create SP site with dynamic workflows Create space animations - Create special ImageMagick effects with Perl. Create special jpg viewer - create splash page create splash page and 6 daughter pages - create sports template create sports template - open to bidding - Create spreadsheet from PDF Create spreadsheet from PDF - Create Spreadsheets Create Spreadsheets for Brewery - Create SQL database linked to web page for directory Create SQL database with zip code query - Create SQL tables and import CSV data Create SQL upgrade scripts in Daffodil DB - Create SRS for mobile app Create SRS for PrestaShop module development - Create Stamp from Image Create stamps for app - Create statements in PDF format Create statements in PDF format - Create Static Webpages from MySQL Create static website - Create step by step web design instructions Create Step Carousel Viewer v1.6.1 using jquery for wordpress site - Create Stock Chart program in an algorithm Create stock forex signals in web application - create stored procedure Create stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 - Create stripe managed account Create Stripe payment gateway & simple order management API - Create style guides create style of paragraphs for my website - Create sub-nav in html and css, fix mozilla and opera css Create Sub-Page from Existing Homepage - Create Submission Form Webpage Create Submittal software with selectable items, design interactive switches from existing images - Create Success Story Template Create successful e-commerce website - Create Supermarket, Organic Bio Shops Database , Department Stores Create Supplement Bottle Images from a Label - create survey