Projects Directory: CREATE SIMPLE AND BRIGHT WEBSITE BANNER FOR KIDS FITNESS WEB - Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon.

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CREATE SIMPLE AND BRIGHT WEBSITE BANNER FOR KIDS FITNESS WEB - Create Simple Animation Create Simple Animation - Files Provided - Create simple application/software Create simple Arcade Game - Create simple basic mobile app for my website create simple basic sentences - Create simple C code script with pointers - FAST Create simple C# form application with acess database - Create simple configuration SEO page PHP/MySQL Create simple contact / locations iOS App - Create simple database to manage tools. Create Simple Dating Template ! - Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 3 Create simple excel macro requiring less than 4 hours of work - Create Simple Flash Text Intro -- TODAY! Create Simple Flash Text Intro(repost) - Create simple GIF animation from website Create simple gif image - CREATE SIMPLE HTML CODE Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Create Simple HTML/CSS Design (Interactive consultation) Create simple HTML/CSS mini-site from our 22 page PDF flyer - create simple iOS app Create simple iOS application to view customized webpage - Create simple Joomla layout with 8 page. v2 Create Simple Joomla Theme - Create simple logo Create Simple Logo and Affiliate Graphics for Website - Create simple mobile friendly Magento Theme (i.e. based on Magento's iPhone theme) Create simple Mobile site - Create simple one page website Create Simple One Page Website - repost - Create Simple Photoshop Images Create Simple PHP - Create Simple Portal site using XML API Create simple power point - Create simple RDLC report using visual studio 2013 Create Simple Real Estate Listing Website - Create Simple Sample PHP Script create simple sample: automatic application updater - Create simple sketch storyboard for a animated video (about 10-15 sketches) Create simple sketched animated characters (JPG) - Create simple take the photo gallery Android Create Simple Task App - Create Simple VB.NET / Access DB Program -- GREAT DESIGN SKILLS REQ'D Create simple and PHP Public/Private key RSA encryption methods - Create Simple Web Form that Produces a Specific Word File Create simple web menu . . NOW! - Create simple website Create simple website - Create simple website using mangento Create Simple Website Using Webcam XML/JSON feeds - Create simple wordpress plugin Create simple wordpress plugin to show on page seo summary for a keyword - Create simple xml file from api foursquare Create simple XSD for an existing XML - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android -- 2 Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android/IOS/Window Phone - create single page for new project Create single page html and logo for IT company/services - Create single.php template for the existing WP website create sinhala subtitles - Create site cms Create site descriptions for sale - create site grossistes Create Site HMTL 5 - Create SITE MAP to help search engines find all my pages Create site map with purchased Magento template theme - Create site to collect customer credit apps Create Site ToS - create Sitemap create sitemap - Create six webpages Create Size filters for my Shopify Store - Create Slick Marketing Website+Simple E-Commerce Create slick Powerpoint presentation - Create Slides in PowerPoint Create slides in Revolution slider - Create Slogans & Mottos Create Slots Game! IOS - Create small application in visual basics 2010 Create Small Applications linked to various Softwares via API - Create small delivery system pages Create small destop application (ISO creation utility) - Create Small iPhone App Create small JAVA statistics application - create small project to manage small shop Create small script - Create small Windows app that records audio and segments clips Create small windows game in any language - Create smartphone app using bluetooth Create Smartphone Application WebEditor - create smth like "link generator" when user send a link to a friends and then get score on his/her account - open to bidding Create SMTP Gateway in CakePHP Website - Create Soccer Engine Create soccer service - Create Social Media AC! Create Social Media Accounts - Create Social Media for iOS and Android Create Social Media Links - Create social media profiles-2 create social media report - Create social network like Facebook with same features Create Social network profiles - Create social register/login add-on for Magento Create social security card image (png) - Create Software Create Software - Create software company website URGENT Create software for .net Android and io5 - Create Software GUI or script to speed up process printing Create software in 3D - Create software that finds corrupted PDF files in batch mode Create Software That Makes Accounts And Confirms Email Address, Uploads Bio - Create software tool Create Software Tool For Facebook Emails To Real Emails Convertor - Create Solidworks 2011 DRAWINGS from Solidworks 2011 PART files Create Solidworks Assemblies from Part Files - Create some 2d cut files for toys Create some 2d game character with gif animation / sprite sheets - Create some areas for my word press theme Create some areas for my word press theme - repost - Create some blogs Create some branded PowerPoint slide masters - Create some CSS for inclusion in a WordPress site Create some custom coding to an Avada template - create some facebook covers - Repost - open to bidding Create some facebook covers for a webradio - Create some graphics for my website Create some graphics for my website - Create some Images Create some images (about 4) , - create some likes Create some Listings - Create some object and formula field in my project Create some object and formula field in my project - ongoing work - Create some posters for trade show Create some product descriptions/Edit others - Create some scavenger hunt Illustrations for an engagement proposal Create some scrapping tools - Create some Specification Sheets for Sportswear Create some stat table for site - Create some Website banners based on the corporate ID Create some website content for a teachers website - Create sortable buddypress directory Create Sortable List of All Pages/Categories - Create sound track -- 2
Create soundalike/karaoke/instrumental tracks of popular music - Create special 3D effect on characters - Jumping out of the picture Create special content news, and SEO. - Create spin tags to my articles Create spin words into database specific fields - CREATE SPORTS BETTING SITE Create Sports Database - create spreadsheet for masonry column design to Eurocode 6 create spreadsheet for RC retaining wall design to British Standard - Create spreadsheet style program with excell or others data Create spreadsheet summary of job applications - Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service -- 2 - Create SQL Server 2012 Script to Create GeoWorldMap Tables Create SQL Server Audio / Video Training Material - create squido lenses and hubpages Create Squidoo and HubPages - Create Stacked Boxes in Perspective View Create stacked column graph with data (EXCEL) - Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. Create Start-up Presentation - create static page from psd in magento Create static pages in Magento - Create statistics webpage from MongoDB database Create Stats/Graphs from SimpleDB Database - Create STM32F code project specification. Create STM32F code project specification. - open to bidding - create store procedure create store procedure - Create Streaming Flash Videos on Amazon S3 Create Streaming MP3 Web player - Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop - repost - Create Sub menus Create Sub menus -- 2 - Create Subdomain when a user registers - PHP Create subdomain/site for each employee with wordpress plugin - create Subtitles (SRTfiles) from word doc Create subtitles for 2 youtube videos - Bulgarian speech to English subtitles - Create Super Sleek IQ Test Website Create Super Wireframe Email Template from HTML - create survey response database Create Survey Template - Create Swedish restaurant website, content written Create Sweethome 3D Model from 2D PDF - Create System Analyst Q&A quiz Create System and Protection Against Unauthorized Use for MT4 - Create tab link to page on Wordpress website Create Tab Menu in HTML - Create Table from MySql Data / Sort Column / Make Bootstrap Popover create table from PSD for use in Wordpress pages - Create tables create tables and make 10 quires in oracle 10 g sql - Create tabs in Shopify product page using html, jquery and css Create tabs in Shopify product page using html, jquery and css - Repost - Create tax exempt checkout option along with storage of tax exempt forms on backend Create Tax Forms in Reporting Software - Create Tech Specs for and Manage Dev of Web Software Create Tech Specs for and Manage Dev of Web Software(repost) - Create Template create template - Create Template for ArticleMS (Article Directory) Create Template For Box from Current Brand Concept - Create template for OpenCart create template for our website - Create template in Salesforce Create Template in the graphics and code - Create Templates - CFS & CCG Create Templates and reports for Sage ACT 2009 - Create tennis shoe vector Create Terms & Conditions For A Single Product - Create Test Server For Wordpress Site Create test site for zen cart - create text file Create Text File file from hex, dll for hex provided - create texture from text create texture from text - repost - Create the account for every customer of the site. Create the Account part of A Web Application - Create the BETA version of the Drop mobile app Create the black and white effect of WinXP when it show the shutdown menu - Create the Dots and Boxes Paper Game using C++ Create the Dots and Boxes Paper Game using C++ - Create the HTML/CSS header for a website Create the html/css template for a software license management app - Create the marketing for my 360º photography business Create the Master Page with Header and Sidebar for Sales Commission Reporting System - Create the PCB and software for a self balancing electric unicycle Create the perfect data automaton - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 8 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 9 - Create the ultimate hollywood scenary! Create the url links for a newsletter to send by email - Create theme for a website Create theme for a website -- 2 - create theme w/ logo psd file for new website create theme, mock up design for website - Create this button as an Adobe Illustrator vector file Create this design exactly. - create this video in flash or HTML5 Create this website - Create Three Dropdown Lists using HTML/PHP and Ajax Create three editable Photoshop templates based on pictures - Create Three Simple Logos Create three small banners for Homepage - Create Thumbnail Images for Adult Website Create Thumbnail Images for Adult Website Categories - Create Ticketing Website Like or Create tickets on Autotask - Create tiny icon Create TinyERP VMware / RedHat app - Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost 2 - Create tool to scrape website Create tool to synchronize db4o table with data from FoxPro Table On A Windows Server - Create torrent leeching website like zbigz Create torrent website that looks like Read carefully or be reported - Create Trademark/Service Mark Create Trading Form (Journal) with Performance Analytics - create trailing stop for ea Create training for financial services information technology domain - Create transcript of 10 minute video thai->english Create Transcription from 2 audio files that are 22 minutes each - Create Transparent Flash Video & Integrate w Joomla Site Create transparent Glass Shatter effect of photo in Adobe After Effects - Create Travel Wishes and Goals on Google Map Create TRAVELPORT UAPI Wordpress Plugin - Create True Type Font Create True Type font from a psd - Create tutorial iPhone game Create tutorial on effect in Photoshop - Create Tweets Create Tweets for Twitter - create twitter background to match website Create Twitter Background. - Create Twitter Web App that unretweets all tweets Create Twitter, Facebook and Youtube BOTs - create two adwords campaign -- 2 create two adwords campaign -- 2 - ongoing work - create two business Logos Create two calculators with gravity forms (in max 20h). - Create two Ebooks from two docx files Create two EJS template (pages) for a nodeJS application - Create two google developer accounts - repost Create two google developer accounts - repost 2 - create two landing pages from pre-made template Create two Leader-boards - Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon.
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