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Create front end option to show Prices with or without taxes (VAT) - Woocommerce - create frontpage to embed vbulletin forum create frontpage to embed vbulletin forum -- 2 - create full facebook accounts and profiles Create Full Feature CHAT application for mobile / Android + iOS ( private ) - Create fully functional pages from PSD/jpg Create Fully Functional Website For Property Management - Create functioins in Microsoft Access Create function between jwplayer and twilio - Create functional specifications for travel review website Create Functional Survey on Website - Create funny videos / Crear videos divertidos Create funny videos / Crear videos divertidos - Create Game Create game - Create Game for Android & ios Create game for Apple/Android - Create Game sound effects Create Game Sprite - Create Gantry Wordpress theme from PSD Create Gantt Chart In MSAccess - Create gentle, childrens book style illustrations for adult book on life management issues Create Genuine Adsense Account - Create Geospatial maps Create Gerber File for Small Single Layer PCB - Create GIF for website Create gif from image, small animation job. - Create Global Menu Structure for Wordpress Multisite Create Global Variables DLL in C++ - CREATE GMAIL ACCOUNTS - open to bidding CREATE GMAIL ACCOUNTS - open to bidding - Create good backlinks in Poland Create good backlinks in Poland - Create Google adsense Approve account Create Google Adsense banners for Wordpress Theme - CREATE GOOGLE ADSENSE EARNING WORD PRESS SITE. 20 $ PER DAY CREATE GOOGLE ADSENSE EARNING WORDPRESS SITE. 20 $ PER DAY - Create Google Adsense Website earning $25+ USD per day Create Google Adsense website earning $5 to $15 per day - Create google adwords daily from website Create Google Adwords Image Advert - Create Google Chrome Extension that automates actions on Create Google Chrome Extension that Automates Tasks on - Create Google Earth KML file of these neighborhoods Create Google Earth kml files from 3 excel files - Create google maps API script (jscript, php, mysql) Create Google Maps Geotargetted Realtime - create google play account create google play account - create google play account create google play account - Create Google Play Developer Account Create Google Play Developer Account - Create Google Play Developer Account - Repost Create Google Play Developer Account - repost - Create google play publisher account Create Google PPC campaign from scratch (includes fixing existing data feed)/ Manage PPC campaign - Create google sketch up 2d and 3d drawing(repost) create google sketch up project based on pdf file - Create GPS Tracker Portal Create GPS tracking system by using Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC - Create graphic caricatures of people from photos (see example) Create graphic caricatures of people from photos (see example) - Create Graphic II Create Graphic Image Buttons - Create Graphical Profiles on eCommerce Platform Create graphical report from Google spreadsheet, separate methods to access report, and send reminder - Create graphics for a real estate mobile app Create graphics for a small iphone App - Create Graphics to Reskin a Match 3 App Create graphics with animation - Create Great Design Create great design for our website (WP, Enfold theme) - Create Guess Word Game, Urgent Create Guest Blogger capability in WordPress (and fix other WordPress problems) - Create guideline build or example using free online multi language dictionary services base Stardict create guitar and piano backing track - Create Handrail Mockup - GPS Watch Create Handrawn video from this precise script - Create header and banners for new site. Create header and ebook cover - Create header navigation menu for wordpress theme Create Header Picture In Cartoonish Style - Create Help File Create Help File - Create hi-res version of logo Create Hi-Resolution Logo from Exisiting Design - Create high quality Blogs and post them on the internet Create high quality brochure / booklet - create high quality video course Create high quality videos from stock footage - Create high resolution image from sample Create high resolution image using image I send you. - Create Highrise HQ API App Create Highscore Banner for Mobile Game - Create home page Create home page - Create Home Page, Move Page, Other, Need advice. Create Home Template for Multi Category Content ( Ex: Yahoo ) - Create hook between website and Articulate Online API Create hooks for a Windows app - Create hotel booking for online travel agency Create Hotel CMS with reservation system - Create how to video create how to video for youtube - Create HTML Create HTML - Create HTML 5 Game from excisting flash game Create HTML 5 Racing game - Create HTML Code create html code - Create Html Editor for my joomla site Create HTML Email - Create html email signature Create HTML email signature and business card for another logo I have - CREATE HTML EMAILS (introduction letter, products, correspondence) create html encapsulator with built-in border - Create HTML for the mailer from PSD Create HTML for tumblr from PSD - Create HTML From AI Files Create HTML from Design PSD - Create html help document on how to use site Create HTML Help documents for small windows application - Create HTML newletters from .ai files Create HTML Newsletter - Create HTML page from a template Create HTML Page from Homepage Graphic - create html pages -- 2 Create html pages add content - html and css guru - Create HTML screens for my website Create HTML screens for my website - repost - Create HTML Template Create HTML template - Create HTML templates from graphics. Create HTML Templates from psd files PRIVATE PROJECT - Create HTML website, 15 pages Create html Websites - Create HTML/CSS From ScreenShot Create html/css homepage + gallery page from Photoshop files - Create HTML/CSS/JQuery from Example Site create html/css/jquery website - Create html5 banners 20 formats Create HTML5 based DICOM viewer - create html5 pages from psd Create HTML5 PARALLAX style WordPress QUICK Loading Mobile and Desktop tourism AirBnB Condo Rental Website - Create HTTP DLL Create HTTP Post form for Payday Loans, please read CAREFULLY! - Create hybrid app
Create HYBRID app (iOS, Android, WinPhone) - Create IBM Cloudscape (Open Source) Db Create IBM ILMT video - Create Icon For WebApp Create Icon For WebApp - Create icons for an App Create Icons for app - create id badge/photo re-touch Create ID Cards - Create ilda format file for laser machine projector. Create iLeap website - Create Illustration of Gestures Create Illustration of Iphones - Create illustrations from photos Create illustrations from photos - create imacros script to export data from web Create Image - Create image crawler for one website, output links in csv Create Image Cropping Page - Create Image Gallery Android App Create Image Gallery Page Design That I Want!! - Create Image processing App for Mac OS Create image processing php script in Magento shop - Create Images Create Images - create images for categories on website - 40 Images Create Images for Custom Article - Create Images for Website Create images for website - Create iMovie Video Create impact graphics page - Create In Store Coupon Database create in vector file - Create index for opencart database Create Index for Product Installation Document (Word DOC) - create infinite loading/scrolling like Create infinite scroll in the product listings of my (customized) Zen cart website. - Create Infographic from Data (graphic design) Create infographic from diagram - Create information message for website. Create information PDFs from Website pages using illustrator - Create Input Sytem Create input/output function on Shopify - Create Instagram Bot, for personal use create Instagram commenting bot. - Create Install for 3 file project Create install linux debian 8 and configure services - Create installer for MAC from QT Sources and get instructions Create installer for node.js application - Create institute Name & Logo Design Create instruction book - Create insure portal and eshop Create Int'l Sports Event Calendar in excel - Create Interactive Excel spreadsheet for Wordpress Create Interactive Excel spreadsheet for Wordpress - Create interactive map for existing website Create interactive map in lightbox to redirect visitors - Create interactive SVG map Create Interactive SVG Map from existing Flash map - Create interface with My website and my ebay auctions using the ebay API Create interfaces to consult DB with cakePHP - create internet tv series intro and outro footage create internet-shop based on java technologies - Create intro to a video Create intro to a video - Create intros and outros Create Intuit GoPayment Hosted Paypage Module for Opencart - create invoice report Create Invoice Screens - Create iOS & android app Create IOS & Android app for existing eCommerce site - (REP : BOOKS) - Create IOS APP Create iOS app - Create ios app similar to instagram Create iOS app that reads data from website, know php, modify existing app - Create IOS Game with Buildbox Create iOS iPad Status Report App - Create iOS/Android APP from Magento webshop. (responsive, bootstrap) Create iOS/Android app using C# and Xamarin MonoTouch and Mono for Android - Create iPAD Flash template - with swipe and interaction examples Create iPad Pool/Billiards Game - Create iPhone and Android App Create iPhone and android app - Create IPhone app Create Iphone App - Create iPhone App Background Create iPhone app based on existing Android app - Create iPhone App that take a picture and reads text (OCR) to String Objective-c Create iPhone app to allow crop/resize of photos via eye-fi and upload to FTP/API - Create Iphone Chat Application. Create iPhone compatible website - Create iPhone Swift Chat App Create iphone taxi booking app - Create iphone/ipad, android app with phonegap Create iPhone/iPad/iOS App GUI for Web Application - Create IT Resume Create IT Services Website - Create Jasper Report/Template from provided PDF Create Jasper Reports for a web based project - Create Java GUI ( can\'t get already wrote program working ) Create Java GUI from jpeg outline *repost* - Create Java Server Faces web page that allows users to sign and view a guestbook Create Java Servlet from existing GUI - create javascript code create javascript code - Create Javascript Image Slider with links Create JavaScript in Acrobat - create javascript/css widget for embed on website Create javascript/hp calculator - Create job system using google sheets Create job to Parse data from 5 JSON APIs and record in MySql - Create Joomla 1.5 template from psd file Create Joomla 1.5 template from psd file - create joomla article pages today create joomla article, copy content from PDF or word, re-apply formatting, add youtube embed code and publish - Create Joomla Ebay Template Create Joomla Eshop Plugin for iBacsTel Remote Printers - Create Joomla module from component Create Joomla module/plugin/component to display MySQL data - Create Joomla Site and iPhone/iPad App. Create Joomla site for Outdated Webportal site - Create Joomla template Create joomla template - Create Joomla template from existing website Create Joomla template from html - Create joomla website create Joomla website - Create Joomla-Template from Illustrator File - repost Create Joomla/Virtuemart Subdomain and Copy Database - Create Jquery Leaving Screen Create jQuery lightbox for the registration simple form - Create JSON from C# usng Newtonsoft.Json Library Create JSON from C# usng Newtonsoft.Json Library - Create keystore for iOS Create Keyword driven Automated Test cases for the Magento Marketplace - Create kinetic typography intro Create Kinetic Typography Video - Create Label Create label Design - create lable Create Labyrinth 3d maze game for android and ios in unity - Create landing page Create landing page - Create landing page based on existing template Create landing page based on existing template - open to bidding - Create landing page design - private bid