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C - C # - Line / Bar / Pie chart code C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED - C # project: translated from Italian to English C # Re factoring codes and unit testing - C ++ 2 questions C ++ Add Functions to existing Project - C ++ Programming (OpenCL) c ++ programming and solutions for the problems - C - sharp programming C - sharp programming - open to bidding - C 2 C chat C 2 C Chat server - C and python c and sparc assembly project - C assignment C assignment - C bot beeing detcted, possible to avoid this? C BOX LOGO - C code analysis C code and C test bench of an existing matlab code for face detection - C code for recording screencasts / 4 C Code for Self-Shrinking Generator - C Code to Read and Write to SPI Flash Memory C Code to Read/Write IDE FAT32 Harddisk plus CD/DVD Reader - c coding small project c codinn - C development on ARM7 platform for industrial controller c dilinde jos isletim sistemi yazma - C expert to program a game C expert wanted - C Hash Table, Add Automatic Growth, Print Array C header Conversion to C# - C interface w/ Visual Studio 2005 C interface with Visual Studio 2005 - C L poster wanted experienced C L Posting - C language - internal application - network related - repost C language : Page Faults tracking for a Process - C Language Project C Language Project - C Library Modification C Library to Read and Write Java-Compatible ObjectStream File - C MPI + paralellel programming expert -- 2 C MPI(Message Passing Interface) - c or C++ program C or C++ program - C plus plus C Plus Plus - C Prog Work C prog. homework HELP - c program c program - C Program - Simple C program - simple - NEED ASAP - C program coding for Wireless Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System C program converts Splines to .SVG - C Program for UNIX C Program for UNIX - C program on Four level Priority Dispatcher C Program on Linux - c program simple project c program simple project -- 2 - c program under unix- small task C Program Unix based - C Program/Not Difficult/ I Need Help ASAP C program: find bug in a short Linked list program - C programing firmware for an embedded dashboard C programing language simple project. - c programmer c programmer - C programmer Linux C programmer Mplabx1.85 - C Programmer to modify Postfix server setting C programmer to parse network protocol - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming c programming - C Programming exercises ( Urgent) C programming ( NAME) - C programming + microcontroller C Programming + Multithreading - C programming - operating system C Programming - OS - C Programming _Project C programming a TI Microcontroller connected to SPOT Connect - C Programming Assignement #8 - repost C programming assignemnt - C Programming assignment : Digital signal processor audio filter C Programming Assignment for Engineers (2138-1) - C Programming code reviewer and tutor C Programming code reviewer and tutor - C Programming for Arduino Project C programming for client and server - c programming help needed C Programming Help Required - Deadline in 24 hours - C programming jobs C programming l AVR l Atmel Studio environment. - C programming on Linux C programming on Linux - Multithreaded - C programming project C programming project - C programming project 2 C programming project 2 - repost - C Programming Project3 C Programming Project4 - C Programming school project C programming school project - C Programming task - for pros !! C Programming task - open to bidding - C programming two simple parts C programming under Linux system - c programming work C programming work - C programming-Compute the area of a lawn in sq yards, feet and inches C programming. - C Programs C programs - C project algorithm for warehouse C Project Basic - c Project(repost) c project, system simulation - C routine Convert Seconds since 1/1/80 C Scheduler help - C SHARP AND SQL SERVER PROJECT C Sharp and SQL server project and SQL server analysis - C sharp modifications c sharp modifications - C Sharp using Visual Studio 2 C Sharp VoIP developer - c socket programing C socket programming - C task needed C Tek Database - C unit tests c unix command - C | C++ Programming Project C | C++ Project - C# and Magento C# and Outlook calendar - C# project help
C# Project. - c# & Math : Head Pose Estimation C# & PHP : web service - C# , Control Panel, SMS sender online website to work with clickatell XML SMS gateway C# , Create, Read, Update, Delete, Access DB - c# - Automate File Save Dialog on file download C# - Automatic backup SQL server DB and upload to S3 - C# - Extract Convert Data From Serial Port in .net C# - Flicker-Free Drawing - C# - Plugin Architeture C# - Plugin Architeture - Repost - C# -- ERP APP C# -- FMENTITYNOTE_TableNewRow default logic - C# .Net 1.1 Groupable ListView in Form (Updated) C# .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.5 conversion - C# .NET Class for capturing DirectX Full Screen Screenshot C# .NET Class Library for Nominet EPP Integration - C# .NET Developers with extensive BHO programming experience C# .NET Developing - C# .net function for all permutation generation, Read attached file C# .net gdi+ image tile library - C# .NET programmer need C# .net programmer with SQL Server Reporting Services exp. required. - C# .NET Web Application Add File Upload Progress Bar C# .NET Web Application Assistance - C# .NET WinForm -- Combining Raw Input with Keyboard hooking to block and redirect specific Input device C# .Net WinForm that communicates with a web service - C# / Invite Friends Functionality C# / project development - C# / Twitter Queries C# / Unity 3D Game Developer for Grand Strategy Wargame - C# 2.0 component (DLL) list computer with shared folders C# 2.0 component (DLL) list computer with SQL databases - C# 2010 Winforms Tool to update some date time records in a MySQL database based on some input parameters. -- 2 C# 2010 Winforms Tool to update some date time records in a MySQL database based on some input parameters. -- 3 - C# : Reading and Writing inside memory (injected to a game) C# : set 'log on as a service' rights on a remote computer - C# add multithreading to my small project c# add responsive voice (via api) to site, that allows connection from c# app - C# and .net program C# and .NET project. - C# and Database project C# and DB projects - C# and MySQL plus RabbitMQ C# and MYSQL programmer needed. - c# Animoto (Revised) c# Animoto (Revised)(repost) - C# App - Post to Facebook Page as Page C# App // Retrieve Data from Google Analytics API - C# app to compare two excel files -- 2 C# App To Control another app - C# application C# application - C# Application Development Assistance Start Sunday C# Application Development on Windows CE / Windows Mobile - C# application required to spy on MSN messenger C# Application Requiring Fixes - For Matir - C# application to traverse a folder structure and read file meta data. c# application to upload sqlite database to zohoreports - C# as message C# ASCX to display Phone Numbers - C# ASP.NET APPLICATION MAINTENANCE C# ASP.Net application that shows programming ability - C# ASP.NET MVC - repost 2 C# ASP.NET MVC - repost 3 - C# ASP.NET NOW, HIRING NOW IM ME! C# ASP.NET Online JobSite / Application - C# ASP.NET Web developer Needed to Enhance code of our existing web application C# ASP.NET Web Project - C# assignment C# assignment - C# Assignments C# Assignments Custom Project Sep 23 2012 14:05:52 - C# Back and Front-end Programming using MVC ASP.NET C# Backgammon - c# bet365 parser C# BHO - Tabs manipulation - C# Browser active url c# browser for news - C# Captcha OCR function c# capture aero form transparency - C# class for page to create ZIP from multiple files C# class for to create a PDF from multiple files - C# Class to add and remove items from a MSSQL database C# Class To Add Shell Extensions - C# Class to Return Thumbnail Images on Website C# Class to return whether window is blocked (by modal form) - C# Clipboard Manager for Windows C# Close network session on server - C# code for logging into and scraping data from a site. C# code for Macromedia Flash .fla to .swf Conversion on Server - C# code software C# code that draws shapes on the image with the given dimensions/measures - C# Code to post on facebook page C# code to post to a website - c# coder needed ( help enhance our repeated content framework for Ibuyspy ) C# coder needed on an Ad-hoc basis for maintaining a windows desktop app - C# coding for trading strategy C# coding for trading strategy - repost - c# command program to import excel - 2 c# command program to import excel - 3 - c# console app to consume weather api C# console app to convert restful web service JSON to CSV - c# consultant c# consultant - C# create a customized membership C# create a customized membership with custom user fields - C# custom draw rectangular handles like viso C# Custom Dynamic ComboBox Auto-Complete - C# data manipulation C# data minning utility - C# DataTable result into Javascript object/array C# date + q - C# desktop app to export TFS query items C# desktop app to get the caller id from modem - C# develeper C# develeper - C# Developer C# developer - C# Developer Needed C# Developer Needed - C# Developer needed now C# Developer needed some projects - c# developer with Datawarehouse and ETL knowledge C# developer with Datawarehousing knowledge - C# developers needed for a website C# developers needed for a website - C# development work - 2 websites and 1 WPF application c# developmentt - C# DLL for running a FTP server C# Dll GIS Routing - C# Downloader C# Drag ''virtual'' files into Windows Explorer - C# Email (Send, Bulk Send and Receive) C# Email Application - C# Example Using AlchemyAPI ( c# Excel - C# Expert needed C# expert needed - C# Expert to customize Web scrapping Tool - Urgent C# expert to make some modifications - C# facebook tag page on photo C# facebook web bot - C# Filesystemwatcher C# final touches - c# flash wrapper C# Flat File to mySQL, and coverting 3/4 SQL Server SQLs to mySQL SQLs - C# For WebInfo Solutions