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An app I want customize to my specifications. - An App like Lyft An App Like Nanu - an app logo An App Logo - An app related to security An app related to security - open to bidding - An App that can fill in emails and do captcha solving an app that can follow people on twitter - An app that needs to be fixed An app that pin points the events location while you walk and you can personalize - an app that works for both Iphone & android an app that works for both Iphone & android - An app to get people talking, for a men's groups / drinking game / therapeutic tool an app to get the world together - An app using shiny app An app version of cardomain - an app with two versions (take away and grocery shopping) an app with two versions (take away and grocery shopping) - open to bidding - an apple mascot An Apple watch app - An application for Android (and maybe ipad/iphone) An application for android and ios - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram -- 2 - an application for student feedback, quiz and for lecturer AN APPLICATION FOR UNLOCKED IPHONE IPAD ICLOUD - An Application Plan An Application software - An application to be added in opencart website for Gifting to friends An application to bulk upload files with metadata to a sharepoint document library - An application which is totally next gen UI and UX, will be used by teacher and students. Easy touch and go application.Have to design the UI and UX along with the navigation and then develop the application. An application who read SWF Arrays - An approximated Rectangular function with sharp edges on the expense of ripples An approximately 100 page ebook on leadership - An arabic logo for an islamic Q&A website An Arabic magazine style website in wordpress.. - An architect to design my martial arts studio. -- 2 An architect to draw up plans for an addition added to the house. - An Arduino UNO sketch to drive 4 stepper motor drivers & create simple input file An argumentative essay about an interesting topic that has an already set plan (will be provided) - An article an Article - An article about dog abuse in Asia An article about dog abuse in Asia -- 2 - An article about my boss An article about myself and my jewelry line. - An Article Based on 500 words ASAP an article conclusion - An article of "Low Power Linear Regulator In CMOS Technology" An article of 500 words - An article on our annual corporate tennis tournament An article on Peer to peer lending - An article rewriter needed. An article Series (3 to 4 articles) for developing an online Shopping Store using ASP.NET MVC, C# - An article writer for my website $1 per 100 words An article writer is needed. - An article written regarding lethargy An Article Writter Required! - An artist - oil painting An artist - oil painting - An artist to draw a personal photo on canvass an artist to draw a series of detailed images - An artist to prepare a painting An artist to sketch/color cartoon characters and buildings - an artistic representations of two teenage girls drinking coffee An Artistic Sketch - Romantic Couple - An ASP.NET waterdrop control An ASP.NET Web Form that Prints Itself with no dialog - An assignment an assignment - An assignment on accounting An assignment on accounting - - An Assignment Upload System An assignment waiting for highly skilled freelancer - an assistant in india An assistant Needed from India - An ATM Banking System An attendance database - An auction site An Auction Tracker program - An AUDIT of my Adwords campaign an audit of the accounting firm that heads my condo association. - An Author An AUTHOR and all their Books turned into MSWord files - An autobuyer made to work with FIFA Ultimate Team web app An autocad designer - An Automated Photo Bot? an automated s/w needed for website - an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) transcation system an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) transcation system. - An avid traveller An avid traveller - An brand new employer An brand new employer - open to bidding - an cs engineer in noida An CSS bug - An E commerce / Market Place Developed An e commerce app - An E-commerce Aggregator Website Required An e-commerce based website made by CS cart - An e-commerce website An e-commerce website - AN E-LEARNING WEBSITE An E-Mail Client with Spam filtering and security mechanisms - An easy CMS install and make the design to a footer and a header An easy data entry work - An easy java project - open to bidding An easy java script prototype - An easy photo-album app An easy Photoshop logo - An easy service finder web site An easy task - An easy website building job An easy website transfer w/ scripts - An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay - repost An eBay seller required urgently - An ebook app an eBook around 50 pages on different topics of spirituality - An ebook manipulation -- 2 An eBook named "How to Generate facebook Likes Fast" is for sale - An ebook published on financial planning An eBook rewritten - an ecommerce developer - open to bidding an eCommerce site - An Ecommerce Website - open to bidding An ecommerce website - open to bidding - An economic analysis An economic analysis of an investment project. - An editor / copyeditor An editor / copyeditor - An Editor like Polyvore An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. - An Education Management Software for Funadhoo School (Maldives) An Education Portal - An Efficient and Serious Writer Required An efficient bicycle/cycle rickshaw - An electrical cord deisnged An Electrical drawing - An electrical/mechanical engineer to help me on a side project - repost an electronic B2B 'save the date' party mailer - An elegant WordPress site for building and construction business An elegant WordPress site for building and construction business - open to bidding - An email scraper - open to bidding An email signature - An Emergency lighting Quote template. An emitter that sends ultrasonic signal on 22 Khz - An Encrypted Access MDB File Opening
An end-to-end Android app - An engineer to do 3 small assignments of HNC/A level engineering An engineer to draw location of small pool - An Engineer's Assessment of a failed safety mechanism on a mitre saw for a law suit An engineer's plan for replacement of retaining wall. - An English Law Essay Writer required to work as part time AN English learning curriculum. - An English voice required -- 2nd time An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL - an entity relationship model An entrepreneur website partner - An ERP Software An ERP System consisting on a complete company automation - An essay An essay -- 2 - An essay about Socrates needed An essay about sustainability within organisations - an essay of 2500 words on " Impact of cyber warfare to the ministry of defence" an essay of 3 investment questions academic report - an essay qbout an addiction an essay question that needs to be answered in 2,000 words - An Evaluation & Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Needed) An Evaluation & Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) - An Event Photography an event planner - AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 2 - An excel based Stock and Options portfolio An Excel competent person - An Excel macro to identify payment evasion An excel Macro to import from notepad and perform various analysis - an excel system - to track monthly volumes An Excel template that takes an imported set of time sheets and creates an output file - An Excellent Copywriter for writing a business profile An Excellent Data Manipulator - An Exchange Website for Bitcoins between USD and other Crypto Currencies An exchange website like - An executable program on windows to do an http get An executable program that constantly monitors the sound card for a specific sound - An Existing Flyer to retouch Images & retype Price. Arabic text ready. -- 2 An Existing Flyer to retouch Images & retype Price. Arabic text ready. -- 2 - ongoing work - An existing website to change layout and function navigatio and colour an exiterior view for villa - An Experienced Author With Board Game Rules Experience To Edit 8000 word board game An experienced business researcher/writer. - An experienced Graphics designer required for newsletter banners once a week! An experienced individual to post my URL on You Tube Videos - An experienced SAGE payroll operator with some knowledge of basic HR to work for one day each week at our offices in Welwyn Garden City An experienced Sales agent in Catering and Hospitality industry - An Experienced Web Developer with Excellent Joomla Experience An experienced wikipedian. - An expert back-end developer needed An Expert Danish Voice Talent and Translator Required Immediately - An expert in bootstrap, ajax & php An expert in bootstrap, ajax & php - An expert in POSTMAN API sending request" algorithm required. An expert in prestashop - An Expert on JavaScript is needed to update an algorithm An Expert on networks - An expert to deactivate responsiveness of my wordpress theme An expert to decrypt 30 Ioncube php files needed - An Expert Wordpress Plugin coder/developer Needed ASAP! - repost An expert writer needed to rewrite 20 articles - An extension for Joomleague 3.0 An extension for the standard ASP.NET 4.0 Menu - An extremely skillful php developer wanted An extremely strong coder with strong mathematics/technical algorithm skills - an Germany - Vietnamese Interpreter An Giang Custom Building - An hour of CentOS server work An hour of development work - An HTML image & description grabber helper library for iOS an html project - An iBook composed from Web Site An iBook composed from Web Site - ongoing work - An idea for french market? An idea like no other.. - An illiustrator and animator An illstratration - An illustration for a Hansel and Gretel adaptation An illustration for a wedding invitation - An illustration of a space station and a few space ships an illustration of a wine manufacturing plant - An Illustrator An Illustrator - an illustrator able to do ink drawings for cards an illustrator along the style of Robert C. Osborn. - An illustrator for a children's book An illustrator for a children's book - an illustrator for a small children's book An illustrator for a small/short children's book - An illustrator to draw an image An Illustrator to draw cartoon type pictures for a childrens book. - An illustrator who excels in illustrating sharks An illustrator with a sense of fun; and also maturity in that he/she understands the challenges of aging; (Over 60s aging!) - An image for a book cover An image for a book cover - An image processing app for windows an image recreated - AN IMMIGRANT VISA I-130 PETITION SUBMISSION INTERVEIW APPO An Immigrant's Tale: The Source of My Inspiration - An incomplete simple Flash site to complete An Inconvenient Truth Like Animations for Science-related - An Indian Phone number is wanted An Indian style dress for prom - an info-graphic animation video about children with autism An Infographic - An injector for a 2006 freelander An ink and watercolor book cover, of the Tardis in a tornado. - An instacart-like ecommerce website app An Instagram BOT - An instructional poster an instructional video for my website - An intelligence software - open to bidding An Intelligent hands-free social networking app - An interactive map / tool allowing a user to compare suburbs in a region by standard of living An interactive map of the building from the inside. PHP or JAVAScript - an interactive social hub an interactive social hub of information about various distilleries & the whiskies they produce. - An interesting blog post on the subject of popular music.(repost)(repost) An interesting dissertation to proofread - An interior and exterior render of the model An Interior design picture - An Internal Project for Kenara- Oct 2014 An internal project for Kenara-As per the discussing - An internet poster on poker forums (up to 600$ per month) - repost An Internet Radio Website - An intranet for my real estate brokerage to track transactions An intranet using the MEAN stack and REST-APIs - An Introductory to Photoshop Course - Final Project Execution An invention - An investigation on network growth and scalability An Investigation to a new online book retail business model - an iOS (iphone and ipad) and android app (per description an iOS + Android application - An iOS app based on Nuance NEDV SDK An iOS app based on Nuance NEDV SDK -- 2 - an iOS app that people will be able to add contacts from address book and group them An iOS app to add pictures to photos and upload to Instagram - An IOS game An IOS game - An IOS version of an Android app that I have written An IOS version of an Android app that I Write - An iPad application An iPad application for prize winning with prize capping mechanic - An Iphone (IOS5+) control similar to facebook app's news feed (prototype)