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add TMDA functionality to DSPAM(repost) - Add to a website Add To a website - Add to an existing book-Astrology and Chakras -- 2 Add to an existing CRM in Smarty PHP - Add to c# program - web server/service - complete activation system Add to c# program - web server/service - complete activation system -- 2 - Add to cart - open to bidding Add To Cart - Supreme Store - Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding -- 3 Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding -- 4 - Add to cart button missing for attributes for Wordpress ADD TO CART button NOT WORKING - Add to cart fly effect Opencart Add to cart for Joomla component DJ catalog 2 - Add to Cart Overlay Add to cart php oscommerce - Add to cart/auto checkout bot for art websites Add to cart/auto checkout bot for art websites - Add to desktop bookmark Add to exisiting online store - Add to existing project Add to existing project! - add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies -- 2 - Add to literature review - 1500 words - Construction topic - Perfect English Only - max 30 usd Add to live Search Results Wall some new functionalities - add to my iphone/ipad app finger flair fix some bugs Add to My Library in batch with Rhapsody account - add to my website a entry log which allows my clients the option to log in using an generated user ID allowing clients to record their training data. ie; runs, food and general ie; weight, body fat. The data stored will be analysed using graphs. Add to my website! - add to php script. Add to php web site - Add to shortlist Add to Shortlist Script - add to website add to website - Add toggle buttons to my php program... Add toggle switch to Silverlight app - Add topic-targeting to my OpenX Ads on my website Add toplist code and ad codes on youtube template - add tour booking functionality to existing website Add TPS data to exsisting system - Add tracking to Bulk Email System Add Tracking to my website - Add transitions and design powerpoint Add transitions Jquery to slider - Add transparency to background of small JPG photo Add Transparency to Images - add tropical pool area to 4 photos Add True Monaural (Mono) to DSMixer Component - Add Tweet and Like button to CS-Cart site add Tweetmeme button - Add Twitter Feature To WordPress Blog Add twitter feed - Add Twitter followers Add twitter followers - Add Twitter Share & Fix Loading for Fullscreen Slider Add twitter to keyword stat - Add two buttons to my WP site Add Two Categories To App - add two feature to my iPhone Add two features on a Angular.js app - Add two Filters to my html Table + Make Columns Sortable Add two form fileds to index page. - Add two more wordpress sites on to a VPS with existing wordpress site Add two new costume menus to wordpress website - Add two rows to RoR table on back end web app Add two sailboats to current image - Add two textfields as atribute. Prestashop 1.5.x Add Two URL Strings to WP-Ecommerce Checkout/Registration Process and Migrate WP Site from Linux to Windows Server - Add UART console interface to existing SYS/BIOS project Add Uber Menu - Mega Menu - to existing website - Add UILabel To ScrollView Programmatically Add UISearchBar with filter functions to my app for iphone, - add unique articles to baby health website Add unique identifer to file - Add up my income so I can prepare my taxes Add up points in php script ( quiz website ) minor php fix - Add upload .flv capability to ffmpeg script Add upload 2nd upload an image button in oscommerce site - Add upload file to edit button + 4 changes (for Linh) Add Upload Form to our Flash Site (PHP & Flash) - Add Upload/Display Functionality In 2 Forms On A Website Add upload/download ratio to e107 CMS - Add UrbanAirship Push Support to Blackberry 6/7 App add url - Add URL to WMP movies Add URL uploader to video sharing script - Add user Subscription in wordpress based site Add user account functions - Add user image while adding/updating/list the user Add User Interactivity to Dynamic Content - Add user option for avatar display to YaBB Add user panel and payement gatway - Add User Sessions & Create User Pages - ongoing work Add User Submission Video Section To Website - Add Users to New Adult Community Add USPS and FEDEX shipping to Virtuemart - Add validation to 3 forms Add validation to a form - Add values to the bottom of columns using jquery columnizer add variable gridsize to jquery.ganttView plugin - Add Various Social Media API's to Wordpress Website Add Varnish Cache and SSL termination or an SSL termination proxy - Add Vendor features Add Vendor Name to Shopify Orders - Add very simple user level login to existing WEBSITE and include basic database Add very simplistic 5 item cart to hitappoint admin section. (within joomla site) - Add Video Call Functions to VoIP Application Add video capability on Anypic by Parse - Add Video clip to slide show - fix image sequence scroll Add video clips to current website - Add video file to website Add video footage to 2 hours of audio - Add video montage to music for youtube site Add video on a joomla - Add Video Product Page Magento Add Video Provider To Jomsocial - Add video support to open source controller Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings - Add Video to header of existing site add video to html - Add video to new template and modify mobile Add video to OpenCart homepage Slider - Add video to top of homepage Add video to website - Add video, photo and text storage functionality to an existing AR project Add video,audio and live streaming to App - Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost)(repost) Add videoprovider to JomSocial - Add Videos to Website Add Videos to Wordpress Pages - Add VIP icon Add VIP Member area in wordpress - Add Virus Total to File Sharing Site via API Add Visitor Comment Function to Existing Website - Add Voice Bank Section To wordpress Website Add Voice Bank Section To Wordpress Website -- 2 - add voice to ppts add voice to ppts - repost - Add Votes for online voting Contest add votes to uservoice - Add Wallet Payment to Already Source -- 2 Add wallet system and prepaid card system for shop-script - Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - repost - Add watermark to images add watermark to images - Add weather to my blog reader app project
Add weather widget html to wordpress site template - Add web Pages and make other changes Add Web Pages To Existing Site - Add webinar function to existing Joomla site Add webinks from site to Google search - add webshop to my Wordpress website Add Website page - Add website links to my engine Add website links to my website portfolio - Add website to logo in photo shop add website to search engines and it must show results - Add Weibo Share button to a web page Add weight to Magento products - Add white space to website add whiteboard audio/video/text chat tool/plugin from the 3rd party to an existing website in PHP - Add widget or box to main page of site add widget placeholder for wordpress - Add widgets to footer. Add widgets to site (Javascript) - Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Featur - Add wizards to websiten English/Spanish Add WMV link to Flash site - add woocommerce images Add WooCommerce Membership Automatically to New User Signups via Gravity Forms - Add Woocommerce to existing Wordpress Theme Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress website - Add WordPress action hook/custom fields Add wordpress and a wordpress template - Add Wordpress blog to my website - real expert needed Add wordpress blog to our site - Add wordpress functionality Add Wordpress Header to top of Non Wordpress Order Form page - Add Wordpress Post images Add Wordpress Post name to slider - add Wordpress to subdomain and document Add wordpress user integration and change functionality of existing Meme Generator script - add words to woocommerce checkout. Add workflow to WordPress - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - Add WP blog to site (Unique) Add WP blog to site; move articles from Blogspot to site (TI) - Add www to my domain Add to my site - Add WYSIWYG on OSCOMMMERCE Add WYSIWYG to comments and Ajax customization around a website - add xml feed to php Add xml feed to shopping cart - Add XML Tags in MS Accounting Templates Add xml to flash file - Add yEnc support to delphi program Add Yet Another Stars Rating to "Post Grid" Module in Visual Composer - Add YouTube Auto Import to Joomla Website add youtube beckground to wordpress site - Add Youtube video to preexisting html page Add Youtube video to preexisting html page - add zencart template to site Add zencart to an existing website - Add Zoom and mouse over effect Add Zoom Effect in Image gallery - Add&Fix Website Functionality Add'l database work - add- on to classified ad website Add-fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - Add-in for Outlook 2003 Add-in for Outlook for Spam submission - repost - Add-on board for MSP432 Launchpad Add-On Button Clone - Add-On features Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ - Add-on for Joomla Add-On for Keyboard App - Add-on Magento extension Add-on Module for OSCommerce 2.3.1 - ADD-ON Project Add-on project - Add-on to Google Keyword Tool Add-On to Group Buying Website - Smarty PHP - Add-on/Fix to existing MySQL/PHP database system Add-ons 2 existing PHPCake project - Add-ons to current work Add-ons to existing PHPCake project - Add/ edit a SQL Procedure Add/ edit appointment booking service on my website - Add/delete photos from html site (ProE) Add/Delete records to a txt file - Add/Edit Coldfusion code for reports and Excel export!! Add/Edit Content on my Home Page and Add Short Form. - Add/Edit/Delete Fields add/edit/delete venue - Add/invite friends based on hotmail/google/yahoo address book Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify smarty php code on web pages and create new pages Add/Modify smarty php code on web pages and create new pages - add/remove to wishlist on article with Dtregister ADD/REMOVE/CORRECT A BUILDING CONTRACT - ADD/Upload/Edit/List - Articles from 1 mysql table Add24 Post to Wordpress Site From Word Documents - addasdsddds AddBaby babysite - added agent image to home listing added agent image to home listing(repost)(repost) - Added features to existing website Added features to Online Jewelry store - added functions to jobsite Added Game Center to iOS game - added software to group facebook /added to page facebook added the url link and keyword and posted on sites I already have - Addenserà expert Addenserà expert - open to bidding - Addicted to vine? Then this gigs for you Addicted2Debt - Addiction recovery phonegap app Addiction Recovery Program - Addictive Lightroom Addictive maze game for iPad - AddIn for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Addin for System Center Configuration Manager - Adding Products to current website Adding Push notifications to an MT4 Indicator - adding & removing form fields Adding & Multipling Matrices - adding / editing products to worpdress / google keyword planner Adding / Populating Products into Volusion - adding 1000 word to my writing Adding 10k real,genuine & active INDIAN fans to facebook page. - Adding 2 extensions to Magento Adding 2 features to our IOS application - Adding 2000 products Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto - Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce - repost - Adding 5 items on a catalogue "Theislanders" Adding 5 pages on the lusis webpage html production - Adding 60 products to Magento Go - repost Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 2 - Adding a 'Clickable' link at the end of a video Adding a .FLV to Flash action script - adding a bit of java script and php to my site Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file - Adding a button to a title bar? Adding a buy & collect function - Adding a competition onto homepage Adding a compiler option into gcc - Adding a currency module into CMS adding a custom field in OsCommerce - Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar