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Add Tunning verification number to ASP form before submission - Add Twilio voice call to our app and website Add to php script - Add Twitter Feed to site Add Twitter Feed to static FBML Fan page - Add Twitter followers -- 5 Add Twitter followers for me - add twitter, facebook share function to app Add twitter, openid and github authentication to a Rails with Devise - Add two data series Add Two Data Tables to Existing PHP Page - Add two features to the existing website Add two field in checkout process in flippingbook flyer - add two items to existing website. Add Two Large Blog Posts To Wordpress Site From Word Doc And PDF - Add two payment methods to my Magento website Add two PDF Flipbooks (I have flipbooks links and plug ins to WP, one password protected, the other not - Add two social media icons to top of Shopify store Add two table columns to existing html table - Add TXT Functionality to Add txt record to my DNS record - Add UI JQUERY Add UI Layer - Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 Add Unilimited Scroll to my Wordpress Website. - Add unlimited sub template to jsveiws sample add unload popup to page - add updates and additional features to program in PHP Add updates to website payment page - Add upload fields to a contact form Add upload file function to website - Add upload your own images to oscommerce Add upload/attachment feature to my website in custom request functionality - add ups xml module to zencart shop Add UrbanAirship Push Support to Blackberry 6/7 App - Add URL To Program Add URL to WMP movies - Add user Subscription in wordpress based site Add user account functions - Add User Interactivity to Dynamic Content Add User Interface elements to custom website built using Open Street Map - Add User Panel to site Add user parameter to Excel ODBC query - Add user to existing pins in Joomla pinterest theme database Add user to proftp on Debian - Add USPS Shipping Module To OsCommerce Shopping Cart Add USPS Shipping option for existing Magento site - Add validation to a web form Add validation to bootstrap contact form - Add Variable Products to woocommerce store Add Variables from MySql PHP database Tables to an Email - Add Vb Code to my GUI Add VB.NET form to Tabbedgroups example - Add verbiage to 12 YouTube videos Add verification field for mailchimp subscription - Add Video (PnP) to my YouTube Outro Add video ability to php website - Add video caputure and upload to existing app add video chat and web cam software to website - Add Video Controls to my Flash Vids Add Video controls to player, remove title, add animation when open video - Add Video Functionality to WordPress Website Main Slider add video gallery bullets - Add video overlay to site template and create tracking Add video overlay to Wordpress site - Add video sharing to twitpic clone Add video sites to script - Add Video Titles: Video 7 Add video to a site - add video to my site Add Video to my Squarespace size - Add video to replace parallaxing images. Add video to replace parallaxing images. - repost - Add video upload to my website Add Video Uploader To Geodesic - Add Videohive Effects To Video With Music Add VideoLightBox to Wordpress - Add videos to my website + fix bugs as certain sections stopped working Add videos to my website and graphics - Add Vimeo support to existing webpage Add Vimeo support to existing webpage -- 2 - Add virtuemart conditional discounts add virtuemart quantity to attributes - Add VLC support to Streamplicity Add VOD platform in Current site - Add Voice Recognition to My Website add voice record to video and upload to youtube, send link and video file - Add votes for a contest Add Votes for online voting Contest - Add Wallet Payment to Already Source Add Wallet Payment to Already Source -- 2 - Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - repost - add watermark to images Add watermark to PHPbb3 Photo gallery images - GD2 - Add Weather, Calendar, Stock ticker, to Mambo Open Source Website Add Web 2.0 / Social Media type of Modifications - add web pages with admin control Add web portal functionality - add WebM support for h.264 streaming application ADD WEBMASTER VERIFICATION FILE TO WORDPRESS SITE AND ADD ANALYTICS - Add website and phone# to logo. - repost Add website content and fix some wordpress issues and css3 fixes. - Add website pages per requirements Add website screen shot to video - Add websites to Dmoz Directory Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies - Add wheels to shop Add WHISPER feature to VicidialServer - add wholesale page to site add wholesaler products/edits to our site - Add widget to tube site! Add widget to website to auto resize newly uploaded photos - Add wiki page + reference Add Wiki to existing site - Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site - Add Woocommerce checkout fields to customers account Add Woocommerce Composite Product Filter for Wordpress - Add WooCommerce theme, plugin and products Add WooCommerce to a Headyway Theme - add word to php code Add word-animated introduction to existing video - ADD WORDPRESS BLOG TO HTML WEBSITE Add wordpress blog to my joomla - Add Wordpress Flash Header and Theme Help ASAP Add Wordpress footer - Add Wordpress plugins, Add an Advance search area Add Wordpress Post Excerpts to External HTML Page - Add WordPress to site, add custom left menu sections in admin area add Wordpress to subdomain and document - add words to woocommerce checkout. Add workflow to WordPress - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - Add WP e-Commerce plugin to wordpress site. Add WP Favorite Posts custom icon to WooCommerce Product Grid View - Add wysisyg to my text boxes on one page Add WYSIWYG controller - Add XAR support to python pkgcore ADD XBMC/KODI TO MY MOBILE/LAPTOP AND TABLET - Add XML file with order data to admin order confirmation mail Add XML files to Zen Cart using Easy Populate or similar - Add XMPP to iOS Linphone
Add XP and leaderboard to my pate - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - open to bidding - Add youtube iframe to basic html site add youtube movie to a web page outside my domain and using bookmarklet [jquery, css, javascript, json] - Add YPN stats to SiteStatisticsWeb add YT uploader to GUI - Add Zip Code validation to Checkout in Wordpress WooCommerce Add Zip Code validation to Wordpress page - Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ2 - Add, Delete and Edit Records of a database from a php page Add, edit, delete feature - Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes - Add-ins for Outlook Add-ins for Outlook -- 2 - Add-on Extension Development -- 3 Add-on extensions. Offers and discount code solution. - add-on for Firefox Add-on for firefox -2 - Add-on for web browser Add-on for whatsapp messanger - Nearby function - add-on plus adjustments to site Add-on power-point - Add-On To Existing Web Site - Ready Now Add-on to existing Website (HTML, CSS, PHP) - Add-On+Template for Easy Digital Downloads wordpress plugin Add-On+Template for Easy Digital Downloads wordpress plugin -- 4 - Add-ons to an existing meme script Add-ons to current work - Add/ edit a SQL Procedure Add/ edit appointment booking service on my website - Add/Delete records to a txt file Add/Delete subscribers for a newsletter on a existing website and automatically update our software program - Add/Edit Content to Existing Drupal Website Add/Edit Datagrid vb/aspx - Add/embed video intro into Flash AS2.0 webpage + redirect when server has hard traffic Add/Enter our Facebook & Google Ads - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify the wordpress website Add/Move Joomla Module Right Now - Add/Setup Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website Add/Setup Inline Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website - Add: Multi Language support to a Native Swift iOS App: Add: W3 Total Cache & P3 Plugin for Wordpess site - addclickjobs addd a logo to this videro - added cms to real estate list site and seo Added customize payment gatway - Added fullscreen to my videos embedded on webview Added function in social sharing iPhone app - Added information on car audio for different company cars this is the sample websiteI worked on . Added mp3 in clipbuket - Added work to website template Addemdum 2 for Shopping Cart Project - Addes zip file, make 4 images like the finished one - Duplicate - Addiction Book Addiction Book Vol. 1 - Addiction Treatment Logo Design Addiction Writers Wanted - Addiition to existing site. ADDIITONAL WORK ON OUR STORE - Adding ''Best Sellers'' to my PHP ecommerce site adding 5th row to IOS keyboard code - Adding "job board" to our website (php) ADDING "MY MUSIC" WHICH I OWN TO MULTIPLE ONLINE RADIO STATIONS - Adding .txt file output to excel file output ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Adding 100 unique videos to Adding 100 webcams onto webcam portal - Adding 1k words to acct report adding 2 action for a single form - Adding 20 features to a existing music player app, making it bug and crash free -- 2 Adding 200 articles - Adding 280 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart Adding 3 image boxes to home page - Adding 4 pages to my PHP website Adding 4 type of generators to a 9gag clone script available already - Adding 6-9 fields to a form Adding 60 products to Magento Go - Adding a ''Smile'' Point System To A Portal Similar To Friendster. Adding a 'Clickable' link at the end of a video - adding a bit of java script and php to my site Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file - Adding a buy & collect function Adding a buy & collect function - repost - Adding a component in an existing site adding a component to social network application - Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar Adding a custom product finder in a Woocommerce site - adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module Adding a dutch payment provider (Ideal) to an already existing Wordpress Theme - Adding a few features into almost finished wordpress website Adding a few functions to my mmorpg - Adding a Form step to checkout process per item Adding a Form to the website - Adding a gift wrap service to my Zencart site Adding a Google Calendar to a Custom Form - Adding a left side position in Joomla template Adding a license key for the Metatrader4 EA - Adding a Mandarin (male) voice over to an existing 2 mins video. (currently voice over is in English) Adding a member back-end - Adding a new feature to website Adding a new features - Adding a newsletter sign up link on our WS landing page Adding a node to an XML file - Adding a Paypal shopping card to an existing website Adding a PDF to website, Small Changes to site, banner and font, sub folder menus - Adding a products page to the existing site Adding a professional looking template to Joomla 2.5 website - Adding a search bar to an existing website Adding a search field - Adding a Simple Menu Bar to Webview Application Adding a single shell menu right-click item - Adding a Splash Sreen to Visual C++ Application adding a startup image to a web app in html for iphones - Adding a TTS(text to speech) V. 7.0 control Adding a type of product called "Pre-order" - Adding a wordpress blog into an existing html website Adding a wordpress blog to volusion store - Adding Additional Features Adding additional features / bug fix - adding additional page (in spanish) to existing site Adding additional pages in jquery - Adding Admin Panel to Friend Inviter Script )PHP) Adding admin Section - Adding Adult Personal Profiles Adding Adult Personal Profiles (1006420) - Adding AJAX Image Rotator to site (MooTools) Adding Ajax Search Box To OSC Site - Adding an AIM Application Adding an Also of Interest Section on Wordpress - Adding an extra page to flash template Adding an extra step to XFS download process - Adding an PHP form data to DynamoDB Adding an Seller Group on MultiMerch for OpenCart - adding and removing rows programmatically in gridview. Adding and Reordering Sections - Adding API data to a website design