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Add new features to existing Android APP - Add new features to existing web page. Add new features to existing website - Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost) Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost) - Add new features to some existing web platforms Add new features to Spanish Rental Site - Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) - Add new field to form Add new field to Hot or Not script - Add new files to pho website and create report for variable Add new filters to my MT4 EA - ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN Add new function - Add new functionalities to a WordPress Template Add new functionalities to an iOS app - Add new functionality to exisiting business directory WP Plugin Add new functionality to existing email marketing application - Add New Functions and make changes to a PHP/MYSQL website Add new functions and more security to my PTC site (bux 4)and more security - Add new functions to my website Add new Functions to my Wordpress Website - Add New future on php software Add New future on php software Quickly - Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost) Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost)(repost) - Add new languages to a current design add new languange addon on a custom website - Add new logo to Wordpress Site. Add new magento store and more - Add new module in existing project codeigniter PHP ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING .NET Application (VB.Net) - Add new options to a software writen in C# Add new options to an existing program - Add new page to existing website. (Single Image) Add new page to flash - Add new Pages and tabs to my wordpress blog Add New Pages on Drupal website - Add New Payment Gateway Event Espresso Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant - Add new piezoelectric Material to COMSOL Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme. Add new products to ecommerce database - Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes add new recaptcha on php foam pages - Add New Search Page Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website - Add new shopping car to website and redesign homepage ASAP Add new shortcode to plugin - Add new tab to php page Add new Tab to website - Add new theme to OpenCart site Add new theme to Shopify - Add New User Page - PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, etc... Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML - add new widget location Add New Widget to Wordpress Site - Add news filter add news filter for EA - Add Newsletter Box to site Add newsletter form to WP theme - Add NFC features to existing Android app. Add NFC support for existing Android App - Add Node Content Details to Search Results Add node event when the user click in day or hour in a FullCalendar in a drupal site. - Add notification GCM Add notification to android app - Add OAuth, invites and payments to our Facebook App Add Obfuscation to my VPN app and some other fixes - ADD OFFERS TO ADMIN AREA OF PROJECT RAFS SCRIPT Add offline capability to phonegap app with SQL Lite and MySQL sync - Add on a right column with 4 modules in there (2 counter for Funds, 1 gift certificate and 1 for tracking number) - repost Add on a section of our current wordpress website - Add On Feature - Auction website Add on Feature in Shopify Store - Add on for email-ticket system (PHP, MySQL) add on for existing file transfer project - Add On Forms For Magento Check out Add on hours - Add on modules a website Add on modules a website -- 2 - add on service Add on shipping method - Add on to current website Add on to custom admin that was made - add on to inventory program add on to logo you designed - add on to wordpress Add on two feature for Property Site - Add On: Pick Operating System Add Onboard Github File to current app - Add one feature into Magento Add one feature on order import and solve a bug on a Magento Module - Add one line of html into a php based file. add one line to a php script "php mail functions' - add one page content Add one page in magento Checkout process - Add one product to the web Add one product to woocomerce online store - Add Online Booking, Calendar, Reservations, to Existing Website Add Online Chat Feature - Add online purchasing to one section of wordpress based site Add online quote request to our site - Add only comment on a poll Add only Top Level Directories in FTP - Add ons to PHP site Add ons to PHP Site - RELISTED - Add Open Source Email Server To Amazon Server add open source file to my html site - Add Opt-in Box to Facebook Group Page (*EASY*) Add Opt-In email to existing web site - Add option to enter Date of Birth in WP custom post type and return the actual age Add option to existing EA - Add Options and fix tabs and url issue Add Options and fix tabs and url issue - open to bidding - Add options to search page in Classic ASP page and fix minor bug add options to shopping cart - Add order comments to checkout page magento Add order detail to Open Cart Project and Links on template - Add OS Commerce Packages to existing site Add osc contrib to oscmax - Add other libraries from php 5.3 in MAMP PRO 2.1.2 Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle - Add our content to 60 web 2.0 website Add our Coupons to Coupon sites - Add our link to 100 sites Add our link to 100 sites(repost) - Add our product photos to stock images of homes/businesses Add our product to Wikipedia Page and Write a Page about our Product in Wikipedia - Add over 230 products in Bigcommerce admin panel Add over 300 products to Magento - Add Own Recipes (original) - American, European or Mexican Add Own Recipes (original) or get users to share recipes - add page curl add page curl html - Add page titles and keywords to website Add page to, make revisions to - Add page to my website! Add page to OC - Add page to wordpress website and repair some things Add page to zen cart - Add Pages & Buttons to a flash website Add Pages & Graphs: PHP - Add pages and Inport all products to magento - repost
Add Pages and Links to web site - Add pages to a WHMCS module Add pages to a WHMCS module -- 2 - Add Pages To Existing Web Site Add pages to existing website - Add pages to Add Pages to Magento Site (CoVaLiDiTy Only) - add pages to the site Add pages to the website, develop social media marketing pages - add pages to worpress Add pages to WP website - Add Pagination to custom wordpress theme search Add pagination to file sharing database - repost - Add Paid Members With Secure Access Add paint splat on image (tutorial included) - Add parallelisation into mex-function, delete all Python "staff" from code. Add parameter form URL to opt in form - Add part number generator to Woocommerce Site. Ajax/Database/Javascript skills required!! Add particle candy system to Game in Basic - Add Password Protection to PHP Form & Secure Server Add password protection to Python program - Add pay per click to existing meta search engine Add Pay processors to my site - Add payment features on iPhone app Add payment function to webshop - Add Payment Gateway and Adsense to existing site Add payment gateway and payments for existing website - Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. (repost) - add payment getway on my existing website Add Payment Integration into Android App. - add payment page option Add payment pages to two websites - Add Payment Providers to Website - For Abhius Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks - Add paymentsystem to html (no cms) Add Paymentwall payment module to Abledating chameleonsocial script. - Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. -- 2 - Add Paypal as website payment provider Add PayPal Automatic billing to custom PHP (code ignitor) shopping cart - Add Paypal Cart to swebite Add PayPal checkout - Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart - add paypal links, credit card link to shopping cart add paypal links, credit card link to shopping cart(repost) - Add Paypal Payments Pro to older Interspire Shopping Cart Add Paypal plugin to CakePHP order-forms and manually configure.. - Add Paypal subscription/recurring payments for Wordpress Add paypal subscriptions to user panel and work with ebay and amazon API - Add Paypal to our e-commerce (387934) add paypal to our website - Add Paypal withdrawal function, multi-file upload and a simple search function for an existing website - repost Add Paypal, Adsense and Subscribe Links to Our Word Press Blog - add pdf file to static html page add pdf files to a form - Add PECL bbcode plugin and adjustments in Phpbb Add pencil effect on picture - Add people to Twitter list add per click - Add personality to exisitng Robot models add personalization optionto existing web template - add phone number to banner, add email to footer Add Phone Number to Checkout on OsCommerce site - Add phone numbers and emails - repost Add phone numbers and emails - repost 2 - Add Photo Album to Bog Add photo album to existing website - job for Arshad Mansoor - Add Photo Galleries to Wordpress. Add Photo Gallery to Bigcommerce Site - Add photo slider to Dreamweaver website! Add Photo Slideshow Behind Web Elements - Add Photos and Text to Templates add photos and text to wordpress theme - Add photos to my maps Add photos to My SQL database - Add PHP application and make functional Add PHP backend to existing website - Add PHP data to FLOT Graph Add PHP Feature to Website - add php image to a reply message contact form Add PHP include directory under GoDaddy - add php shopping cart functionality to existing html website add php shopping cart functionality to existing html website -- 2 - Add PHP/MySQL to Web Application - phase 2 add phpBB Gallery 0.1.2 to a phpBB Forum - Add pics of 2000 products to our Wordpress website : Budget $20 add pics to my site - Add picture tagging (like Facebook) to my twitpic clone Add picture to billboard background - Add pictures and music on an existing After Effects project Add pictures and slides to PowerPoint-presentations - Add Pictures to my current Gallery Add pictures to my eBay auctions - Add PIN to pre-existing Java app Add pinch and zoom to flashcard app - Add Pjax functionality to existing ASP.NET MVC Project Add Pjax functionality to existing ASP.NET MVC Project - Add playlist to my player Add playlist to my player -- 2 - Add plugin "User Creds kit" Unity Game and Configure #2 Add Plugin - Jquery Bulk Image Upload to Joomla Component - DJ Classified - Add Plugins on Prestahop V 1.4.1 Add plugins to a zen cart website, and overall check. - Add policy links to website Add polish & remove distortion from 3 product images - Add pop up to a site to allow pple to pop update via the popup (Image attached) Add pop up to joomla website - Add popover to Umbraco website homepage Add popover to webpage similar to example site - add popup to my html website Add Popup To our Joomla Site - Add position to joomla TR french Add positions to existing joomla template - add post n pre roll ads n few other small fixes to my website Add post sale functionality to my website - Add Poster Frame file to my embedded quicktime Add Poster in Job Sections on Craiglist - Add posters wanted for craigslist $1-2 per add ADD POSTING - add posting add posting - Add Posting & Email Marketing Job Add posting "Clad Genius" software setup - add posting in C.L Add Posting Into Backpage and EBAY classifieds - Add posting project add posting project - Add postings to populate my forums Add posts and pictures to wordpress theme - Add pre-made accordion code to content box Add pre-made flash image to script - Add Prestashop to AWS Add Prestashop to AWS - open to bidding - ADD PRICE PROMISE button unto items ADD PRICE PROMISE button on to items - Add pricing table to WordPress website Add Pricing to Booking according to user input - wordpress - Add print marks add print marks to file for me - add printing to simplyHTML Add privacy policy to contact page Wordpress site - add privileges module in administration
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