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Add mobile notifications to webapp (Android & iOS) - Add Mobile version to website add mobile view - Add modem process on windows platforms Add modification to completed android+web admin panel project - Add Modify to Zen Cart Add mods to - Add module to Add Module to Existing C# Project - add modules on joomla Add Modules on to Wordpress sites - Add money SMM SHop add money to a compiled opensim instance and also freeswitch write out how this was achived - add ads to my html5 game at! Add more 1000 words - Add more columns to "Email Campaign Statistics" page of Interspire Email Marketeer 6.1.4 Add more columns to "Email Campaign Statistics" page of Interspire Email Marketeer 6.1.4 -- 2 - Add more effects to existing flash slideshow Add more facebook features to my PHPfox social networkk script - Add more features in WordPress website -- Add more Features on my Site - Add more features to Wordpress plugin ADD More Features WordPress Website - Add more function to my Google map Add more function to my Online Tshirt Design Tool - Add more functions to existing website/project management system Add More Functions to My Site - Add more pages and content to existing site Add more pages in website need to be done in 3 Hours!!! - Add more round robin groups to kontakt interface - KSP Add MORE SEARCH FILTERS on select boxes - Add more trading pairs and exchange to BitcoinBeeper Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper - Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio Add motion to a few simple compositions - Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link Add Mower product line to Wordpress site for website - Add MPU6050 IMU support and inverted pendulum control code to STM32F4 based controller Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS - add multi day reservation, blocked (blackout) reservation and e-mail notification to working JONGman component for Joomla 2.5 Add multi file fields and progress bar to upload form - Add multi user funtio to script Add multi user funtio to script - open to bidding - Add multilanguage capability to a Wordpress site Add multilanguage capability to a Wordpress site - WPML + on the fly translation - Add Multiplay to flappy Bird clone QUICK Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - add multiple attachments to my existing form add multiple attachments to my existing php scripts - Add Multiple Instances to open source code Add Multiple Instances to open source code1 - Add multiple products to cart. Virtuemart - open to bidding Add multiple products with custom options in one click - add multithreading to application -- 2 Add Mundart to my website - Add Music Section to My Current Website & Make It Mobile Friendly Add Music Section to My Current Website & Make It Mobile Friendly, Also Some minor Changes - Add music to photoshop picture that can be downloaded. Add Music to PHP Website - Add my spcial video player on a black background html with the 3 videos i will give you Add my 2 spokeperson video to my site - Add my business address to the chekout of my Website Add my business to google my business without postcard verification - Add my extension on chrome webstory Add my flash header to Wordpress ASAP! - Add my logo to a contractor / plumber image Add my logo to an Adobe After Effects template - Add my personalized email to outlook Add My Posts to Wordpress - Add my site to DMOZ listing Add my site to DMOZ plus - Add my website to Bing and Yahoo Add my website to Bing and Yahoo- pågående arbete - add myspace friends Add MySpace Friends - No Skills Required - Add nail designs to the demo pictures Add Name & SKU to page in MAgento - Add native features to iOS App Add Native Map Search to An App Listed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store - Add navigation to website Add NBA Teams to Project - Add new a`pi connectivity to joomla rent a car web add new admin feature in jadujukebox - Add new banners Add new block to drupal website page - Add New Company to 75 Online Directories Add new condition to redirect script - Add New database driven Product Page, MyForce Product Add new database record layouts to MixItUp filter page, plus some bug fixes and enhancements - add new domain to existing google account for email and analytics add new domain to server and see why bing and yahoo are having problem crawling our site - Add new fatures to my android game but i don't have apk. Add new feature - Add new feature on php online soft add new feature on webite - Add new feature to jQuery script to grab Instagram images in real time Add New Feature to Magento Extension - Add new feature/game play in ajax Add new features - Add new features for words puzzle game Add new features in android and iOS - Add new features to a scirpt Add New Features to a Website - add new features to android app Add New Features to Android Game - Add new features to existing CMS mockup Add new features to existing Cordova App - Add new features to existing website Add new features to existing wordpress template - Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost)(repost) add new features to musicbox(repost) - Add new features to Spanish Rental Site Add New Features to SportsFit. - Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) - Add new field to form Add new field to Hot or Not script - Add new files to pho website and create report for variable Add new filters to my MT4 EA - Add new function add new function - Add new functionalities to an iOS app Add new functionalities to ASP Intranet system (using FrontPage Component) - Add new functionality to existing email marketing application Add New Functionality To Existing Features On a Wordpress Site - Add New Functions and make changes to a PHP/MYSQL website Add new functions and more security to my PTC site (bux 4)and more security - Add new Functions to my Wordpress Website Add new functions to our previous project - Add New future on php software Urgent Add New future online php software - Add new ids for the in-app ads ( Chartboost and RevMob ) to two apps Add new image format to MATLAB script. - Add new layout to existing template Add new layout to our website - Add New Membership Subscription to Personals Ad Website Add new menu bar to Joomla Website - Add New Module to existing website. Redemption Code Verification Add new module to Opencart - Add new or improve features to job board site Add new order options in magento store - Add new page to joomla and re-active button. Add New page to my website - Add new pages on Wordpress website Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website - Add New Payment Gateway Event Espresso Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant - Add new piezoelectric Material to COMSOL Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme.
Add new products to ecommerce database - Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes add new recaptcha on php foam pages - Add New Search Page Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website - Add new shortcode to plugin Add new single page - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML Add new user role and bidding feature to NOPCommerce - Add New Widget to Wordpress Site Add new window to existing code - on 9/27/2005 8:31:04 AM(repost) - add news filter for EA Add news filter to existing indicator - Add newsletter functionality to existing website Add Newsletter functionality to website - Add NFC to existing android project - jastp Add NHL Teams to Project - Add NOINDEX to uncreated pages on MediaWiki Add Nominet EPP to AWBS - Add notifications for mail Add notifications to an existing App & fixing some bugs - Add objects from multiple images to the photos in photoshop Add objects to database through a web form. - Add offline function to existing web based pos software. Add offline payment method to daily deals script - Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only - Add on feature to web portal Add on features and Bug fixes to an Existing PHP website - Add On For exitisng App Add on for GPS navigaton - add on in Community builders et Profil pro builders Joomla add on install osc - Add on or Plug in Web site Add On or Tool for Browser Privacy - add on to .exe program - source is in .pl Add on to a Python scrip - Add on to Existing Access Database App - repost Add on to existing Android app - Add on to project files. Add on to Project: - add on woocommerce plugin custmoziation add on work - Add one class and main in C++ program__ -- 2 Add one classiffied to - add one field to my site form Add one function and implement admob banner to game app. - Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task - repost - Add one page to my site Add one page to our Web site - Add one simple page to my PHP site for security Add one small feature to the existing ruby on rails web application - Add online gift card ordering to website in time for holidays Add online mulitplayer function to existing iOS source code - Add online signup via existing website Add online store in app - add ons on existing app Add ons on our site - Add oogle Conversion Code to OpenCart Add opacity layer selection to background image in first section / page - Add opencart site mobile friendly Add OpenCart to website, html is already done - Add option for people to upload a food menu to wordpress website Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. - Add option to members mail Add Option to Multipane Graph - Add options to an existing event ticket (wordpress modified plugin) solution Add options to APP Android - add or change coding of Simple Moving Average EA Stop Loss and Trailing Stop settings Add or Change Domain in Apache2 Virtual Host Ubuntu 11.04 - Add order form to our page. Add order form to our page. - ADD OsCommerce DESCRIPTIONS/URGENT Add OsCommerce Mod - Header Tags / SEO - Add our APK to Android ready made Stock rom Add our app startapp and mobile core ad - Add our header to various web scripts add our inventory to our website with opencart - add our logo into a rendered 3D application that I purchased, quick & simple Add Our Logo To Cafepress Store - Add our tone of voices into articles Add our web site as a roku channel - Add overlay page to homepage - ongoing work Add overlay to contact images - Add Packaging Drop-down List in Oscommerce Add padding to Plug-In - add page of tempale to my wp Add page or 3 columns to wordpress homepage - Add Page to existing PHP/AJAX site Add page to existing web site from PSD - responsive - Add page to Website Add page to website - Add page-specific info to Wordpress sidebar Add page-turn sound effects/ New buttons to Flip Book Flash - Add pages and counters to existing website Add pages and features. - add pages on phpnuke add pages on website - add pages to blog Add Pages to CakePHP Site - Add pages to existing Wordpress site Add pages to existing WP website - Add pages to my site add pages to my site - Add pages to website Add pages to website - Add Pagging Page Woocommerce and Page Category Product Add Pagging Page Woocommerce and Page Category Product -- 2 - Add pagination to Widgekit Gallery by yootheme Add Pagination to WooCommerce - Add Panels to website Easy Job ! Add - Add Parameters to API Client in C# (Great Project) Add Parameters to existing web service - PHP/JSON - Add parts to admin interface / fix some parts add passcode to my guestbook - add password to website Add Password-Protect to PHP project - Add payment API to OScommerce Cart Add payment api to this page - Add payment gateway Add payment gateway - add payment gateway in our portal (Visa Card and Master Card) Add Payment Gateway in Shopify - Add Payment Gateway to Oscommerce website Add payment gateway to our eCommerce - Add payment link to website Add Payment Logos to Magento Checkout - Add Payment Processing and Extend Current Programming Add Payment Processing to Subscription Web Site - Add payment system and some page to my joomla website Add payment system to a simple AS3 project. - Add Payoneer payment option at wordpress add payoneer payment option on wordpress - Add Paypal and Payment Code to PHP Scipt File Add Paypal and Bitcoin payment to website - Add Paypal as a checkout option to a functional OsCommerce Website.... Add Paypal as additional payment option to website. - ADD PAYPAL CARD PAYMENT PAGE TO A WEBSITE Add PayPal Cart to Flash Photo Gallery - Add PayPal Express Checkout Add PayPal Express Checkout button - Add Paypal HTML Code