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Add multi user funtio to script - add multilaguage plugin to my website Add Multilanguage - Add Multilingual Support to PefexCRM add multimedia blog to existing flash site - Add multiple 'related' or 'featured' posts (with thumbnail) to static homepage add multiple api account on sms php script - Add multiple friends Add multiple image upload in admin web panel so in can interact with the app.. - Add multiple product inquiry function Add multiple product inquiry function (request quote list) to the customized products page - add multipule graphs and feed options in php emoncms system Add Multisite function to existing wordpress - Add Music Links to Site add music off button to flash intro - Add music to flash file Add music to flash slideshow - Add Music to your Movies/Video Add Music Tracks - Add my articles to my Wordpress site and do basic SEO Add my artwork on phone cases and make it ready for molding and TPU injection... (SOLIDWORK job) - Add my CSS Sliced Design to a PHP Website Add My Custom Banner to my Wordpress Thesis Blog - Add My Link To Your Article (For High Authority Websites Only) add my links to websites, blogs, free hosts... - add my Mother In Law's email address to offensive email lists Add my msn from web site script - Add My PSD to Modena script CodeIngniter Framework Add my Rss Feed to Google Base - Add my social bookmarking website to ADDTHIS social bookmarking list Add my template to OSC - add my website's header and footer design to new wordpress blog Add my wordpress template to template sites - ADD MYSPACE FRIENDS TO MY ACCOUNT!(repost) Add MySQL capabilities to existing Delphi Win32 application. - Add name to registry for .mdb for registration/unregistration add name under slide on Homepage - Add Nav Menu To A Wordpress Theme Add Nav Menu To Wordpress Theme - Add needed for 1 item. Add Neighborhood field on one page checkout and add code to charge delivery fees based on Neighborhood - Add new ads to an existing iOS app Add new adsense code to webpages and upload to webserver - Add new buttons for search and delete add new captcha + install flash games - Add new content and arrange content on an existing HTML/PHP landing page website Add New Content to 2 Old Articles and Write 1 New Review Article. - Add New Deleted Status Add new description tab at product page magento - add new domains to a magento installation add new domains to a magento installation - Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) Add new feature in Contact form 7 in Wordpress - create invoice - Add new feature to an existing IE plugin Add new feature to an existing iOS app - Add new feature to my current FB application. Add new feature to my existing HTML5 Web App (leaflet, smarty based) - Add new features Add new features - add new features in Android application Add new features in drupal application - Add new features to a website Add new features to a website - Add New Features to Android Game Add New Features to Appointment script- 8/2/11 - Add new features to existing Cordova App Add new features to existing custom WP Plugin - add new features to existing VB software Add new features to existing web page. - Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost) Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost) - Add new features to registration form + make tweaks to existing form Add new features to some existing web platforms - add new features to website Add new features to website - php mysql - add new field for user account page in woocommerce add new field in data base - Add new fields to online form Add New Fields To Sql Database - Add new forums page and intergrate with user database Add new friends to myspace account - add new function to existing wordpress site Add new function to image slider js - Add new functionality for the existing project \"Big Ecommerce\" Add new functionality in existing mobile app - Add New Functionality To Pre-Existing PHP/MySQL Script Add new functionality to the existing website - Add new functions on existing iPhone app Add new functions to a job portal. - add new funntion on my flask website add new funntion on my website - Add new graphic to a christmas mini card add new hdd to linux (another one later) - Add new issue with Redmind Rest API ADD NEW ITEMS TO CATALOGUE. - add new links missing in link market 3 add new links missing in link market 4 - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 2 - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap).... - Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER add new page including photo gallery with updates - Add new page to website, and edit header and footer of the remaining pages Add New Page to Website, plus - Add new pages to existing website, mainly typesetting of existing material Add new pages to my PHP website - Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) Add new payment gateway to WPGroupBuy theme - Add new Product Add new Product - open to bidding - Add new products to my website Add new products to my website 2 - Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app - Add new section to Android App Add new section to existing Umbraco site - Add new site to pdf download application in java Add New Slide And Reorder flash movie - Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php Add new tables for synchronization to the Node.js server - add new theme to wordpress website Add new themes and customise site - Add new user class/group on existing site Add New User Page - PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, etc... - add new webpages to my website add new webpages to my website(repost) - Add News and Portfolio Items to Old Website add news block - add news script to html site Add News Section To My Site - Add next, previous and random button (Squarespace) Add next/prev buttons to Wordpress NextGen ScrollGallery - add no theme color Add Nochex Payment Gateway to our website - Add notification and facebook login Add notification feature for my ready app - platform ionic - add numbers from 000 to 999 on each line Add Numbers to a List in Java APK - Add of extensions to Joomla 1.5 site add of product - Add On & Off Swich For PHP Web Site Splash Page Add on (only for provider vcraft) - Add On Click Tracking to links inside of WP theme add on code and circuitry - Add on features to existing email functionality from website admin section & add captcha Add on features to my current PHP Accounting Software - add on for previous project
Add on for Safari Browser communicate with server - Add On Menu to existing Application add on module - Add on popup and exit popup page to the website Add on previous work - Add On to Allow a member to sell videos, photos Add on to an existing illustration - Add on to existing site, make it responsive Add on to existing website - Add on to the monitoring for the previous project (wiki pages) now to 18 May 2014 Add on to the section of site on Joomla - Add on work for existing website Add on work for - Add one easy feature in php add one easy function in my current site - add one function i a wordpress site Add one functionality from a free HTML5 template to Unify bootstrap theme - Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task - repost Add one more payment processor to a oxyclassfieds script - Add one page to my site Add one page to our Web site - Add one sentence to existing site. Add one simple function to my mobile version ASP.NET - Add online data export capability to PowerBuilder application Add Online Editor to - Add online server Add online shopping portals data to my price comparison website (affliate program) - Add ons for Michele Add ons for OScommerce - Add onto an existing APK code Add onto an existing APK code 2 - add opencart exertion Add opencart extention - Add Optin to Wordpress Popup Add option Change Color of bubbles (Live Wallpaper) - Add option to existing MT4 Expert Advisor add option to flash program - add options in admin panel for add code Google Analytics , marquee slider & flag counters Add Options Module - add options to shopping cart Add options to theme - Add or modify existing Drupal 7 Commerce Free Shipping Rule Add or modify existing features Iphone and Andriod Apps based on Edirectory - Add ordernumber and total price excl. shipping variables (Magento) Add orthopedic products to shopping cart - Add other language to website Add other languages to Magento site - Add Our Competition To US Competition Sites Add our content to 60 web 2.0 website - Add our link to 100 sites Add our link to 100 sites(repost) - Add our product to Flipkart/snapdeal seller Portal Add our product to Wikipedia Page and Write a Page about our Product in Wikipedia - Add Outros (Endings) to Videos Which Promote Our Social Media Profiles Add Outros to Videos Which Promote Our Social Media Profiles - Add Owl Carousel to Shopify site Add Own Cloud to exisitng Linux Server - Add page and edit small things to website ADD PAGE AND FUNCTIONAL PLUGINS TO EXISTING WORDPRESS - Add Page Template for page within Site Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. - Add Page to existing website Add page to Joomla Component to assign bib numbers - Add page to website Add page to website - add page-scaling function to evince Add page-specific info to Wordpress sidebar - Add pages and content to Wordpress website (propulsion theme) Add pages and counters to existing website - Add pages on a existing website Add pages on existing site - add pages to an existing website Add pages to an existing website and make it all look better - add pages to existing website on PHP Add pages to existing website wordpress and shop plug in - add pages to my functioning site now, set up email/domain/google SEO stuff Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add pages, structure and linking to existing website Add Pages/Content to Adsense Site - Add Pagination to custom wordpress theme search Add pagination to file sharing database - repost - Add paid listings to existing system Add Paid Members With Secure Access - Add Parallax, slide in and fade in effect to content on my WordPress website Add parallelisation into mex-function, delete all Python "staff" from code. - Add part number generator to Woocommerce Site. Ajax/Database/Javascript skills required!! Add particle candy system to Game in Basic - Add password protection for Admin section in Add password protection on storage script - Add Pause Interval To An Existing App Add Pay Pal integration - 2 forms - Add payment button to established site Add Payment Buttons To My Website - Add payment gateway Add payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway in Shopify add payment gateway into wordpress website - add payment gateway to my site Add payment gateway to Open Source ticketsystem - add payment getway on my existing website Add payment icons to shopify store footer - already have the html code! - Add payment pages to two websites Add Payment Portal and Form to joomla site - Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks -- 2 - Add paymentsystem to html (no cms) Add Paymentwall payment module to Abledating chameleonsocial script. - Add Paypal Adaptive Payments and Facebook and Twitter Login Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin again - Add PayPal API integration and UI features add paypal api interegation - Add PayPal Button/Script to my Joomla Website Add Paypal Buttons/Mailing List - Add Paypal discount codes Add Paypal donate on Joomala website with iFrame - Add Paypal In Website Add Paypal integration to existing account - Add paypal payment in only one of our website service add paypal payment ( check out ) - Add Paypal Payments Pro to older Interspire Shopping Cart Add Paypal payments to my site - Add paypal subscription payments on PHP login Add PayPal Subscription To Joomla Site - Add PayPal to ordering page Add Paypal to OsCommerce. - Add paypal to website. Add Paypal Website Payment Pro and Product Attributes - Option Type Feature v1.71 into Clean CRE Loaded 6.15 - Add PDA USB Read/Write Function ADD PDF AND ICON TO MY JOOMLA WEBSITE - Add PDF page count code into my existing program (called - vPDFjobs, i.e. my vPDF Server software) Add PDF reader to a Drupal website - ADD PEOPLE IN PICTURE - ongoing work Add people in three 3d renders - add perfectmoney payment to a script Add permanent login to my website - Add ph# to asp/html page(s) Add phone # - Townhomes - ADD PHONE NUMBER TO EXISTING SITE Add Phone Number to header - Add Phone Numbers From Whitepages to Excel Spreadsheet Add phone numbers to mobile site - Add Photo and Video Galleries Add Photo area to a ready created WordPress website - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app