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Add features to weboage - repost - Add features to Wordpress Add features to Wordpress NextGen Gallery Plug-in - Add features too ftp-uploader Add Features Web application - Add FedEx shipping calc to existing shopping cart add fedex, ups and usps to my shopping cart - add few enhancements to php/jquery chat script Add few extension for website - add few features to one webpage . add few features to phpsunchat - Add few minor functions to existing site -- 4 Add few module positions a Joomla 3.6 website - Internal Project # 20160729A1 - add few things to my wordpress page add few thinks in my web site [ API and imei unlocktec.] - Add Field to Blog Add field to conformation email - Add field to register form magento Add field to registration. - Add fields at backend Add fields dynamically with jquery - Add fields to Adobe Echosign form Add fields to allow posting of affiliate links to coupon site PHP/MySQL - Add Fields to Form that submits to wordpress database and post Add fields to forms and MySQL queries on existing Zend / Doctrine application - Add fields to post / PHP / MYSQL Add fields to product listing in OSC - Add File delivery method to Woo Commerce add file field to HTML form - Add file upload field to Woocommerce Register Form Add file upload functionality and additional support logic to ASP .net C# website - Add File Version to existing exe Add file-sharing feature to existing website - Add Filter bar for my Wordpress post categories Add filter bar to page templates - Add Filter to Video Clip Add filter to website client dashboard - Add Filters to mt4 EA Add filters,searching and pagination in my website - Add Firebase to online table for real time co-editing (angularjs/firebase/node) Add firmware modification. Add 4th axis (Rotaional) to 3D printer. - Add fixes and features to custom jQuery "Zoom" plugin add fixes and features to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - Add flash and template to my host Add flash and video player to joomla site - Add flash design to clipshare site Add Flash Effect to Site - Add Flash Music Player to Website ADD FLASH on CSS - Add flash to our website and give it a facelift Add flash to site - add flickr into wordpress, then post to live site Add flip book, twitter, facebook as a tab on side of wordpress site - Add flower blooms to an image Add Flowers Behind My Graphic - add folder and files to web add folder support t our launcher - Add font and edit photo Add font colour to JS calendar dates depending on whether taken - Add footer area to Wordpress website. Add footer area to Wordpress website. -- 2 - Add form and functions- MSQL database - repost Add Form and Macro to Excel Spreadsheet - Add Form on Contact Page Add form on responsive mode wordpress - Add form to page and generate excel file - (Yii Framework) Add form to page(repost) - Add formfield to (2) 1 page PDF documents. Add formfield to (2) 1 PDF documents. - Add Forms to WebSite Add forms to Wordpress site - Add forum software to a website Add Forum to an existing osCommerce Site - Add forum, restricted login, and customized scheduler plugin functionality to Wordpress site add forums - Add free listings to 13 x websites Add free shipping code - Add friend function for chat system add friend request in a chat app - Add friends on Myspace Add friends system to HumHub - Add friends to MySpace account add friends to myspace account - add front and back mucis to audio clips Add front end features to Web Application built in Javascript Teechart Library - Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - open to bidding - Add fully working one page on Magento Site Add fully-featured blog & rss to MODx Evo site - Add function in Cakephp intranet Add function in Cakephp intranet -- 2 - Add function to Affiliates System add function to an existing vb6 app - Add function to Existing Website Add function to existing website - Add function to social network Add function to subscription system - Add functionalities to client server windowns based application Add functionalities to client server windowns based application -- 2 - Add functionality to another website Add functionality + improve website - Add functionality Android webview Add Functionality For Mobile Device - add functionality to a custom Zoho Creator application Add functionality to a Django Python Application - Add functionality to a website (2) Add functionality to a website theme - Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost) Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost)(repost) - Add functionality to ASP.NET 2.0 web application Add Functionality to Bookly Wordpress Plugin - add functionality to existing android and iphone app Add Functionality To Existing Android App - Add Functionality to existing Google Maps Application Add Functionality to existing Google Maps Application - repost - Add Functionality to Existing Website Add Functionality to existing website - Add functionality to jMirc (java) to run on blackberry 9000 bold add functionality to Joomla 2.5 template - Add functionality to member area Add functionality to MQ4 indicator - Add Functionality to PhoneGap app Add Functionality to Phonegap app - Add functionality to shopify store Add functionality to Shopify website + some changes - Add Functionality to Website Add functionality to Website - Add functionality to WordPress Site Add functionality to WordPress site - Add functionaly to current website using Joomla ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN - add functions in a website add functions in a website - Add functions to a site using Dot Net, C# Add functions to a webshop. - add functions to Delphi backup software add functions to Delphi backup-software - Add functions to java program add functions to java program - Add functions to photo editing app Add functions to php script - Add Functions to Web Distribution add functions to website - Add functions/Fix bugs for competitve gaming website - repost Add Functon to Existing App - add furniture page with search options
Add further export options to Yii app + small bug fixing - Add galleries to Word Press site Add galleries to Word Press website - add gallery to each product (right col) add gallery to existing website - Add gameplay mode to visual book Add games - Add GCM push notifications configurations app and server Add GCM to existing Android app - Add Geo Targeting Functionality To Wordpress Website Add Geo-location data to WordPress MU SiteMap Plugin - Add German celebrities to our database Add german front page movies + Add country identifier - Add gGogle Cptcha in Wordpress Add Gif Animation to Jpg file - Add gifts to my website add git to django - Add glowing effect to logo - repost Add glowing effect to logo - repost 2 - Add google adds to my wordpress website Add Google Admob and scale game to fit any screen - Add Google Adsense code to website Add Google Adsense Codes to Our Website - Add Google Adwords tracking code through Child theme in WordPress Add google adwords tracking to rsforms pro - Add google analytics and ads removal in-app purchase to iOS app Add Google analytics and conversion tracking to 3 sites. - Add Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking Add Google Analytics E-commerce tracking for website - Add Google Analytics to app / Twitter share / Rate the app Add google analytics to Apps android - Add Google Analytics to website + show me how to do this Add Google Analytics tracking code to ALL website pages (Wordpress backend) - Add google base feed component to my virtuemart Add Google Calendar API integration into jQuery Calendar Script - add google conversion code to button in contact 7 form Add Google Conversion code to Contact Us form - Add google facebook button and like button to website Add Google Font to Wordpress theme and Center Text on page. - add google map to website Add google map with driving directions - Add Google News RSS Add Google News RSS - ASAP - Add Google Plus Icon to existing site add google plus link on home page - Add Google Search Business to WordPress Template(repost) add google search code/capability to iweb site - Add Google Translate to dictionary Add Google Translate tool to Bigcommerce website - Add Googlere CAPTCHA to my form Add goole map to wordpress theme - Add GPU stats to linux dashboard Add GPU stats to web based linux dashboard - Add graphic onto webpage Add Graphic Overlay to Product Images - Add graphics to dress up a social media policy Add Graphics to Edges of Wordpress Site - Add Greenwell Metro JS and Live Twitter / Tumblr feed Feed Add Greeting to Email Utility - Add Group Price to Manage Products Grid (Quick Task)--2 Add Group/Page/Fan page on Facebook - Add guidelines to existing handwriting font Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo - Add HDR camera capture to TapPainter Add header and background image to myspace band site - Add header to Wordpress blog (PSD to JPG) Add header widget to existing wordpress template - Add heatmap data from Add Hebrew font to my theme - Add High Score Tables to Flash Games with MySQL and PHP Add HIGHCHARTS chart in my web system - Add holidays calendar to my app Add holidays calendar to my app - Add Hosting site to Host Directories Add to directory's - Add Hover Controls to a Slideshow Add Hover Effect on Video Portfolio - Add HTML capibilities to current MAPI code, C# add html code for banner and rss feed from to my job site - Add HTML input panel to opencart website. Add HTML interface to wxPython appication - Add HTML Syntax Highlighting to UITextView Add html tabs to ebay template - Add html to text file Add HTML to webpage - Add https header with SQUID server Add https to Wordpress website - Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons Add hyperlinks to existing document - Add iAd to iPhone app Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. - Add iCloud functionality to existing iOS App Add iCloud Support To App - Add icon on charity listed items only Add icon to a dropdown list - Add icons and its hover to sprite Add icons and legends to search results - Add IDX Frame to Site Add IDX Real Estate Feed to a Business Catalyst Website - Add illustration onto a thermal cup in 3D space Add Illustration to an image - Add image code to my shopify site Add image compression to my png imagemagick script - Add image in the header file - magento Add image in website - add image to another pic add image to email on - Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding - Add image upload to laravel form Add image upload/resize/crop component to PHP/MySQL site - Add images and descriptions in webshop Add images and descriptions to directory - add images into my website into the correct listings add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - Add Images to Articles add images to articles - you must be always online - Add Images to Magento Slider Add images to Mobiles. Read full description before giving bid - add images to template Add Images to Template, Then add to PHPList - Add images to WooCommerce Products add images to wordpress website - Add improves to iPhone App Add in animation to a pre-recorded video on i-phone for social media identity - Add in another language to existing website Add In App Chat option to existing iphone and Android mobile app - Add in C# for excell Add in different words to animation & copy in new voiceover (PINGPRO) - Add in geolocation to my Shopify store Add in Google Post Code search into wordpress - add in text to speech to the previous PizzaLover app you have designed for me add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website - Add in-app purchase and Parse SDK to existing project Add in-app purchase feature to an existing iOS App - Add In-App Purchases to jQuery Mobile/Phonegap App Add IN-APP PURCHASES to my app - Add InApp Subscriptions to app Add InAppBrowser to an existing Phonegap app for IOS - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator and extra setting to my EA. - Add Infinite Scroll to ajax Wordpress theme Add infinite scroll to custom wordpress site - Add Infinite Scroll to Wordpress theme
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