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Add functionality to wms application. - Add Functionality to WP Plugin Add functionality to xml export script (rodelarode) - Add functions and design to my script Add functions and design to my script - repost - add functions on adult website Add functions on Uber menu - Add functions to an existing custom-made wordpress plugin(repost) Add functions to an existing mobile application - Add functions to existing Program Add functions to existing website. - add functions to my website add functions to my wordpress - Add functions to the last project Add functions to the NetworkSoution Ecommerce site - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 2 Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 3 - Add funtionality to Pad Kit site Add funtionality to shopify website + some changes - Add GA events to PDF documents on website (so we can report on downloads) Add gable boxes and jars to website. - Add Gallery Pages to Web Site Add gallery script to website - Add Game to Adult Website add game to facebook - Add gayteway to JomRes Add GCM Notification to App - Add geo location map to a drupal search Add geo pricing functions, website clean up via MAGENTO - add geolocation to java applet Add geolocation to registration form - Add GetResponse Optin code to my Html Squeeze Page Add Gettext calls for Rails views - Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site -- 2 Add gift voucher module to oscommerce 2.3.3 - Add globel CSipSimple settings in web-gui Add Glossy Shine to Logo - Add google 2 step authentication to my login website Add google ad banner for mobile to the bottom of wordpress posts - Add google adsense code to a mobile website Add Google Adsense Code To One Inner Page of web site - Add Google Adwords Conversion Code Add google adwords conversion tracking code and remarketing code to drupal website - add google analytics and adroll pixel to website Add google analytics and ads removal in-app purchase to iOS app - Add Google analytics coding to Wordpress template Add Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking - Add Google Analytics to app / Twitter share / Rate the app Add google analytics to Apps android - Add google analytics to php coded site Add Google Analytics To Site (NOT WORDPRESS) - Add google authenticator to php site Add google base feed component to my virtuemart - Add Google Checkput to 2 OSCOMMERCE sites add google conversion code to button in contact 7 form - add google event tracker on my site add google event tracker on my site - Add google map page to my Zen Cart PHP site Add Google Map to ASP.NET page - Add Google Materialize CSS to my existing HTML/CSS one page Add Google Materialize CSS to my existing HTML/CSS one page -- 2 - Add Google Play Game Services Leader Board to a Cocoas 2DX Game Add Google play leaderboard to an android game built with coco2d and android studio - open to bidding - Add Google Script using Drupal Add Google search bar to site - Add Google Tracking Code to X-cart Add Google tracking codes etc - Add Google/Facebook Like Buttons to (Magento Site) Add GoogleCheckout to OpenCart - add gps map to existing map add gps positioning on a map in an existing app - Add graphic design / artistic elements to website(repost) Add graphic images to correct Location from PDF document to Autocad Drawing - NEED COMPLETION TODAY URGENT - Add graphics to a web-site, design a logo and make it look very good Add Graphics to Capabilities Statement - Add greenshot Add greenshot - open to bidding - Add Group level to this C# Silverlight WPF app Add Group Membership Portal to existing WordPress site that works on mobile too -- 2 - Add GUI to command-line program written in C Add GUI to Scientific App - Add HD Wallpapers to Website Add HDD and resize partitions in linux - Add header to php script Add header to Wordpress blog (PSD to JPG) - Add heatmap data from Add Hebrew font to my theme - Add High Score Tables to Flash Games with MySQL and PHP Add HIGHCHARTS chart in my web system - Add holidays calendar to my app Add Home Button on all pages of website - Add Hot Link to Databse Add hot product on homepage (should work with products_opt5) - Add hover effect to Images and resolve search issue Add Hover functionality to buttons in mfc appwizard project - Add html code in website in 5 mins Add html code to online store (3dcart) - add html link fields to website, categorize them , couple small fixes (wordpress) add html link to a flsh swf file - Add HTML template to script add html template to shopify cart - Add HTML5 Player to 1 Page Add HTML5 Player to Page...Urgent - Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model and Animate it Add Hungarian subtitles to 30 minutes of English video - Add hyperlinks to XML button AS3 Add hypertext to 4 playlists - Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app Add IAP to iOS game - Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress Add Icon & links to my wordpress site - Add Icon to Tray For NT Service When User Logs Into Windows Add Icon to website - Add icons to webpage Add Icons To Wordpress Header - Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy Add Iframe Swap Content Feature - Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and text to Html Pages - Add image gallery for products in custom CMS Add Image Gallery to Existing .php Page - Add Image scaler to existing website Add image slider to Magento site - Add image to site(repost) Add image to slider on homepage of website - Add Image Upload Feature to Existing Website (lensc) Add image upload in web admin panel.. - Add images and description to 1500 products in magento (Urgent) add images and description to consumer electronics products - Add Images in Shopping Cart Add images into .aep file - Add images to a web site with captions and alt tags Add images to an Apple Motion Template - Add Images to cover photo Add Images to current Smartphone Apps - Add images to products / webshop Add images to products in magento - Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding Add images to website pages - Add importing image capabilities to Text box Add improvements to an existing website - Add in a page slideshow feature to my website add in ability to turn off or on column in admin area for events - Add in audio function in LimeSurvey Add in Banner Management & Field Types - Add in function for existing wordpress template Add in functionality to existing web form w/php & mysql - add in text to speech
add in text to speech to the previous PizzaLover app you have designed for me - Add in-app purchase and Parse SDK to existing project Add in-app purchase feature to an existing iOS App - Add IN-APP PURCHASES to my app Add In-App Purchases to PhoneGap App Build - Add inc. vat after price Add Incl. of tax as per attachments in magento website - Add indicator filter to EA Add Indicator filter to EA: NEED FAST - Add infinite scroll to my index.php Add Infinite Scroll to My Shopify Store - add info on ready mad android app add info on ready mad android app - repost - Add information from multiple pdfs to an excel Add information from multiple pdfs to an excel - Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin add initial balancing to existing proof of concept app - Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. -- 2 - Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application add instant messenger program to membership website - add interactive infografic (java script) to my web site Add interactive map and make some changes on wordpress multilingual site - Add International Countries to Signup Page Add international countries to website - add intertitial Ads admob Add into an existing upload script an video option - Add Inventory to Volusion Website Add Inventory Tracking Component to Existing HTML/PHP Website - Add Invoicing Functionality to PHP Website Backend add invoicing system to kayako fusion - Add IP filtering to PHP login Script Add ip location based Map to landing page - Add iPad views to existing iPhone app Add iPad views to existing iPhone app - Add IPTC info to Images From Database Add IPTC info to Images From Database(repost) - Add item detail block into project module in vtiger 6.4.0 add item on market place - Add items to 3D Simulation. Add items to a picture and make it look real (Easy job for a pro) - add items to my website (3d cart) Add items to online store - Add items to textbox popup menu for IE Add items to website - Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to Spring Security to an existing Spring Roo project Add Jasper Reports and Spring Security with LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project - Add javascript booking widget to resort website Add JavaScript Calculations to Drupal Content Entry Forms - add javascript into wordpress page Add Javascript Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme - Add Javascript to PDF Form to control combo boxes and do Validation Add JavaScript to Person Approval Page - Add Job Apply Page Add job companies, new logo, new background and SEO - Add jomsocial toolbar to other pages. add joomla 2.5 " todo list " into this website - Add Joomla web content Add Joomla! module positions to template. Fix URL problem. - Add JQuery Carasouel to my site add jquery colorpicker - Add jquery Lightbox to Website and Fix Navigation Menu Resizing Add jQuery Mambo plugin to my WP theme - Add jquery slider to ebay and advanced search form Add jQuery Slider to Magento Website - Add Jquery validation to Wordpress Form - for evgendob Add JQuery Zoom feature to Ajax/mysql/php project - Add JscrollPane API to my Android game Add JSGrid to my datatables php - Add jwplayer to my website and replace to adobe flash player -- 2 Add kerning to font previewer - Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) -- 2 - Add Ktools Photostore to existing site Add Kwicks Slider with video enabled to wordpress theme - Add language and make modifications in a magento template (ecommerce) Add language and more improvments - add language to existing wordpress site - WPML ready Add Language to Joomla websie - Add Laravel Socialite 3rd Part User To Website Add large Banner to Website - add law school to my directory add layer / overlay marker on google maps - add ldap info to csv export Add LDAP login to octoprint - Add left navigation image/link Add left navigation links - Add license key system Add license management, WPM and Worldpay Payment processing - Add lightbox autopopup to homepage Add Lightbox Effect to 2 Pages - Add Lightbox to product page Add Lightbox to Wordpress Menu - Add Likes (favorite) Etsy Listings - Experiences Applicants ONLY! Add likes for google plus - Add Line Item Properties to Shopify Store - ongoing work Add line of code to site for google web master tools access - Add link to 4 pages Wordpress Add link to a browser bar - Add Link to pdf from image on WordPress Add Link to pdf from image on WordPress. - Add LinkedIn Connections Add LinkedIn contacts - add links html edit Add links into c++ web directory(easy job) - Add links to HTML5 drawing Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost) - add links to page - repost 2 Add links to pages - Add links to word press and shopping cart Add links to wordpress-template - Add listing to multiple categories! Add Listing View / Date&Time Picker Module - Add listings to Etsy Shop. add listings to google maps without using a postcard verification - Add Live Audio/Video to PCPIN Chat Application Add Live chat application to website - Add live public betting trends to Joomla website Add live radio streaming to wordpress website - add liveperson infobox to oscmax website add livestreaming to mobile app and connect app to website - Add Local Language to Wordpress Multisite Add Local Notification Script to iOS/Android App - Add location to previous project Add location to user post, search by location in Angularjs and Firebase app - Add logic to a script -- 2 Add logic to a script -- 3 - Add Login and bug fix to ringtone app website Add login and item launch tracking to existing ASP.NET application - Add login management and multiple instances to a open source software Add login mysql to ionic app - Add Login to Wordpress Site (should be simple) Add login tool for and - Add Login/Backend to RIngtone Website Add login/logout functionality + get data into database - Add logo and menu to javascript sticky header Add logo and title (In Hindi) to the image given by me using photoshop - Add Logo to a cart Add logo to a styling photo and add a white border to 16 pictures - add logo to image to replace existing flag Add logo to InDesign files and create PDF's - Add Logo to Photo's Add Logo to Pictures - Add logo to wordpress header Add logo to wordpress site - Add Logo, Change Color Scheme, and Teach Me How You Did It in Wordpress