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Add features to an Android application - add features to an existing app. Add features to an existing application - Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL site Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL site(repost) - Add features to an online store Add features to an Online Store under Drupal - Add features to Article Script Add features to AstroNN Indicator - Add features to CoinDice Script -- 2 Add features to Content Management System - Add features to Delphi program Add features to DevExpress built ASP CRM website and - Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developer) Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developers) - Add features to existing iPhone utility app Add features to existing jQuery custom plugin - Add features to existing project - skills in php, xcode, unity3D, Zend framework, objective C -- 2 Add features to existing project - skills in php, xcode, unity3D, Zend framework, objective C -- 3 - Add features to existing website Add features to existing website - Add features to Google Map based Bus Directory Admin Module add features to google mashup - Add features to iphone and make changes to Iphone and Adroid app add features to iPhone app - Add features to jquery plugin add features to koparent - Add features to my app Add features to my app. - ADD FEATURES TO MY SCRIPT Add features to my script. - Add features to my website for a mobile app Add Features to my website - Add features to online greeting card designer Add features to online management scorecard - Add features to our web app PHP Add features to our Wordpress website - Add features to PHP/Java Calculator Add features to PHP/Java Calculator - repost - Add Features To RSSGM Script Add features to Ruby on Rails platform. - Add Features to Small Website Add Features to Social Networking Site - Add features to Unicenta (New Module) Add features to Unicenta (New Module) - add features to website Add features to website , subscription fee, online training - Add features to WordPress Template Add Features to Wordpress Theme - Add features/Enhancements to Existing PHP Website Add features/fix bugs (PHP& BOOTSTRAP) - Add Feeds to 3 Sites Add feeds to twitter account - Add few features in my iOS game add few features in vbulletin mod - add few features to vc++ video streaming application Add few feture for homework project - Add few new features to Windows 8.1 app - repost Add few options in flash player - Add field search m2o on E-commerce Odoo add field CodeIgniter - add field to history order opencart 2 Add field to invoice that exports into sales report and modify sales report - Add Field Validation to Form Add field validation to FormTools script - Add fields joomla registration page Add fields joomla registration page - Add Fields to ERUBY and Code to RUBY Scripts to Change Local IP on Linux Flavored System Add fields to excel import for OSC - Add Fields to PDF Timesheet Add Fields to PDF Timesheet so it automatocaly fills out - Add File Attachment Functionality to OSCommerce checkout process Add file check capabilities to PHP Script - Add File Upload Field Into Registration Page Add file upload field to Woocommerce Register Form - Add FILE UPLOAD to WebView app for Android < 4.4 Add file uploads to my existing Ruby on Rails website - Add fill in fields to existing PDF form, make merge-ready Word document Add fillable forms fields to PDF document - Add filter to EA -- 2 Add filter to image - Add Filters to Embed code Add Filters to Existing Metatrader4 EA - Add fire / lighting / special effects to video Add fire shooting out of dragons mouth after effects and lightning bolts ontop of my video - Add Fix, Custom, Max lot size and Reverse trade option in my EA Add Fix/Function to Custom Joomla Website - Add flames to logo Add Flames to My Logo :0) - Add flash banners to a wordpress website Add flash banners to our site - Add flash images on my homepage - simple job Add Flash Menu &amp; Flash Portfolio to Html site - Add flash to our website and give it a facelift Add flash to site - Add flip transition effect in advanced post slider wordpress plugin Add FlipBoard Display Module to existing app - Add Flsh MP3 player to website Add Flsh MP3 player to website(repost) - add followers on social media Add Followers on Twitter - Add font to landing page Add font types, font colours, logos, my profile, website links, photo to a purchased Real Estate website - Add footer navigation in wordpress theme Add Footer row in RDLC report - Add form element button to Yootheme Zoo Products Add form error messages in an existing wordpress form (html form - not CF7) - Add form to 2 pages of existing responsive site add form to admin and coupons - Add form to select items - repost ADD FORM TO SITE FOR AUTO-RESPONDER SERVICE - Add forms to a website using Xyolting PHP Framework Add Forms to Database of website - Add Formula to Pivot Table Add formula to spreadsheet to highlight differences between two sheets - Add Forum to Site (vBulletin or Xoops) Add Forum to Web Site - Add frame moulding around images live. Add frame to webpage - php - Add French to my website add frequencies in c# - Add Friends on Facebook Add friends on Facebook - Add friends to my social network add friends to my space - Add Front & Back Bumpers to 5 Videos + a bit of editing add front and back mucis to audio clips - Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - open to bidding Add full page pre-loader effect to website - Add fully-featured blog &amp; rss to MODx Evo site Add funcionality to a custom contact form - Add function in C code Add function in Cakephp intranet - Add function to a ready made script (EASY) Add function to a WebGL script - Add function to existing iPhone application Add Function to existing RSS Proxy Script - Add Function to parse C++ Add function to php script: Allow Manual Override of Unit Price in Basket - Add functionalities related to location Add functionalities to a video CMS (PHP Melody) - Add functionalities to NopCommerce MVC5 based solution blog Add functionalities to nopcommerce store - Add functionality and clean up web page.(repost)
Add functionality and error handling to existing wordpress plugin - Add functionality in OSCommerce Add functionality in select areas - Add functionality to a school management system Add functionality to a simple CMS - Add functionality to a Wordpress website -- 2 Add functionality to a wordpress website and built-in classifieds plugin - Add Functionality to an Existing Spa Website Add Functionality to an existing website - Add functionality to duplicate pages to create new ones (js and php) Add functionality to earlier created event system - Add functionality to existing C#/.Net/embedded Firebird app Add Functionality to existing donor page, to allow incremental donations and tidy page to my specifications. - Add Functionality to existing Project Add functionality to Existing Project - Add Functionality to HTML/CSS Template Add functionality to iOS / Android applications - Add functionality to MediaWiki Installation Add functionality to MediaWiki Installation - updated - Add Functionality to our Deals Hong Kong Android App Add Functionality To Our Wordpress Website - Add functionality to SHOPIFY P.O.S APP- SHOPIFY P.O.S APP ONLY(AN APP In STORE FROM SHOPIFY) Add functionality to shopify store - Add functionality to Website Add functionality to webSite - Add functionality to WordPress Site Add functionality to WordPress site - ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN -- 2 - Add functions in Android App Add functions in C program - Add functions to a wordpress plugin Add Functions to a wordpress theme - Add functions to exisiting PHP/MYSQL-site Add functions to existing CRM database app - Add functions to my game C++ Add functions to my osCommerce site - Add functions to program Add functions to project. Requires mysql programming, js, java, html5 - add functions to wordpress site Add functions to WordPress site. - Add Funds to Panel Add funny pictures, easy job - Add futures to a com/mod for googlemap for joomla Add G2A pay to Wordpress plugin - Add gallery and some improvements Add gallery in 2 sites - Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site - repost - Add Gateway (SweaWebPay) to Wordpress Event Manager Plugin add gateway for skadate script - Add genuine back links to my Website add geo information to cvs - Add Geolocation Services Add GeoLocation to CakePHP App - Add GET-Parameter In My Form for thankyoupage Add GetResponse Code to Landing Pages - Add gift option to our magento ecommerce Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site - Add global tabs and category tabs options to opencart website Add globel CSipSimple settings in web-gui - Add google 2 step authentication to my login website Add google ad banner for mobile to the bottom of wordpress posts - Add Google Adsense code script to my WordPress website Add google adsense code to a mobile website - Add Google Adwords Conversion Code Add google adwords conversion tracking code and remarketing code to drupal website - Add google analytics and ads removal in-app purchase to iOS app Add Google analytics and conversion tracking to 3 sites. - Add Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking Add Google Analytics E-commerce tracking for website - Add Google Analytics to Butterfly Marketing Script add google analytics to ebay store - Add Google Analytics to Squarespace Site ( Budget $30) Add Google Analytics to Website - Add google base feed component to my virtuemart Add Google Calendar API integration into jQuery Calendar Script - Add Google Conversion code to Contact Us form Add google custom search and facebook comment box for Blog engine - Add Google Event Tracking Code Add google facebook button and like button to website - Add Google Map to Component'sSearch Results: Map View Result Add google map to drop down box - Add Google merchant categories to 800 Shopify products Add google mpas to ionic 2 in ion-segment - add google plus circles Add Google Plus Icon to existing site - Add Google Script using Drupal Add Google search bar to site - Add Google tracking codes etc Add Google translate properly into our Magento online store. - Add Google/Facebook Like Buttons to (Magento Site) Add GoogleCheckout to OpenCart - add gps positioning on a map in an existing app Add GPS to PRO version - Add graphic onto webpage Add Graphic Overlay to Product Images - Add Graphics to Edges of Wordpress Site Add Graphics to Graphical Resume - Add Greeting to Email Utility Add Grey Background to Images - Need Fast Turnaround - Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application Add Grouping to Multi-Select drop down boxes - Add H.264 support to windows openwengo(repost) Add h1 tags to prestashop site - Add Header and Footer to Forum Add header and footer to wordpress blog - Add headers footers and delete pages from the pdf files and edit content. Add headers footers and delete pages from the pdf files and edit content. - Add Help Links that can be admin user edited to Rails app Add Hibernate Support to a Java Web App - add hippy to my website . Add Historic Sales Data to Magento - Add horizontal menu to Joomla 1.5 add horizontal menu to website - Add Hotspot Map to a jpeg html Add hotspots to navigate around to google VR iOS SDK - Add HTML / Link to view - google map - JOOMLA Add HTML and CSS code - Add html glossary to Joomla Page Add HTML input panel to opencart website. - Add HTML Syntax Highlighting to UITextView Add html tabs to ebay template - Add HTML/CSS jQuery chat widget to existing template Add html/css pages to OpenCart - Add human American accent voice into the videos Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model - Add Hyperlinks to PDF document Add hyperlinks to PDF using JAVA / iText - Add IAP and FB actions to app Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app - Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress Add Icon & links to my wordpress site - Add Icon to website Add Icon to Wordpress Menu dashboard for Plugin - Add iContact Integration To Custom Wishlist Member Registration Code Add ID Number to EBCDIC file - Add iframe to site Add iFrame to Squarespace site - Add Image background to a Wordpress Template Add image background to my WP and center logo and menu - Add Image Gallery to Website Add image in the header file - magento - Add image next to " Add to Cart " Woocommerce