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add custom fields to custom post in wordpress multisite - Add custom fields to the default Joomla registration forms Add custom fields to virtumart product - Add custom functionality to an existing PHP-Homepage Add custom functionality to WooCommerce site - Add custom image field for module Add Custom Indicator to Keltner Channel - Add custom meta data to site and search and create good blog Add Custom Meta Delivery Dates to Bundle of Products - Add Custom Pages to Drupal Site Add Custom Pages to Drupal Site - Add custom product pricing in Woocommerce Superstore Add custom products to WooCommerce for WordPress - Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. - repost - add custom user fileds in sugarcrm add custom variable to API and create magento module - Add Customer Name to Existing PDF At Customer Checkout Add Customer Picture Gallery Page for Woocommerce Site - Add customizations to flask-admin panel Add customizations to Virtuemart - add cutom fields to woocommerce register form Add CVV Number to Payment Gateway - Add Data File to Java project Add data filter features to Yii2 website - Add data from web to an existing Excel spreadsheet Add data in an excelfile from a website - manually or with VB code - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 2 Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a - Add data Series to an NT MACD indicator Add Data Sheet/Brochure to product listing from Zen Cart Admin - Add data to Flash animation from SQL Add data to from excel to mysql db - Add data to Web Site Add data to Web Site - Add Database Field to Joomla Template Add Database Function - add database/dynamics to static MIVA-enabled site add databast to existing site - Add date picker to form on Joomla 2.5.8 Add Date Selection Pop Up To Drupal View (Excel Feed) - Add Deal-Style Template To My WordPress Theme Add dealer area to WordPress site - Add delay/loop to my php code. Add Delete Button - Add depth to logo Add Description and Edit Name in Joomla site- Data Entry - Add Design Add design - Add design on Joolma Template Add Design option pages with image uplaoder - Add design, style and some client side function to an existing html layout Add design. To existing ad - Add details to games website game card add details to woocommerce products - Add different Sites to Directories Add different size and price for same product OSCommerce - Add Dipsute system and Facelift to website and other smaller updates Add direcpay payment gateway (woocommerce plugin) - Add Discount Adjuster in Expresso Store -- 2 Add discount box form to classic asp page - Add discussion board to website add discussion form to mambo website - ADD DKIM Record to domain Add DMA capabilities to Linux UIO driver - Add Domain to Magento Installation add domain to vps - Add Doubleclick tracking code to wordpress blog Add download and news section to joomla website - Add Drag and Drop File Uploads to Existing PHP App Add Drag and Drop functionality (CSS/JQuery) to existing script - Add drop down link to html menu Add drop down list to datagrid in ASP.NET - Add drop down menu to Moodle theme Add drop down menu to OSCommerce site - Add drop shadow to table in web page Add Drop Ship to Virtuemart 2.0 - Add Dropdown Menu To Our Magento Website Add Dropdown Menu to Website - Add DTV to an Android box Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting - Add dynamic fields to event espresso plugin Add dynamic filtering to admin side of Joomla Component - Add dynamic news to flash site - PHP/MYSQL/Flash Add dynamic page headers to WordPress site - Add e-commerce on my freelance wordpress website Add e-commerce shopping site to company website - Add e-mail on VPS (Webmin) add e-mail to thank_you page (after filling out a form) - Add Ebook Store to Existing Website Add ebooks to my opencart store - Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site. Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site.. - Add Ecommerce To Existing Website Add Ecommerce to Existing Website - add edit button to select design idea add edit delete function and thread function - Add effects on webpage Add effects to a some video clips. - Add ELEGANCE to the Logo Add element on 3d character - Add Elements to Photos & Populate templates Add Elements to PHP WhoIs Search - add email capture to existing webpage Add email confirmation to a Visual Basic 5 program - Add email in subjects for email regnition Add email into EA - Add Email Reminder Existing Calendar Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items - Add email to PDF form Add Email to Sales Order Magento API - Add emails to a spreadsheet Add emails to Feedburner - Add EMI payment Facility on EBS Payment Gateway with Magento - Repost Add Emojis with Android Soft Keyboard - Add endnote Add endnotes from PDF document to Word document - Add Enter serial number feature in My App Add entries into local wikipedia - Add Escrow Feature Add Escrow Payment System and Attachment Function to the Chat Board - Add Event Records into a Mobile App CMS. Add Event Screen in my Android Apps - Add events to gmail calendar, outlook calendar or blackberry calendar from my website Add events to jococial on joomla site - Add Excel validations add excell document to html website so its searchable via users - Add existing java algorithm into existing php website to show output Add Existing Java Script to Wordpress Page - Add Existing web application to Existing Web site and correct broken links add existing WordPress calendar to new non-WordPress website - add export and print functionnalities Add export function to reports - add extension to magento Add extension to Site - Add Extra Column To HTML Table (Update) Add extra comments box to oscommerce - Add extra features to existing Android Application Add extra features to my IOS and Android App - Add extra fields to editor, show them in the article add extra fields to joomla 2.5 registration form - Add extra functionality to a Magento website Add extra functionality to an existing auction website. - add extra functions to wordpress theme Add extra icons to font-awesome - Add extra product options to Cubecart - repost
Add extra properties to python GUI - Add Facbook and Instagram to my site Add Facbook and Instagram to my site - ongoing work - Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility, *You need to know LARAVEL! - add facebook api to my site Add Facebook App (Already built) to a 2 pages. - Add Facebook Comments to my Wordpress Website Add facebook comments to wordpress website - Add facebook fans Add Facebook Fans (Poland) - add facebook friends Add Facebook Friends From Email List - Add Facebook Gamers 4 for Peregra Add facebook gift sending on Unity - Add Facebook Like & Twitter Share Button to NextGEN Lightbox Add Facebook Like and StumbleUpon buttons as iframes to joomla site - Add facebook like on my website Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close popup in opencart vQmod - Add Facebook likes button to zencart website Add Facebook Likes to a company profile on Facebook - Add Facebook login support to my Cytube server (NodeJS) add facebook login to a website - Add Facebook login to WWW and REST api Add Facebook login/GeoLocation - Add facebook pixels and adword tracking code to shopify store Add Facebook Post capability with callback on Success with Ionic Cordova - Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website Add facebook sign up to an already complete project. - Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website Add Facebook, Twitter & Mi Website Icons - add family tree design to my bootstrap template Add Fan Club/membership section to a WooCommerce Store - Add Fans to Facebook Page Add fans to facebook page - Add Fast Page Layout - WordPress Page Builder to Smartjobboard Add Fastpay Payment Gateway To Booking System Pro Wordpress Plugin - Add FB Like Button to Wordpress Theme Gallery Add fb likes - Add FCK editor Add FCK editor (tiny MCE) to existing ASP (Classic) site - Add feature for check duplicate data on a Tool Add Feature for Codename One App - add feature make sub admin in admin panel with limited powers - ongoing work Add feature of providing reference - Add feature to a drupal developed site so that users can log in and post comments with Facebook and Twiter accounts Add feature to a javascript on the WP blog - Add feature to App you have been working on Add Feature to ASP Affiliate Software - Add feature to existing Files/Documents Management Software VB.NET, PHP and MYSQL Add Feature To Existing Firefox Addon (2) - Add Feature to Google Form Add feature to IOS app - add feature to my .fla flv player in AS3 Add Feature to my admin - add feature to our web app Add feature to Outlook 2000/2003 - Add Feature To Script Add feature to Sendy Email Marketing - Add Feature To Website: Download Invoice In Excel Format Add feature to WebsocketD - Add Featured Image to 922 Wordpress Posts ADD FEATURED IMAGE TO RSS FEED - Add Featured Web Boothstrap Google Maps API -- 2 Add features - Add features / fix bugs (Bootstrap & PHP ) Add Features / Form to PHP Admin Panel - add features and fix bugs on my B2B scripts #3 Add features and fix issues on local directoy. - Add Features functionality and improve graphics of my website Add features game in unity 3D - Add features in my dating app application Xcode Add features in my music player app - Add features on website Add features over my website, Fix some problems - Add features to a file manager script Add features to a Javascript/jQuery a calendar widget - Add features to a PHP script Add features to a PHP script - add features to a social network site Add features to a theme-based site - Add features to a wordpress website Add features to a Wordpress-Buddypress website - Add features to an Android email app add features to an app - Add features to an existing Drupal 7 module add features to an existing ea - Add features to an existing website Add features to an existing WordPress Plugin [URGENT] - Add features to app Add features to app - Add Features to Camera App Add Features to CE website - Add features to current website. Add features to current website. -- 2 - Add features to existing website Add features to existing .NET CHAT app (Max $40) - Add features to existing django app Add Features to Existing Drupal Site - Add features to existing PHP website add features to existing php/mysql banner script - Add Features to Existing Strategy Game Add features to existing Symfony2 project - Add Features to File Hosting Site Add features to file manager script - Add features to internal PHP page Add features to internal website - Add features to Java software Add features to java swing application (repost) - Add features to Magento's real-estate script Add Features to Marketplace App (Permanent iOS Developer) - Add Features to my Existing PHP Website - repost Add features to my existing Wordpress site - Add features to my web site and fix few bugs Add features to my website - Add features to new website Add features to NexusDB Database - Add Features to oscommerce Website Add Features to our BSP - Add Features to PHP invoice Script Add features to PHP MYSQL Dog Pedigree Database - Add features to phpBB.(repost) Add features to Phpfox-Portal - Add features to script Add features to script. - Add features to search engine Add features to Sweet Home 3D - Add features to users account add features to VB app to automate file creation - Add features to website that uses mysql and php to produce and store audits Add features to website via API integrations - Add features to wordpress website. Add Features to WP Plugin - Add feautes to magento webshop - repost Add feautured image, and splitt div in to three, hide one for mobile. - add few banner to my website Add few best indicators in MT4 iphone application - Add few features to existing software in .NET. Its about small tool to copy files from source folders/subfolders. URGENT Add few features to existing WordPress plugin - Add few functions to the linked list Add few functions to the program - Add Few Plug ins to my Wordpress Blogs ADD FEW REFERENCES TO A PAPER - add few simple functions to flash flv player. source file will be provided upon request
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