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Add a Shopping Cart - add a short music and on / off button to flash banner Add a Side Banner to Our Blog - Add a simple blog to my website + a form Add a simple blog to my website + a form -- 2 - Add a simple feature to my classified website Add a simple Feature to my Website - Add a simple mail form to a website Add a simple modification to a java program - Add a simple wp blog to html website Add a single additinal screen to the UI of an opensource C# project optikey - Add a slider and fix css add a slider in layerslider plugin - Add a small captcha to our flash websites forms Add a small enhancement into existing MS Credential Provider project - Add a Smart App Banner to website Add a smile to beer froth picture - Add a specific menu to a wordpress page urgent Add a specific popup on my website - Add a stopwatch to woocommerce order admin screen + simple report screen Add a store locator search function to custom Google Map - Add a subpage for my website with Y-axis spin animation on mouse-hover (responsive) Add a subscribe to newletter box. - Add a tab and page to my website Add a tab and page to my website -- 2 - Add a tag to RSS feed Add a tagline to an existing logo - Add a text field to our Word Press Home page add a text to my website - Add a tiered members section to an existing Wordpress site Add a time filter - Add a tracking pixel to an open cart site Add a Trade Mark (TM) to my 2 existing Logos - Add a Twitter Feed Add a Twitter Feed slider to my website - Add a URL when a user copy a text from my site to clipboard Add a user ASP.NET web page with email verification - Add a very simple search function to my current existing website Add a video and slide show for tutorial section in app. - Add a video to an exiting url Add a video to my homepage that I can change from my admin panel - Add a water effect to some images add a watermar to a video - Add a Website auto translation feature Add a Website Carousel Slider to shopify without using apps. - Add a Wholesale page(repost) Add a Wholesale Section(repost) - Add a WinStreak Column to my Table Add A Wishlist Function To My Custom Wordpress Website - Add a wordpress blog to a website - repost Add a wordpress blog to an existing site plus minor edits - Add a Tag Feature In a Blog Add a working stop watch to an existing video real time - add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my site Add ability for our existing mobile web monetization tool to be used for iOS and Android apps as well. - add ability to switch between Add ability to take 12 photos instead of just 5 - Add abs to picture Add accent marks to a font - Add Account Settings & Workout Tracker to Existing App (Data from API) Add Account System - Add Action Hook function to WP-User-Frontend for a custom post field Add action module for Magento - Add ActiveX control button to an Excel template Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website - Add add ons and create certificate Add ADD TO CART button to RELATED products in Magento - Add additional content to our Auto Research Page Add additional content to our first page and fix all site errors - Add additional features to an existing IPhone/Ipad application and fix bugs Add additional features to an existing joomla website - Add Additional Features to PHP site (Signatrust) Add additional features to recent project - Add Additional functionality to existing website to process orders Add additional functionality to Highcharts JS web page app. Urgent. Short time frame. - Add additional inner pages to previous design worked add additional language on the site and fix php bugs on joomla - Add additional pages and functionality to an ASP .NET Website Add additional pages and functionality to an ASP .NET Website -- 2 - Add additional slide to end of current flash header Add Additional Sources to Adult Tube Grabbing Script - Add Addresses To Using a CSV file Add addresss to customer listing - Add admin funtion in escort directory script Add Admin in Url - Add Admob ads in Android app (No source code available ) Add admob ads into a android application - Add Admob code into existing app and rate option + share button Add Admob code to unity ios app - Add AdMob to existing app if iAd fails to fill Add Admob to iPhone and Android apps - Add Ads on Android App Add Ads on Existing Android App - Add Adsense adds to every auto-posted page Add Adsense Ads to my WrodPress website - Add Adsense to all my websites Add Adsense to Drupal site - Add advanced features to wordpress website Add advanced filters to WooCommerce Store page - Add advertising (RevMob) in my Unity3d Game Add Advertising and fix some bugs on my Android (PhoneGap) application - Add adverts to Mupen64 add adverts to my app - Add Affiliate extension to a Magento website add affiliate extension to my magento website - Add affiliate tracking code for website - phpprogramming only Add affiliate tracking pixel in nopcommerce Checkout Complete - Add Age verification pop up to Yahoo Ecommerce website Add age verification script to website - add AJAX and customize a trading community Add ajax and dropdown to product cart page - Add Ajax Load More Plugin to woocommerce website Add AJAX load more to ACF Gallery repeater - Add Ajax to my php website - repost add ajax to php form - Add Album / multi upload feature to phpSound Add Album & List View to my music player - Add alert to MT4 idicator - open to bidding Add alert to MT4 indicator - Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm Add alipay for php script - Add all the items from a website to my ebay account with all the details at double the price Add All-in-One SEO Plugin and Blog - Add amazon and facebook Channels to My Shopify store and add seo Add Amazon Associates Program to Wordpress Theme. - Add Amazon Product API to my website Add amazon product to wish list and gift idea - Add amortization calculator into existing .PDF created in Livecycle add an piece of script to my site that publish the latest articles on the frontpage - Add an Additional Theme and Features to an Existing Joomla Slideshow Module Add an additional Wordpress Menu - Add an alternate download method to my site. (Script already made.) Add An Alternative Beginning To A Video Trailer - add an auto-installer for my application Add an autospiner to my already created content app - Add an email address to s simple form- Small job Add an email alert to some statistics in Prestashop - Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page, Revise CSS/Javascript, Optimize for Speed Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page, Revise CSS/Javascript, Optimize for Speed -- 2 - Add an extra row to a Wordpress theme Add an extra section to my website - Add an IM in my web community Add an image adjusting function to matlab application. - add an insert image field in wordpress frontend - RUSH! Add an installer for a small java program - Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. Add an online calendar to website - Add an option box with price to PHP catalog script
Add an option for users to register and sign in to my site - Add an seccond image to Magento PDF-Invoice (Abstract.php) Add an slider to this page - Add an Upload Picture option to my website Add an upload progress meter to existing script - Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. Add and Amend Functionalities to existing php website. - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration -- 2 - Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line Add and edit Product Descriptions on a website - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions -- 2 - Add and test HTTP posting instructions Add and Test SDK to android app - Add Angular Template to Mean stack Add Angular UI calendar to a Django App - Add animation style on WordPress Nav Bar Add animation to a 3D model - Add animations to simple rigged 3D model in FBX format Add annotation (text or lineshapes) to DarkroomJS plugin - Add another flv to swf file with start buttons Add another gondola in a picture - Add another payment method Add another PHP sort function - Add api and change layout of website add api broker into c# application autobot - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - add app features Add app integration at a Android App - Add appointment function to existing website add appointment scheduling code to website - Add Apps, Websites, Domains and or Source Codes and sell on my website Add AR function to an existed iPhone App - Add architectural events to website Add archive feature to VB site - Add around 170 listings Excel Add around 25 inventory on woo commerce store - Add articles to aweber and blogs Add articles to blogger and volusion site - add asp backend and Ajax to allow quick schedule modifications Add ASP calendar application to page - Add Associated Products to Magento Add at least 5,000 connections to my LinkedIn account - Add attachments to a webform in Add attachments to outgoing email in Wordpress - Add attributes on Prestashop database or MySQL Add Attributes to an OsCommerce Online Store - add audio and video chat to php text chat script add audio and video chat using webrtc into phpsunchat - Add Audio Record to an iOS Radio Library Add Audio Record to an iOS Radio Library - Radio Tunes - Add audio to webpages Add audio track to 6 video clips - Add Authenticaiton to Web API 2 Add authenticated pages to wordpress - Add AVS and CVN to Magento's Order Admin Screen Add checkout to Squarespace - add auto backup restore to open source web application firewall Add Auto Bid To Ikiauctionscript - add auto sizing to uploading photos within my website - easy! Add Auto thumbnail (featured Image) to posts - Add autocomplete to an Applescript/cocoa project Add Autocomplete to Bootstrap Popup Modal - Add automatic redirect to an existing webpage using a schedule that you will create Add automatic scheduling to a Drupal import function - Add Avatar and some changes i want.. add avatar on phpbb2 statistics mod - Add aWeber Form To My Wordpress Header To The Left of The Book Add Aweber into my Registration - Add back the Sell terms box in sell page Add back, forth and pause buttons to my Swish project - Add Background and Website Name to Photos add background audio player - Add Background Image to the Title Area of My Wordpress Site Add background image to website - add background sound Add background sync feature in my iphone app - add backround color to a joomla top menu. Add backup feature to Order Tracking CP - Add Banner / Clean up SIte / SEO Add banner ad area to WordPress header - Add banner script to 404 page. Add banner script to 404 page. - Add Banner, Content To Pages & Social Media Links To Website Add banner/menu to website - PSD to HTML - Add Banners To Site Add Banners to Various Pages on my Website - Add barcodes Add Bars, Clubs, Restaurants to my site - Add Basic Realtime form validations to CFM templates Add basic rent transaction and feedback functionality - Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB - ongoing work - add big email list to facebook group Add big play button to .flv video - Add Bitcoin API on a website who uses MYSQL ADD BITCOIN API TO BITCOIN SITE :) - add BLE logs Add BLE microcontroller to MSP430 SPI port - Add in to our phpBB forum Add to my website. - Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C - repost - Add Blog page to website and make some corrections. Add blog page to WordPress site - Add blog to existing website Add Blog to Existing Website - Add Blog to phpbb3 Forum - Mod Add blog to Shopify Website - Add blog-style page within an existing web design Add blogging features to our social network - Add Bluetooth support for an existing app Add Bluetooth to existing application - Add book selling function to website add bookends to video some text and sound track - Add bookmarks to Acrobat file add bookmarks to indesig document and convert to pdf - Add Border to Products Add both Account for all social Media - Add breadcrumbs to my page Add Breadcrumbs to my WP website with microdata in HTML5 - Add BuddyPress Integration to my site Add Budgeting System to Buddypress - Add business card functionality using woocomerce Add Business cards into an excel sheet on a weekly bases ( 6 Month) - Add businesses to new directory Add Businesses to Online Directory, Write Summary of Each Business - add button in flash menu Add Button in FlashCart an send total_Price - Add button to control box Add Button to existing magento website - Add button; change ActionScript on Flash Video Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos - Add Buttons, Text, Thumbnails, Icons to FlexSlider Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - add cache in my iOS app Add cache to a php/javascript game servers query - Add Calendar Output for Codeigniter Script Add calendar recurrence of fullCalendar plugin for lukeyan - add call statisics to a plugin Add call to action button to header of WP Avada Theme powered website - Add Camer/Video Upload to Webview based Android App