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Add ability to upload .pdf files to my website - Add accent marks to a font Add accented characters to Yikes font - Add Account Modul Add Account Modul - ongoing work - Add Acoustic Echo Cancelation to Flex/Flash Application(repost) Add acript to import XML data to a LAMP site - Add Active Directory Authentication to existing CodeIgniter Project add Active facebook fans for my official page - Add AdBlock Plus plugin for safari to a cache cleaner app Add ADBRITE full page ads to website - Add additional codes to existing software Add additional Column to OS Ticket - Add Additional Features To A Flash Game Add Additional features to a Scraper, increase speed and move server - Add additional features to our Magento Webstore Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart - Add additional Functionality to a php search script. add additional functionality to ajax project - Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. - Add additional page to existing website - opportunity for steady workflow. Add additional page to my website with graphics "How to sign up" - Add additional screens to our front-end betting system Add additional search and lising functionality - Add Address to Map Add address to PDF document, really easy - Add Admin Features Add admin features and associated front-end to existing wordpress website - Add Admob advertising to an existing iPhone applicaton Add Admob ads directly to 3 apk games - Add Admob Banner&Interstitial to an android project Add admob banner/intersitial to an iOS (Swift) App - Add Admob to App Invnetor App Add AdMob to Apple App - add ads in my android app Add Ads in my United 3D app and Port it to Android - Add Adscendmedia on my PPD Add Adsence ads to home page - Add adsense in my blog posts (wordpress) Add Adsense on my new site - Add Advanced Content Editor Add Advanced Excel attributes to Workbook - Add advertisement locations to custom ajax html website Add Advertisement to my App - add advertising to wordpress website Add advertising tracking pixels (Facebook and Google) to products pages on our Shopify Store - Add affiliate code to Checkout Confirmation Page Add Affiliate Code to Couponic Custom Module - Add affiliate script to php site Add Affiliate site links to existing VOUCH YIPIT SCRIPT - Add age range slider and search filters to search page Add Age Verification - Add ajax address verification to Drupal form Add ajax address verification to Drupal form(repost) - Add ajax form to wordpress Add AJAX Functionality to Community Builder Login & Register - add ajax to existing PHP application Add Ajax to form - Add alarm notification to android eclipse project Add alarm on NRTR STOP indicator - Add alert to ex4 mt4 custom indicator Add alert to indicator - Add Alexa Images to Directory Add Alexa Ranking to my Google Spreadsheet using InportXML or ImportHTML - add all products and descriptions and prices Add all products from - departments to my site - Add Altcoin cryptocurrency payment system to existing php script poker site Add alternative route for every destination. - Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) - Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site Add AmazonS3 storage to php upload script - add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter Add an additional field to an existing iOS iPad application - Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! Add an Ajax 'Load More' button to my custom loop - Add an Asp Page Add an Auction page to our website and add some extra features - Add an edit post and comment option to my website... Add an editable site in an existing webpage made with symfony (1.x) - Add an Employee Directory to our website add an event to Google Calendar - Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress - repost Add An Extra Feature to Site - Add an icon to the individual product pages. Add an IF Statement to My Code - Add an image to my Outlook Web Access (OWA) signature Add an image to my Outlook Web Access (OWA) signature - Add an iPhone outline to my app preview video add an item to flash menu - add an Online Store add an Online Store - Add an option to the Woocommerce Backend Add an option/filter to my screen options in wordpress - add an Text input attribute to Prestashop add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - Add Analytics code to drupal website add analytics event tracking to Contact form 7 submitted successfully. - Add and configure a plugin Add and configure custom filter module to existing Virtuamart web shop - add and delete images and video in magento home page Add and delete things to my exisiting site. FAST - Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) (1687764) Add and fix functionality on PHP/MySQL/JQuery website - Add and refine search functions to an existing page that searches in our documents table add and remove a element on website - add and set up shopping cart Add and set up wix hotels to my wix website - Add and verify a site on google webmaster tools. Add Andriod - in APP purchase option - Add animated gif support to OpenSource PHP Project: ResourceSpace Add animated gif support to PHP Project ResourceSpace - Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location Add Animation to Picture (non-flash) - Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) Add announcement crawler and email plugin to WordPress site - Add another language to my Wordpress website Add another language to this index.php - Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website Add another shipping method based on weight.. - Add API for adding points to Rewarder App balance Add API for domain - Add API texting service to my system add api to creloaded store - add app-in purchase for existing android app. Add Apple iAd too Game-App - Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App - Add Arabic Language in the Website Add Arabic language support to a small wordpress site - Add archivemod to phpbb forum Add archives - Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery Add around a 1000 Adult Products to Our Bigcommerse Website from another website - Add articles to joomla site with SEO (30 articles to start) Add articles to my joomla website - Add asp file extension Add ASP Functions to HTML Form - Add Attach Documents Functionality 1 add attach function to Frm26RID - Add attendees numbers to file ADD Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry for osCommerce - add attributes to shopcart with pricing (virtuemart) Add Attributes to Simple Product Magento - add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided add audio chat using jquery and angular to phpsunchat - Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming - Add Audio View in my Android Apps
Add Audio/Video Chat Features - Add authentication method to java applet Add Authentication support in Flash Encoder - Add Credit Card Payment Option Add form to existing PHP site - add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application - open to bidding - Add auto updater to Java application Add auto-complete to dropdown and fix calendar control on 2 classic asp pages - Add autocomplete values in state, city, and zip code fields in Amasty's one step checout page. Add autocompletion to Quform Text Field - Add automatic scheduling to an existing Drupal import function add automatic sliding to slider - add avatar option so users can upload their avatars Add Avatar to users page - Add aweber opt-in form to a banner Add aweber optin code to my html squeeze page.. - Add back-end code to HTML+JS + angularjs site Add back-ground to web site - add background audio player add background audio player2 - Add background image to website add background image to website - Add background sync feature in my iphone app Add Background to images - Add backup feature to Order Tracking CP Add Badge on Facebook Profile Image - Add Banner / Clean up SIte / SEO Add banner ad area to WordPress header - Add banner script to 404 page. Add banner script to 404 page. - Add banner with button to web Add Banner, Content To Pages & Social Media Links To Website - Add Banners to Nine Wordpress Sites Add banners to PHP file - add barcode scanner to BlackBerry 10 phonegap app Add Barcode Scanning to project - Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it Add basic HTML editor tools to app Interface - Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum Add BBCode Text format to Drupal 7 - Add bible version api Add Biblical scriptures to the second edition of the ebook - Add birthday field on Register page Add Birthday to customer registration in Shopify - add bitcoin to our payment website - repost add bitcoin to our payment website - repost 2 - Add Blending to the stitched images in GPU Add blinking Flash stars to a picture - add blog column to site by wordpress Add blog comment function - Add blog images to mailchimp newsletters Add blog link to magento website - Add blog section to website Add Blog to 2x Wordpress Websites - Add blog to Kentico 5.5 website add blog to magento site - Add Blog to Website Add Blog to website - add blue shading to gif BG Add blue sky to my images - Add blur effect, require login to see all answers on Q&A site. Add boarders around articles- Joomla. - Add booking system to wordpress site Add booking tab to my homepage on a child theme for wordpress - Add Bootstrap in an existing classic ASP application add bootstrap in two little sites now - Add Box Sizes to THE7 Add box to homepage.with link to infopage - Add Broadcast Feature Add brochure links to websites - Add bulk list to domain auction add bulk lister to auction site - Add business listing Add business listings to website - Add button Add button (image) to CakePHP layout - add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3 add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3- trabajo en ejecución - Add Button To Facebook App Add button to Flash CS4 application - Add Buttons on Prestashop's CMS add buttons to "my account" area of premium press theme - Add Buy form to existing shopping cart Add buy it now option similar to Swoopo's - Add caching to an existing Android app Add caching to Google maps shortcode plugin - add calendar to column in excel book Add calendar to existing Access database - Add Call-To-Action in Wordpress Header Add Callback parameter to C function - Add Capabilities to Existing Open Source Software Add Capabilities to Oscommerce Lingerie site - Add captcha and arrange form Add Captcha and Form Validation for 2 identical forms - Add captcha function to simple web form Add Captcha image check to current contact forms on website - Add captcha to 4 similar forms Add Captcha to a Form - Add captcha to contact form joomla - 10 websites Add CAPTCHA to contact form widget - Add Captcha To Form Add Captcha to form - Add CAPTCHA to guest posting on phpBB message boards Add CAPTCHA to HTML Form - Add CAPTCHA to PHP Contact Form Add captcha to PHP contact form - Add captcha to website Add captcha to website form - Add Caption to Photo - repost Add caption to photo using CSS - add carousel on wordpress site Add Carousel slideshow to website - Add cartoon eyes to a hashbrown Add cartridge toner finder to woocommerce site and some other design changes - Add categories in home and subcategories in category pages add categories in Rokquickcart joomla extension - Add category and image to opencart store Add Category Capabilities to ASP Property Listing Utility - Add Category to names Add category to online shops - Add cert and roster feature Add certain features to existing Wordpress website - Add changes to a pdf file Add changes to a task website - Add Chapters to Quicktime movie Add Character and Word Count Function To A Microsoft Word Doc Template - Add chartboost and flurry ads network in my app Add Chartboost and iOS7 support to our iOS app - Add chat SDK to our hybrid app add chat setting and chat - Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - repost Add Check Box and Fields to a Shopify Web Page, and send data to email. - Add checkbox to web signup form and email confirmation add checkbox with text ( user must check this before send message) and pop up with info after user has send message - Add ChildBrowser Plugin to existing Phonegap/Cordova project Add Chinese finance theme to existing website - Add chrome key directshow filter to existing working project Add ChromeCast Receiver html to existing html code - Add City Names to Approx 200 Header.JPG image files Add City names to Logo - Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) - second project Add Classified Ads program features to existing web site - Add Click Tags in Flash Banner Add Click Tags to an Edge Animate project - Add clicking - repost Add clicking on a website - Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform