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Add Affiliate Tracking Code and RSS/CSV feed - Add age verification and payment withdrawal to website Add Age verification pop up to Yahoo Ecommerce websit - Add Ajax and correct on a form Add Ajax and correct on a form - Add AJAX functionality to my current site Add Ajax Load More Plugin to woocommerce site - Add AJAX to joomla module fetching latest items from db Add Ajax to my php website - Add alarm stop function in iOS app Add Alarm to MT4 Indicator - Add alert to MT4 idicator Add alert to MT4 idicator - open to bidding - Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm - Add all products from - departments to my site Add all products in a new page and translate some field in Italian - Add Altcoin cryptocurrency payment system to existing php script poker site Add alternative route for every destination. - Add Amazon link for Books Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) - Add Amazon Widegt to our WordPress Blog Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site - Add an add to mite Add an additional 8 STR markers - Add an Affiliate Program to an osCommerce website Add an affiliate program to my current website - add an archive section to existing wordpress blog page Add an array of info from a plugin to a custom template that is already made 3 Hour Timeframe - Add an easy photo contest on my facebook businesspage Add an eBook for sale on our WP site - Add an Embed Video Source Code to my user accounts Add an embed youtube video to email made on InDesign - Add an extra attribute to display a number in each row/ products column in Magento Add an Extra Cell, properly aligned, to WPF DataGrid - Add an icon onto Wordpress Menu and Drop Down Menu Add an icon to a Wordpress homepage - add an image slide show to an HTML landing page add an image to 55 wordpress words - Add an interface to let user select images for their profile Add an interstitial ad to - Add an Online Database Add an online flight booking system to a current website - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an option module for listings and display. - Add an slider to this page add an SMS gateway to our website - Add an upload-photo/text function on a webpage, similar to photo book functions add an user interface to my python script - Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. Add and Amend Functionalities to existing php website. - Add and Create a Shopify page + Minor Updates to WebSite Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration - Add and Edit page for exisiting website using Python Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line - Add and Match Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions - add and test 6 aweber lists/paypal process Add and test HTTP posting instructions - Add Angular admin template to site and build API to connect the datbases Add Angular Internationalization - add animation and grahics to a video add animation and music to my site - Add animation to web site banner Add animation to web site banner for KidzKraft - Add another Product page to existing website` Add another 1000 Products to Existing Magento - add another level Add another name to my business card template - Add another table to a Form in Access Add Another Two Menu Items Too My Site - Add api for my php website ADD API FOR MY WEB - add api to creloaded store Add API to my site - add app-in purchase for existing android app. Add appearance effects on wordpress theme headline - Add appox 1000 dvd's to new oscommerce website. Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App - Add Arabic Language (right to left support) to Adobe Flash template Add Arabic Language in the Website - Add Archive File Support in Existing Disk Reader Library Add archive mod to phpbb forum - Add around 3000 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products - Add articles to existing joomla website. Add Articles to joomla from a website - Add ASP code to enable Sign Up with Facebook and Login with Facebook add asp content management - add atmosphere to my wordpress site Add Attach Documents Functionality 1 - Add Attendance-Taking feature to PHP Web App Add attendees numbers to file - add attributes to product post in oscommerce add attributes to shopcart with pricing (virtuemart) - Add Audio Captcha to JSP page and Save in MySQL add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided - Add Audio Sound Effects to 1.5 minute video Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app - Add audio track to 6 video clips Add Audio using Red5 to our Live Chat Site - Add authenticated pages to wordpress Add authentication code to dot net project - Add checkout to Squarespace Add checkout to Squarespace - Add Auto Bid To Ikiauctionscript Add Auto Billing Feature to X-Cart store. - Add Auto Suggest In Search Bar Open Cart Add Auto thumbnail (featured Image) to posts - Add autocomplete to a text edit Add autocomplete to an Applescript/cocoa project - Add automatic proxy determination to C++ libcurl dll Add automatic redirect to an existing webpage using a schedule that you will create - Add available template+software in domain hosting Add Avatar and some changes i want.. - Add Aweber Form to Landing Page/Redirect code Add aWeber Form To My Wordpress Header To The Left of The Book - Add back the preview button Add back the Sell terms box in sell page - add background and logo - repost add background and logo - repost 2 - Add background image to one Wordpress page (not all pages) & center contact form Add Background image to shopify website. Easy html project - Add Background Music to My voice... Add background music to video while recording. - Add Backgrounds to some images add backlink to my website - Add Baner Design - repost Add Baner Design - repost 2 - Add banner code(repost) Add banner extension to magento websites. - Add banner to right-hand of wordpress column Add banner to webmail - Add banners to an existing website coded with PHP. Add Banners to footer in Opencart 2.3 - Add barclays ePDQ to existing website Add Barclays Payment Gateway - Immediate start - Add basic authentication system to website Add basic authentication to mini webserver - Add basic twitter and facebook links to site like Fmylife Add basic UI function to AS3 project. - Add bespoke functionality to a webpage with Joomla/VM Add bespoke functions to wordpress instalation - Add billing fields for Stripe Form and improve some CSS issues
Add Billing method on wordpress - Add bitcoin payment option onto auction website. Add Bitcoin payment option to my PHP order form - Add bleed added to 3 images add bleed and check size of artwork ready for print - easy job - Add to my website. Add blog to my current site - Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C - repost - Add blog page to shopify store Add Blog page to website and make some corrections. - Add Blog to Existing Website Add blog to existing website - Add Blog to my Wordpress Add Blog to our website - Add blog widget to Wordpress theme Add Blog, editing Hompepage using Flash & Dreamweaver .FLA - Add bluetooth keyboard input to existing IOS app Add bluetooth midi out and soundfont to existing android APP - Add bonus payment feature to affiliate site Add bonuses, achievements, levels to the open-source WordPress plugin "Post Pay Counter" - add bookmark and search functionality to existing soundboard app add bookmark functionality and ipad view to iOS app - add border and background to a block for videos Add Border Around Inside of Squares - Add brand to magento theme Add brandpage and other minor changes to modified oscommerce webshop - Add Buddy press features to an existing website Add buddy press to my current wordpress site - Add Bullhorn API functionality to website Add Bullhorn API functionality to website - Repost - Add Business on Google # Hourly Add Business to Google with 3000 Zip Codes as Service area - Add button cart (multiple items) Prestashop Add button cart (multiple items) Prestashop - Add button on Umbraco cms Add button options - Add Button to our website Header Add button to plugin, adjust slider, tweak responsiveness on homepage. - Add buttons to an excel sheet add buttons to existing rotating banner - Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) - repost add buysellads function to my website. - Add calculated fields and pie chart report to dadabik front-end database add calculation formula for trading in a software c # - Add Calendar to Site add calendar to the right side - add callback script on new callback boxe on header Add callcraig.callcraig need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel - Add Capabilities to Oscommerce Lingerie site add capacha for godaddy - Add captcha and arrange form Add Captcha and Form Validation for 2 identical forms - add captcha from c# Add captcha function to simple web form - add captcha to 4 online forms Add captcha to 4 similar forms - Add captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form joomla - 10 websites - Add Captcha To Form Add Captcha To Form - add captcha to forms on site - repost Add CAPTCHA to guest posting on phpBB message boards - Add captcha to payment form Add CAPTCHA to PHP Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA to web page with form Add Captcha to Webform Drupal Module - Add captcha, logo and Favicon to site Add caption to gallery on Elastico Wordpress theme - Add CarFax Socket Integration into Modified OSCommerce Build Add Carousel - Add cart functions for Amazon Affiliate PHP Add cart pop up box - Add categories and sub categories to shopify site Add categories and tags to wordpress posts - Add categories to website Add Categories, Products and Descriptions to Open Cart Site - Add category side bar and small fixes add category text mod to oscommerce - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin -- 2 Add ccbill payment gateway to - Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme -- 3 Add changes in Android video downloader app - Add channel of to app TV Android Add channels flash app TV online android - Add Chart to an existing rdlc report add chart to word press site - Add chat code to WordPress Website Add Chat Feature On Website - Add Chat, Picture Sharing, Private Picture that delete and PHP Send Emails. Add Chat/Comment Features to my website - Add check to crowdfunding plateforme ADD Check to wordpress crowdfunding - Add Checkout by Amazon to Digiship 9.0 Add checkout page to exisiting website. - Add choose time and date to Virtuemart checkout page Add Chord Names (Guitar Chords) Over Popular Traditional Catholic Gregorian Chants' Hymn Sheet JPGs - Add Cirillic alphabet (Russian) to a website template Add citations on few wikipedia articles - Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script -- 2 - Add CLE jquery editor to a forum, plus a plugin Add clean URLs to Magento module - Add Clickable Link Banners to My YouTube Videos (Not Description or Annotation) Add clickable link to video - add clicktag to existing flash banner Add ClickTag to Flash Banners - Add Close (x) Button to windows taskbar button Add Close Button to windows taskbar button - add cms block to product page/remove " you will be charged for .." on checkout page and mail Add CMS Content Management System - Add CMS to existing website Add CMS to existing website - Add code for 2 xy plots a 1 3d plot in Octave add code for 3 companies as discussed amd fix issues as discussed - Add code to a existing PHP File Add code to a wordpress website - add code to keep the proportion set max height & max width on images to pixels i set.. Add Code To Mac Software - Add code to send email copy for specific userid Add code to shopify template to for app to work - Add Codecanyon CSS templates (menus, navigation, visual effects, etc.)to HTML5 websites add codes and cache mechanism - Add coldfusion pagnition to existing application pages Add Collapsable DIV to HTML - Add color on Dashboard Add color on Dashboard 2 - Add color to logo Add color to logo - Add colors to product spreedsheet - Repost Add colour background (already pure white) and resize stock images so they are all the same. - Add Column in Products Page in Opencart Admin add column on product list admin + give me a query - add columns to tables Add com port function to my program. - Add Comment Box & Facebook Comments To Webpages Add comment box to Magento checkout - Add Comments and Correction - XML/XSL homework Add comments and facebook-connect login to ecommerce site - Add comments to lightbox add comments to our custom Wordpress theme - Add Company Details Add Company Details - repost - Add Compatibility / Responsiveness to HTML SIGNATURE.