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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - A logo a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid - A Project for sethomondi2010 only a question about c language - A translator - open to bidding - repost A tuned circuit - A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story a "hand drawn" 3D map of a few city blocks - A & A Cleaning Services A & B eDM for lifestyle helmet communicator - A ''2D - 3D'' Program A ''2D - 3D'' Program(repost) - A 'steak' fancy dress costume A 'theyrule'-like web project - A .dll file to send keyboard keys to a simulator (windows based) that can be callled in lua A .doc file created to display 18 images with basic text - A / B Split Test A 01:40 Minute title card for a short film - A 1 PAGE paper due tonight A 1 PAGE paper due tonight - open to bidding - A 10 minute video of myself making a presentation A 10 minutes CSS work - A 10,000 word e book on romance. A 10-15 page product showcasing website - A 1000 Word Report on Ethics in UK Social Work A 1000 words essay ASAP - A 15 min video shot and edited A 15 minutes animated video - A 1500-words Chinese History Assignment a 15seconds opening (4 shots) - A 2 minutes Html editing A 2 page brochure - one page overview of our company and 1 page FAQ sheet - a 2-3 minute marketing video a 2-3 minute promotional video - a 20 sec animated commercial A 20 second video/animation showcasing the operation and use of a novel tool for the construction industry. - A 2000 word research paper on "Commodity Chain Analysis of Chicken Eggs" A 2000 words commodity chain analysis paper on Chicken Eggs - A 2400 words essay which requires some reading a 24in by 48in photo - A 2D animation info video A 2d animator - A 2D or 3D movies for 2-3 minute A 2d promotional video (2 mins) and 2d instructional animated video - A 3 level mobile game for film Kochadaiyaan A 3 min video - A 3, L3 Coolomar1998 A 3,000 word essay on project management - A 30 page thesis paper written in APA format A 30 sec animation of fabrication processes - A 30-second 2D animation for a science education website A 300-word Business Case Writing Task - A 39 Sec Video A 39 Sec Video - open to bidding - A 3D animation of a battle sequence A 3D Animation of a certain Air Pollution Mask - a 3d character design - open to bidding a 3d character design - open to bidding - A 3d designer and a programmer a 3d designer for an exhibition stand - a 3d illustration of a house A 3D image as evening view - A 3D model made A 3d model needed for a video game - a 3d modeler a 3d modeler - open to bidding - A 3D rendered model with multiple views A 3D rendering of a Den - A 3D video animator A 3D wallpaper of a hostage rescue team that enters a room to save a hostage. - A 4 page Brocher A 4 page report written in APA style about the pharmaceutical Industry's effect on disease - A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) 2 -- 2 A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) 2 -- 3 - A 5 A4 pages conference article in software product management -- 3rd time A 5 A4 pages conference article in software product management -- 4rd time - A 5 page web portal adhering to OWASP in php A 5 page website built on wixx - A 5-8 page business powerpoint by Monday A 5-Page Website - a 54878995079 A 577777898055 - a 60-second video A 600 pages long French philosophy book needs to be summarized in Hebrew - A 700 words article needed a 700 words project management essay needed in 40 hours.would pay 70 $AUD - A 90 second animated video required A 90 second animated video required - A A A GO A A A A a daily deal website - A adjustable flyer design to fit the format of a box. - open to bidding a admin panel for icecast useing php and mysql - A aim Password/SN Sender A algorithm for search engine - A android and iphone app for taxi A Android app - A animation on Adobe Animator showing the dangers of smoking A Animation Video - a app for making life easyer a app for my vtc for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - A application test for C# Reflection: fix source code a application that notifies user on upcoming events - A article in reply to another article A article to write and a big file to translate - a autocad job or data entry a autocad job or data entry - open to bidding - A b u company A B2B eCommerce platform that connects smaller businesses with larger ones - A back-end developer for Social Networking Application in IOS and Android a backdrop designed - A background service that records audio and plays it back A Background To a Race for video game - A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website A band to join - A banner campaign reguired. A banner design - a banner for google words and facebook A banner for my clan for COD Ghost - A banner, Flash and Left Column of a website redesign a baptism certificate translated from arabic to english - A basic Android Whiteboard application. A basic Android/Iphone app - A Basic Construction Programme for a Industrial Unit A basic CRM - A basic Implementation of OCR using HMM in MATLAB - open to bidding A basic Implementation of the OpenVDB in windows. - A basic one page stock chart html page. A basic online opt-in data capture page(s) to build up list for property investors - A basic revit model and 2d drawings of a simple house before and after with some renders inside and out A basic room booking web application to be used in a university to manage rooms and resources booing an example being a website like developed in mvc - A basic website a basic website - A basic wordpress site a basic Wordpress site - A battleship game on python and delphi with sockets A BAYESIAN NETWORK made in NETICA - Artificial Intelligence. - A Beautiful Life Feature Film
A beautiful model for a nude video shoot like playboy - a beginner JavaScript assignment a beginner JavaScript assignment - A Bet site A Beta B2C Portal for hiring agents online - A better prototype to take to market A better salary - A beyond amazing website for a Latin/urban/rap music label based in Miami A Bible App for Iphone/Ipad - A big business opportunity for you and your country~ A big Forex website - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery -- 2 - A billionaire gets rich from a tie A binary file needed to be studied for its logic - A BIRD EYE DRAWING a BIRT specialist - A bit of CSS and Ajax A bit of custom work to virtuemart - A Bitcoin Exchange Immediately A Bitcoin Exchange Immediately - A Black Berry Application needed ASAp a black jack multi threading school assignment - a blog a blog - A blog created A blog custom designed in Word Press that is modern and attractive. - A blog pinger A Blog Post - a blog team a blog that will draw and engage customer to us - A Blogger A Blogger - a blogger to write content for website blog and social media A Blogger/Writer - A board game gambling site A board game.(Okey) - a book 250 pages A Book A Month - A book copying - repost A Book Cover - a book cover for a kindle book A book cover for a novel - A book explaining how the investment world really works and what the individual investor needs to know to protect their hard earned money. a BOOK for kids to read - A book keeper A book laid out to conform to Amazon publishing specifications - A book on parenting A book on personal selling - A book to be published A book to be translated from English to Spanish - a book written a book written - A booking website A booking widget for an accommodation website. - A bookstore website (architecture and programming) A bookstore website (architecture and programming)(repost) - a bot for a java game A bot for a mmo game - A bot that can send mass meesages to candindates on A bot to collect articles from 3rd party websites, and.. - a bottle lable a bottle shot - a boy and his doggy a BPO project - A brand logo - open to bidding A brand logo for a filmmaking studio/production company - A brand new website needs to be made. I do have a domain name established already. A BRAND OF LEATHER FASHION ONLINE SHOPING WEBSITE DESIGN - A brief description for a city based tourist guide. A brief essay about elementary education - A British Proofreader required A British voice-over artist to read my story. - a brochure for our menu of services A brochure in English with Mandarin and Cantonese versions or inserts. - A Browser Helper Object (BHO) written in Visual Basic 6 A browser like firefox or googlechrom - A building estate layout A Building for all Animals - A bunch of Finnish articles A bunch of funny, creative public images with holes cut out - A Bunch Of T-Shirts With Similar Theme A Burger Cookbook - a business card A BUSINESS CARD + 6 SMALL IMAGES FOR FACEBOOK APP - A business Cataloge A BUSINESS COMPANY WEB SITE SCRIPT - A business directory / coupon site together A Business Directory for Magento Website - A Business Logo A Business Logo - a business logo a business logo - A business logo for signage a business logo that can be transferable from website, social networks, cards clothing - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan for Media organization A business plan for my company - A Business Portal Website Immidiet A business presentation - A Business Software with corresponding SAAS A Business Software with desktop app and cloud based SAAS - A bussiness plan a button and some text addition to website - a C program (cache.c) a C program (cache.c) - open to bidding - A C# Program that Integrates an Access database A C# program to generate data file templte - A C++ Data Base Game A C++ Engineer needed! - a c++ program for revamping road network using minimum spanning tree a c++ program on online bus ticketing - A C++ server able to run Pythone scripts edited on a client application and uploaded to the server. Scrit result will be sent to client and displayed in an output window. A C++ Simulator for a Simple Microprocessor - A CAD CAM DESIGN OF A SMALL PLASTIC MECHANICAL TOOTH BRUSH PRODUCT A CAD design - A Cad Technician a CAD/CNC - A calculator with a touch of style and extra functions a calculus assignment - A call center to take on a survery project! A call for all PHP scripts - a camera and a photo developer a camera and photo developer - A campaign set up i can manage A Campaign Site For An Event - A Capstone project - need a unique idea and - built it -- 2 A captcha team of data entry specialists or few individuals for long-term period. - a car selling website to allow car dealers to bid on potential car buyers A car service website for taxi - A caricature A caricature drawing that can be used in advertising - A cart script to site a cart vending logo - A cartoon explaining a new app idea A cartoon for a music video - a cartoon of my wife for Valentines DAy a cartoon of myself for website with logo - a cartoonist for a new character A Cartoonist Needed For Today - A case study on employment changes & downsizing due to the current financial crisis in the Civil Aviation Industry by comparing British Airways & Indian Airlines A case study on organisational change - a cash payment getway with API