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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a a a - a c# or program using winsock a cad drawing for planning - A Few Items Modify a filemaker database that i can connect it to quickbooks, template attached. - A media relations / Pr executive A micro project in Java - A services and goods demand listing site A Shoe designer - A Vistaprint fucntionality website with multiple API's connection & SOLID Backend A Vocational Platform - Employment Website - A "lottery" website made A "lottery" website made - open to bidding - A & M Global Solutions inc. A £100,000 income proposal - A ''rent-a-coder-like'' Guide booking system A ''Tell friends'' perl script needed - A (single page) toric calculator app for eye doctors a (vehicle) decale disigned - a .NET devloper a .NET devloper - A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for an app A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for my website - a 1-page responsive HTML website A 1-page Website - A 10 Point Infographic A 10 Point Infographic - Repost - A 100% natural Juice Machine. Its the Nespresso of natural juices. A 100,000 UK Gamblers Email List - A 12,000 words thesis to be taken. A 12-year old girl crossed Einstein IQ - A 1500 word assignment. As a network manager, the CIO has asked you to write a sport detailing the risks and vulnerabilities of using online social networking at the work place. -- 2 A 1500 word Ereport on horses - a 2 1/2 minute animated music video - repost A 2 min AV development - a 2 paged personal statement for a job application A 2 pages paper about history (in 2 days). - A 20 minutes speech A 20 page PDF needs to be written in word doc - A 2000 Euro Web Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website a 2000 French to English document translation - A 20th anniversary fantasy film poster a 22 page full color comic book - a 2D 30 minute presentation of an animated action series A 2D android game - A 2D image being modelled into 3D A 2D image being modelled into 3D - open to bidding - a 3 folded brochure A 3 hrs filming and 30 min editing for an engagement party - a 3 volume graphic novel, original, illustrated a 3 year strategic plan - A 30 Page Kindle Book A 30 page thesis paper written in APA format - A 30-second 2D animation for a science education website A 300-500words assignment - a 360 degree virtual tour in flash A 39 Sec Video - A 3D animation of building,human, car for a property problem that i am working on is needed to complete the project A 3D animation of a battle sequence - a 3d character design - open to bidding a 3d character design - open to bidding - a 3d designer for an exhibition stand A 3D DRAWING OF A PLASTIC MEASURING CAN - A 3D image as evening view A 3D interior scene - A 3D model needs recreating A 3D model needs recreating -- 2 - a 3D modeller with Construction / Building experience A 3D motion video graphic of a high performance fabric. - A 3D serious game on chemistry using unity3D or XNA A 3D serious game on chemistry using unity3D or XNA - Repost - A 3D, animated, video title. A 3ds Max model - a 4 pg essay a 4 to 5 page essay on how italian culture is expressed in the short stoy "War" by Luigi piraendello - A 44 pages mockup. A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. - A 5 mins fix a 5 minute 3d animated video - A 5 slide presentation A 5 Star Hotel Photoshop Template - A 50 page ebook on Elvis Presley, A 50 page introductory and safety handbook for recreational airboating. - A 6 page brochure A 6 Page Paper - a 6000 word research paper A 64x64 logo for a server - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 2 - A 9gag like web page A 9gag like web page - open to bidding - A Accounting Assignment 6666 a accurate and fast typist - A advertising membership website a advertising mind map - a analysis of an ANOVA -- 2 A analysis report of 1600 words - a animated music video A animated portfolio website - A app designed for my scoftware A app developer - a application develloped to communicate with a database and price checkers A Application for a Magento Shop - a article about culture and leadership style a article about myself. - A audio visual Warehouse Management System A Auto News fetch from News website in my country - A B C game A B Testing - Sitespect/Optimizely UI/UX Designing - A bachelor's apartment A back end application for a web based B2B portal - A background image to be used for a mobile application A background service that records audio and plays it back - A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website A band to join - A banner design A Banner Design - repost - A banner for my for my fan page cover photo A banner for my homepage - A Bar / Restuarnt Website a bar like soap - A basic app that communicates OpenCV coordinates over bluetooth A basic Application for monitoring 4 to 6 users activities on Internet - A basic CRM A Basic database-based Brochure-type website (with the possibility of easily adding a shopping cart later -for e-commerce). - A basic Implementation of the OpenVDB in windows. - ongoing work A Basic information app utilising a dynamic database with possible submissions to other sites - A basic online opt-in data capture page(s) to build up list for property investors A basic page with a JSF Woodstock Table - A basic room booking web application to be used in a university to manage rooms and resources booing an example being a website like developed in mvc A Basic Ruby MetaProgramming Program (Only Writing a Class) - A basic website (User portfolio) a basic website - open to bidding - A Basic, one Page C Code A Basic, Simple one Page C code - A beat looping app similar to the video posted within A Beat Maker App - A beautiful webpage A beautiful, mobile and seo friendly website needed with payment and price cost calculation - A beginning of a poker bot!
A beginning of a poker bot, - A better application of an existing logo A Better Choice Day Habilitation: The community coming together to support the Developmentally Disabled adults - A better version of A better way of synchronising files between several linux clients and a linux backup server - A bid on a development project A Bid Plugin for Wordpress - A big opportunity for you and your country.. A big opportunity for you and your country~ - A bilingual Chinese & English electric engineer looking for translation job A bilingual English-Chinese powerpoint designer - a bingo website A Bio - A Birthday present (an un-released book) A birthday video for my wife - A bit of positioning for a personal blog A bit of Programming and/or Shell Scripting - A bitcoin website with Blockchain wallet integration A Bitcoins Payment + Payout system - a blackjack game with a sidebet A BLE Device iPhone App - A blog aggregator site A blog and guide website for a game that allows for user submitted content - A blog generating 10-20eur per day about internet scam A blog generating 8-10$ with google adsense - A blog post to be written A blog section added to website - A Blog With The Ability To Have It Updated A blog writer - a blogger for two articles A blogger needed to write on linux/android/open source - A blue print of a location A blueprin for a yoga hall - A book A book - A book about toilet training A Book About Twin Pregnancy - A book cover A book cover - A book created from blog posts A book edited - a book illustrator a book illustrator - A book on Emergency Preparedness /author signing a book on green living - A book review. A Book Set Up for Sale on Amazon - A book writer A book writer - A booking App (and website preferred) A booking engine needed that will look and feel like a ''Revpar Guru booking engine'' . ( - A bookkeeper to reconcile bank statements A bookkeeper to reconcile bank statements - A border designing - open to bidding A Boring Book - A Bot running on a website A bot that automatically "undos" Wikipedia edits - A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] A Bots For Chat Network / Social Network! - A box with Tabs for a wordpress theme A Box2D intro for a website - a brand identity designer A brand image.App UI/UX. - A brand new oscommerce store needs SEO ongoing project monthly payment A Brand New Press Release - A brief animation for the home page of a new web site A brief article research - A Bright Idea A bright, talented, ambitious and self-motivated web designer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Able to play a key role throughout a sites development to ensure max - A brochure for a safari company A Brochure for a Student Trip Company called - A Broken php script. A broker based E-commerce marketplace that utilizes an auction based platform between two parties for the reservation of a particular niche. - a building and construction engineering website a building and construction engineering website - ongoing work - A Bullitin Board In CGI Script A Bullitin Board In Perl or PHP using CGI - A bunch of small changes to my website A Bunch Of Small Magento Projects - A Business Card a business card - A business Cataloge A BUSINESS COMPANY WEB SITE SCRIPT - A Business Directory for Magento Website A business directory website - A Business Logo A Business Logo - a business logo a business logo - A business logo for a small business using rich purple and charcoal colours A Business Logo for an Interior Design Company - A Business partner needed for prTechnologies a business partnership with my company in Rwanda - a business plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan for frozen chicken business A Business Plan for Media organization - A Business Portal Website Immidiet A business presentation - A Business Software with corresponding SAAS A Business Software with desktop app and cloud based SAAS - a button and some text addition to website A button doesn't work for me - a C program (cache.c) - open to bidding A C program MP that will take about 2hours to complete - A C# program to generate data file templte A C# programming+Report - A C++ expert needed. A C++ expert needed. - open to bidding - a c++ program.... A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - A C++/C programmer needed to finish some work urgently. A C- language Programming Assignment to create a Math Server - A CAD Design of Glass wear for a mold a cad designer - a cafeteria plan to pull permits A Cairene? (Ecavalier) - A calendar selling sites in osCmax/osCommerce with slide/gallery to rotate A calendar selling sites in osCmax/osCommerce with slide/gallery to rotate - repost - A call to move on A Caller ID interface program - A cameraman A cameraman to video a Dancefestival in Durban - a candle sticker file made up a candle sticker file made up -- 2 - A car insurance quote site in wordpress a car logo - A card game developer A card game similar to Hearthstone - A caricature that can be transferred on to t-shirts a caricature-type drawing for t-shirt - a cartoon character mascot remake a cartoon character of a workman - A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot -- 2 A cartoon of a man and a woman - A cartoonish 3D head model of a girl A cartoonist - a Case Study A Case Study 2000 words social work Report - A Cased box. a cash payment getway with API - a catering logo A catering website development - A CDR for Electrical Engineer