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Statistical Analysis refers to the science of analyzing numerical data relating to groups or experiments. It deals with the analysis and interpretation of such data such as those of survey results and experiments. Statistics analysts deal with probabilities, distribution, bell curves, etc. for analyzing statistical data. If your business involves conducting surveys, studies or other such market research, you will need statistics analysts to analyse and interpret the data. You can find freelancers who are able and willing to do statistical analysis for your business. Simply post a job today!

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    For a personal research I want to create a values converter using some equations. To validate the results it's possible to use a professional web application. The issue is that my result is different from web application's result. I need to understand what is the reason of this differences and use the right equations. I found the standard references to create this value converter. In this standards there are explanations to apply equations. Ask me more details to start job. Best regards

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    SAS Studio Expert Required 6 días left

    I am looking for SAS Studio expert.

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    Révision mathématiques 6 días left

    Révision mathématiques francais 2 heures

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    project on investment strategies 6 días left

    Project mainly focuses on volatility targeting Thanks!

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    Statistics assignment -- 2 6 días left

    I have an assignment for the Statistics module and I'm checking whether someone can get it done for me, I'll attach the assignment sheet and the datasheet for your reference to revert at the earliest. I need the duration to complete it and the fees. I'll be checking with others and will go for the best offer. But please ensure the capability to get it done correctly. Once we agreed on the payment, the full amount will be paid after the answer is corrected by the lecturer which may take a month. Thanks,

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    Need to find out correlation between two indipendent variables in a dataset.

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    Need one or two finance writers to join our academic writing team. You must have a relevant academic background and writing experience. Apply with your expectation for 1000 words or equal efforts in AUD.

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    SPSS Expert 6 días left

    Looking for a SPSS expert to help me to do some reporting for my research project.

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    I am working on a doctoral project and need help formatting excel for references and a systematic review of the literature. I need to be able to enable filters for exclusion and inclusion criteria and disseminate results.

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    XIRR vs. IRR 6 días left

    Need to understand the difference between the two and how it applies to a specific file I have.

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    Need immediate assistance to perform Regression Analysis in Excel. to find >> b Coefficient >> Predict Allocation Next Period Scope = 5 questions from the same dataset (January to December | 22 variables)

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    In this project we need to find the which promotion to run for next year from a list of promotions. A R or google colab code needs to shared which showcase the procedure and output. see the for full details.

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    One time small project. I need a number to pop up on the screen. No need for excellent graphics or advanced visualization. I have a similar program but Freelancer doesn't allow me to post the link here. Main requirements: i. Can log in and change parameters when necessary, ii. Multiple players can play multiple times iii. Ability to download data in excel or any other form Full details: Goal: Eat or don't eat berries (numbers). 1. Show a histogram of frequency of good berries by size (numbers will show on the screen and individual click eat or avoid). Use a random number generator to develop this histogram. Then the histogram will different each time. e.g. histogram of normal with mean 40 and std dev 10 just as in the gold/silver game in the link above. So that the...

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    Analyze data in excel 5 días left

    We have some data in excel and want to analyse the amount of time it takes for a user to get hooked onto the platform and conversion rates. In your proposal, please: 1. share how you will approach this analysis (methodologies, tools, etc) 2. your previous work experience

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    Hey, i need an mathematicians and statistics expert to build for me an profitable strategy based on Conditions on Dice game

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    I need some one to do estimation and interpretation of VAR and VECM model in eviews.

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    create a forex trading spreadsheet 4 días left

    i would like a forex trading spreadsheet journal

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    writing Report 4 días left

    Ethical analysis- Individual assignment (1500 words)

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    Lab report -- 2 4 días left

    I have a job of Lab report with results provided, I need a statistic reading and lab report writing according to the acad mic rules.

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    SPSS Analysis 3 días left

    hi i need someone expert professional at SPSS to do my work using my data thank you

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    Mathematics freelancer needed for assistance with Elementary Analysis I course.

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    In this application you will use daily data on your company returns together with the S&P500 returns over the same sample period More details will be shared to the selected candidates only.

    $30 - $250
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    $30 - $250
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    Looking for qualified & Experienced engineer who is expert in Python Data Analysis Must be strong experience of Machine Learning Thanks

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    baseline - post-treatment fMRI analysis. Looking to detect change in BOLD activation between the 2 timepoints. Only 6 participants, 4 runs at each session alternating between neutral and stimulating images

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    The first model is logistic regression, and the second model is decision tree. The target/response variable is Attrition and the evaluation metric is accuracy 1. Describe and explain both models (i.e., methodology) in a short paragraph. 2. Show the key stages of the process of how you implement both models in R. 3. Select the best model and then discuss in detail and summarise the business insights provided. For example, which variables/features are important in prediction? What types of customers are more likely to churn? What do you think might be the reasons behind the findings? Your analysis needs to be reasonable, and you could include some business theories or evidence to justify your statements along with the empirical findings from the provided data.

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    I have done some EDA and modeling using some economic data both globally and limited to Asia I need someone who can take the output and provide me with written analysis You should expect to write about EDA, PCA, Panel Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest and neural network and I might add a clustering technique payment can be per page, per hour or as a fixed price providing samples of similar analysis is required to be shortlisted

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    Criacao algoritmo 1 día left

    Criacao de algoritmo usando como base uma tese de mestrado

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    We are looking for a statistician/algorithm expert who can help us develop a key algorithm for our data analysis team. We have build practice-based learning system in which students take tests, learn from mistakes and improve. We intend to gamify the experience using rank and level - next set of quizzes/assessments will open only after you reach a certain level. Each question has a defined complexity (Easy, Medium and Hard). The algorithm will calculate rank and level of each student based on student's performance/effort. Rank would be dynamic and will change based on the number of students taking multiple assessments in the subject. The rank and level calculation may include data points such as number of questions attempted, complexity of the question, time taken to solve the que...

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    R2D3 graph 15 horas left

    need to read a csv file in R and send the data to a to a JS file where we write the D3js code for the graph itself, the graph needs to look like the graph attached the csv data will be something like this: occupation,Female,Male SE,12,10 SW,23,30 deadline is in 5hrs

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    Require a problem solver with good Aptitude, reasoning and puzzle-solving skills.

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    crypto trading bot 14 horas left

    i am looking for a guy that understands very well data analysis, stats & math (linear algebra) text me for more info :-)

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    Dashboard in Power BI 10 horas left

    I want dashboard in power bi for an excel file

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    Research expert 5 horas left

    looking for Research expert who is good in statistics.

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    Microeconomics research paper 3 horas left

    A microeconomics expert needed for 2 simple projects.

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    I am in need of a machine learning expert to help me prepare my model based on requirement. It is a regression problem and i would like to fit the model into Linear , polynomial , ridge , lasso , random forsest and apply other boosting techniques and finally ANN. I need clean code to fit my requirement. Thank you

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