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    Freelancer en Chandigarh, India
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    I am a talented 3D modeler and web programmer Do All kinds of 3D visualization services for interior design, architects, product design, 3d printing work jewelry design, furniture, character design etc I have experience in skills in the areas of 3D modelling, 3d Printing and 3D Rendering. If hired by yo ...

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    Freelancer en Gyumri, Armenia
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    , exterior, characters and f991bc3160animation1fc03f2cdf, FX Fire, Smoke, Particles, simulation: Programs used f991bc31603ds1fc03f2cdf max + V-Ray, Fusion, AutoCad, Zbrush, Mudbox, Unity3d ,Photoshop, UVLayout, Quixel Sute. And more tools. ... Hi we team of architects and f991bc31603d1fc03f2cdf artist .. We have 5 years of experience in the f991bc31603D1fc03f2cdf, we will do everything so that our employer was satisfied, we can create realistic f991bc31603d1fc03f2cdf models, renders, interior ... and exterior design, stand, logo, ... Our skills. we started to work in f991bc31603D1fc03f2cdf from 2009, we completed a lot of large projects, including the low poly, models for games,, Landscape design , interior

  • Foto de perfil de artdesignfusion
    Freelancer en B, Bulgaria
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    3D Visualizations Interior design Architecture Graphic design Web design

  • Foto de perfil de aki230990
    Freelancer en Chandigarh, India
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    We possess all hardware and software facilities in-house to accomplish any given task to us. We assure you the best experience when you work with us. We are specialized in all these software's : • 3DS Max • MAYA • UNITY • Zbrush • After Effects • Photoshop • Illus ...

  • Foto de perfil de Serdechnyy
    Freelancer en Кисловодск, Russian Federation
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    Hi, my name is Vladimir and I am 3D CAD designer. By education I am a jeweler, baccalaureate- decorative applied art. I have experience of more than five years in jewelry design studio. Provides services in the CAD design of 3D mesh modeling, NURBS modeling, sculpture . Rendering images for website and presentati ...

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    Freelancer en Busk, Ukraine
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    We do our best to have satisfied clients! Experienced Unity3D developers! Architectural photoreal 3D renderings and walkthroughs. Low poly modeling and texturing. Unity 3D, 3Ds Max, VRay, Corona, Photoshop, After Effect.


Encontrando Modeladores de 3D en Freelancer

The evolution of technology and resultant availability of 3D applications at accessible pricing has attracted aspiring 3D modelers to a specialist career path in ever increasing numbers. The world of 3D modeling is undergoing a period of significant growth and shows no sign of slowing down. Modelers are heavily engaged in a broad variety of sectors from entertainment to architecture, medicine to engineering. The application of 3D modeling appears limitless.  

By way of example, the medical industry leverages 3D modeling to create models of internal organs. In architecture, 3D computerized models of proposed buildings have replaced manual construction developing physical scale replicas. The entertainment industry utilizes 3D modeling in animated films, and video games rely on modeling heavily for character and objects creation. Engineers use mathematical certainty of models to design new devices or structures.

So, what exactly is 3D modeling? 3D modeling refers to the construction of graphics or images that are three dimensional. Models are typically formulated using modeling software which renders a mathematical representation of a particular object. There are a plethora of 3D modeling software choices available on the market. Some of the more popular options include:

  • AutoCAD - Relatively easy to use, this flexible 3D modeling tool is popular amongst graphic and industrial designers and engineers.
  • SketchUp - SketchUp offers a useful modeling software option for delivering high-quality renderings and animation.
  • Blender - Sculpting, animation, video editing and photorealistic rendering are key deliverables of Blender.
  • Rhino - Rhino provides a curve based 3D modeling solution, popularized within architecture, industrial design, graphics, and multimedia. Rhino procures extremely precise models of 3D surfaces through mathematical calculation.
  • 3ds Max - Favored in modeling for animation, simulation, and rendering, 3ds Max is used heavily by film studios, gaming developers and motion graphics creators.
  • Cinema 4D - Cinema 4D has four different applications to cater for 3D animators, designers, architects and artists involved in motion graphics.
  • Maya - Maya is a 3D modeling option developed by AutoDesk and is widely used in video game development, animated films and visual effects.

If you have a project that requires the services of a highly trained, skillful and experienced 3D modeler, then browse for the perfect applicant at Hiring a freelancer removes the risk from a complicated 3D modeling project. Secure a modeler proficient in any of the four primary modeling methods, polygonal, primitive, non-uniform rational B-spline, or splines and patches.

Aside from a deep understanding of the latest 3D modelling software and a comprehensive training and qualification background, provides versatile modellers with the skill-set to cater for a broad range of techniques and workflows, strong attention to detail, creativity and range of complementary skills, such as texture artistry and sculpting, to complete end to end delivery.

Whether you are creating a mobile game on iOS or Android, developing for gaming consoles, generating character models, 3D assets or objects, mapping, or require high-resolution modeling. can provide the world’s best available freelancers at a fraction of the cost charged by larger software companies. Freelancer showcases are available to view online to provide a demonstration of modeling skill and past performance.