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    Windows Developer Using .Net
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    Highly professional web and windows developer with vast experience using .Net, C# and VB .Net with any Database , SQL Server, Oracle, Access and MySQL.

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    Versatile .Net Developer
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    Highly experienced and versatile .Net developer with advanced skills in C# programming, SQL, Graphic design, Python, .NET, JAVA and software architecture.

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    Professional .Net Developer
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    7 years development experience and expertise in Telerik, DevExpress, Web Application, Windows Desktop Application, ASP.NET, C# Programming, .NET and HTML.

  • Foto de perfil de logos104
    Freelancer en Odesa, Ukraine
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    15 years of programming experience. Mostly desktop applications with using C, C++ and C# languages and lot of mathematics.

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    Freelancer en Lviv, Ukraine
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    ByteAnt is an outsourcing software development company providing services in the fields of Software Development and Web Development. Hire a developer or a full professional team to complete your project now! We specialize in Windows software development using .NET Framework. MVC and Web Forms websites, WPF and Win...

  • Foto de perfil de g0dman
    Freelancer en Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
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    Thank you for visiting my profile page. My skills include: - .Net, ASP Net, MVC, WinForms - MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite - Net, HTML, CSS, Scripting I'm also very good at solving difficult non-standard tasks


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Why hire a .Net developer? A ‘.Net developer’ generally refers to a programmer that uses either C#.Net, VB.Net or a combination of both to develop desktop applications for Microsoft operating systems.

Desktop applications can be defined as those pieces of software that do not require an Internet connection or a web browser to function. For example, a media player, photo editor or a word processor are all examples of desktop applications. This is in contrast to web applications that require both an Internet connection and a web browser in order to operate. This would include items such as an e-commerce, online banking or webmail.

Desktop applications can be developed for virtually any purpose under the sun. When given your vision, .Net developers can create a Windows application to perfectly meet your needs.

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How do you hire a freelancer exactly? That’s a great question! Employers can hire a developer by posting a public project. Posting a public project is free for employers. Just write a description outlining your project’s deliverables and expectations and then wait for your qualified and competitive bids from freelance developers to pour in!

Does your project require a certain set of skills or experience? Not a problem! Use the Freelancer Directory to find the perfect freelance application developer to create your Windows desktop application. View his or her public profile, take a look at the freelancer’s reviews and portfolio and then offer your project directly from their profile!

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