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I would like to get a tattoo designed.

The concept is Lord Nataraja. (The happy dancing form of Lord Shiva, not the angry dance).

I am attaching few pictures of what I would want it like, so you can get an idea. (Please do a bit more research yourself too in google about how lord Nataraja looks, with keywords like Lord Natarja Art, Lord Natarja, Lord Natarja modern art, Lord Natarja sketch etc)

It should be bit modern as well as classic, something that is modern but does not miss anything from the original form of Lord Nataraja.
The design should be good for a 4 to 5 inch tattoo.

1. The three horizontal stripes on the forehead of the lord shiva with the third eye in between is mandatory to be there.
2. The hair flying in the back is not mandatory but if you can include that in a really beautiful way, that will be really nice.
3. The fire in his left back arm and the drum in his right arm are mandatory and should be nicely drawn, so they are clear.
4. The demon in the bottom of his leg is mandatory, but should be drawn in a neat and nice way. Not too much detail required.
5. The fire circle around the lord, is not mandatory.
6. The crown on the head should be smaller, but beautifully drawn. They are all big in all the attached pictures, I need it to be smaller than that.
7. The tattoo should be multicoloured but not too many colours. Max 3 colours are good. Like Black, red & brown or something like that. Neatly coloured/filled.
8. The tattoo should have all the necessary details but not be too much detailed (like not many minute lines, etc)

Reference Pictures:

Picture [login to view URL]: Use this picture as a reference to the point 1 I have given above (the three stripes on forehead with the third eye). ALso the drum is good in this one, you can use it as a reference for the drum in his left back arm.

Picture [login to view URL]: This is a really neat art but the details are not clear and not good for a logo. You can use this picture as a reference though.

Picture [login to view URL]: Just another reference image. The point 6 above, about the crown. So you can use this image for the reference of the crown. And make it a bit more smaller.

Picture 4 and [login to view URL]: I like both of them. You can use the [login to view URL] as the reference for the hair flying in the back, if you are creating the tattoo design with the hair. It can be a bit shorter. And the extra pair of hands in the back are really beautifully drawn.
[login to view URL] is cool but has many [login to view URL] the extra pair of hands in the back those carry the drum and the fire, are not that good. And there is no navel.

Both 4 and 5 lack the three horizontal stripes on the forehead behind the third eye.

6. Just the black and white version of picture 5.

NOTE: I am happy even if you can just edit the Picture [login to view URL] OR Picture [login to view URL] with all those mandatory points and edits I have mentioned above. And fix the flaws in the picture (mentioned above - check point "Picture 4 and [login to view URL]:" above) and make it into a really good tattoo. Add a small smile to it if possible. (This is instead of drawing a new tattoo. I am happy if you can draw a new one too.)

Thank you! Looking forward to your entries. Will provide a small bonus if it is done perfectly!
I own the complete license of the design once it is submitted. Thanks again!

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“Good Job! Thank you!”

Imagen del perfil viya89809, India.

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  • signotipo
    • 1 año atrás

    Hello! Please check my entry #25 Unique art for Lord Nataraja

    • 1 año atrás
  • Shaeree
    • 1 año atrás

    Hello, I'm working on it...don't close the contest yet..wait for my entry..

    • 1 año atrás
  • maiamm
    • 1 año atrás

    hi, im a designer and tattoo artist and would like to ask a few questions, 4-5 inches may be a bit too small for a high complexity tattoo of a human body. it could end up being too small and hard to recognize. that being said, it's totally ok if you want to do it that size anyway. is it absolutely important for it to be a full body? thanks for reading my concerns.

    • 1 año atrás
    1. viya89809
      Organizador del concurso
      • 1 año atrás

      Yes the tattoo must be full. And You can make it in a way that it fits max 5 inches in height. Not more than that. It should be clear and not messy.

      • 1 año atrás
    2. viya89809
      Organizador del concurso
      • 1 año atrás

      If you can google for some more images, you will get a clearer idea.

      • 1 año atrás

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