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Our 10 favorite Weebly templates

Weebly's templates are specially designed for ecommerce, and can make your online business look great. Here are 10 templates we love
18 may 2020 • Lectura de 6 minutos
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Weebly is short on quantity when it comes to themes, but it more than makes up for it in quality

Weebly is one of the most user-friendly website builders available in the market today. It offers a free plan to users for creating a website. Themes from Weebly are entirely free, and this is their biggest advantage.
For a few dollars a month, you can also connect a custom domain as well as remove the branded ads. With a focus on creating simple templates specifically designed for online businesses, Weebly is giving Wix and Squarespace a run for their money. The themes also look excellent on a desktop and mobile. So, read on to find out our selection of 10 favorite Weebly templates that this website builder has in its portfolio.


weebly template cleanlines
Weebly templates and themes are famous for their responsive designs, and CleanLines is no exception. As a universal theme, this website template has a clean and modern look and feel to it. The template is specifically designed for online businesses selling clothes, jewelry, timepieces, etc. While the template offers ample spaces to include text, the highlight on each page is clearly how the exquisite products are displayed. Its other features include different color palettes, responsiveness, and top navigation.

Kiko & Miles

weebly template kiko and miles
In contrast to Time Piece, Kiko & Miles offers an excellent foundation theme that caters to most ecommerce businesses. As a high-quality template, it allows you to set up a comprehensive ecommerce store online completely hassle-free, irrespective of the products that you are selling. The Kilo & Miles theme is essentially a boxed layout with a widely responsive design. Therefore, the impact that your website creates will entirely depend on the images that you display on the landing page.

Bayside Inn

weebly template bayside inn
Bayside Inn is designed with hotels, resorts, inns or other commercial vacation residences in mind. What makes this theme unique is its extremely visual layout where you can display the vacation residences you're marketing. The template has enough pages to promote your services and facilities in detail. The theme may seem simple, but it's this simplicity that lets you showcase your business’ best features.

Edison - Avenue

weebly template edison avenue
Avenue is also an ecommerce theme, but unlike Kiko & Miles, this one is specifically designed for setting up online fashion stores, including apparel stores or stores marketing branded products. This is mainly because the Avenue theme comes with a pre-sectioned design that allows you to highlight the product features as well as the brand. Its salient features include a shop section, a new arrivals category and a lookbook section. Overall, this Weebly template is most suitable for those who have frequent new product promotion requirements.

Birdseye - Okios

weebly template birdseye okios
Birdseye is ideal if you're trying to showcase your portfolio. Its wide header image puts your work front and center. Apart from this, its minimalist theme allows you to highlight other aspects of the business like the clients and the team members. The elements on the landing page, as well as other web pages, are well spaced out and easy to locate in its simple and straightforward layout. This is perfect for design studios as well as interior design agencies. It can also be used if you own any other design-oriented business.

Edison - Breal

weebly template edison breal
Edison is another template that's perfect for designing an agency website. The minimalist template is also highly sectionalized to allow the site owners to list down their service offerings, white papers, case studies, portfolios, satisfied clients, etc., in well-segregated areas. In short, the Edison theme offers a comprehensive yet boxed layout that is lean. Apart from this, every page can be differently designed to include any business-related information that you may want to share.

Susan Smith

weebly template susan smith
Like most top tier website builders, Weebly also offers themes that are appropriate for creating personal websites. The Susan Smith theme is the most popular in this lot of personal themes. This is primarily because the template includes elements of services offered, case studies, as well as a dedicated space for including your portfolio. In other words, it provides the owner with different information sections to highlight their services. This makes it highly suitable for professionals as well as freelancers.


weebly template oasis
While both Sarah Smith and Oasis are designed to highlight your personal service aspects, the layout for Oasis is more resume-based. The screen is split right in the middle, balancing both your personality as well as your creativity. The left portion of the screen is dedicated to striking visuals, the right pane is designed to highlight text and written content.

Dusk - Travellin

weebly template dusk travellin
As the name suggests the Dusk-Travellin template from Weebly is an excellent option if you are creating a website for a travel business. This can be a travel agency as well as a travel blog. This is primarily because the theme allows ample space for including vibrant images. It also includes predefined sections to include details regarding your services, content on destinations, client testimonials as well as a contact page that comes integrated with Google Maps.


weebly template cento
Cento is designed to ensure that your content is the star of the website. It is also considered a universal theme as the template is extremely flexible to work with and allows you to set the tone of your website. While Cento is recommended for artists, architects and minimalists, its excellent blogging feature makes it a perfect option for bloggers as well. The template offers different page designs for text-based content like sections about yourself and your services.

Can Weebly templates compete with the industry leaders?

The recent acquisition of Weebly by Square Inc. certainly has the market talking. But, speaking purely from a visual point of view, the templates of this website builder deliver on all essential aspects. They are modern, clean and comprehensive. You also get a wide range of display options like the grid layout, bigger pictures, side or top menu.

The benefits

Weebly offers a decent range of predefined layouts for pages that are necessary regardless of the type of site you're building or the templates that you're using. These include the home page, about page, contact page, etc. As a result, the user is provided with Google Maps or a contact form that is already integrated into the template. This can be extremely useful if you're not very tech-savvy or if you're on a tight schedule.
Another reason why Weebly remains one of the more popular website builders is that its themes are not just mobile-friendly, but also very responsive. Weebly templates are designed keeping in mind ecommerce integration. And if you have enough knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can easily access the code. You can test different versions, assessing how your site looks as Weebly ensures that all your content is stored.

What do you need to watch out for?

Customizing your website for mobile can be quite a challenge. If you want to customize for mobile, you might need the help of a freelance web designer.
Another thing you need to watch out for is the extent of flexibility in the templates. Weebly templates are flexible to a certain extent, but they come with certain limitations. Unlike Wix, it's impossible to get a pixel-level option regarding flexibility. Weebly also doesn't have as many template options as its competitors, and there's no blank template available.

Final words

When you're working with Weebly, you need to plan your approach in a slightly different manner. Rather than looking for a theme that's designed according to your business offering, look for the structure that you want to work with. This will help you arrive at the Weebly template that will cater to your requirement. While Weebly’s limited options can seem like a detriment, all of its templates are robust enough to ensure that your website receives a sound foundation.
On a positive note, the lack of flexibility will actually ensure that you experiment less and end up with a website that's guaranteed to look striking.
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