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Nombre de usuario: rjcena14

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Ubicación: Indore, India

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  • ₹22222 INR Ayer

    i need a list of all competition in indiaand i need syllabus of all competition exam of indialike banking education medical eng. all type of exams

  • $94 USD Hace 5 dias

    We need branding for a new yoga and movement studio in the Atlanta area. We have worked with a focus group to create a name and tagline(s) and generally agree on a image concept. The studio will be the first of its kind in our area offering yoga, thai yoga massage, workshops and more. The interior is a mix of old and new, tough and soft. A union of both opposites. We"d like someone to design a simple and yet vintage looking graphic that can be used on apparel, hats, etc. as well as easily branded for our website and more. Attached are some images of graphics we liked. Potential for more work in the future. PROJECT: Name: Union Yoga + MovementTaglines: "where grace meets strength", "grace with a side of grit" and "unite & ignite"Symbols: compass rose, star, etc.

  • $77 USD Hace 5 dias

    Looking for great experienced creative designer to design home healthcare company brochure. This is for new startup trying to bring hospital grade healthcare services to patients homes in india. Brochure Design Requirements: i) This is one fold design brochureii) Maximum white backgroundiii) Simple and Professional Look

  • $20 AUD Hace 9 dias

    Logo for education consultant with blue theme

  • $35 USD Hace 9 dias

    Find websites from http:\\/\\/\\/appfinderInstruction and note:1. Please use Chrome to browse the websites2. You can use chrome extention to check PageRank and take full page screenshots3. Select the criteria here at http:\\/\\/\\/appfinder4. Location: United State 5. Working Language: English6. Devices Supported: Web-based7. Deployment type: SaaS8. You can start from \

  • $35 USD Hace 9 dias

    create new design for packing and catalog cover and company folder and CD, products is CCTV logo will be provided.

  • $35 USD Hace 9 dias

    I need three screenshots of iphone app. It will be a pic of iphone with the required screenshots. I will provide the wireframe for the three screenshots. A good designer can do this in a couple of hours.

  • $35 USD Hace 9 dias

    Basically looking for a way to grab the attention of people in my area for my local pool service. Would like to create a door hanger or flier that is relatively simple and cheap to make but stands out. Being in Arizona this is something that is fairly common but local pool guys only use crappy printouts that they make on their computers. I want this flier to include some marketing strategies and a basic overview of the service. I am up for any suggestions on what you feel would make my flier stand out and generate more customers. The end result will be something that can be send to me via email so i can make copies and start marketing my new business.

  • $250 USD Hace 17 dias

    Looking to see if anyone can sell me a high pr tumblr blog or blog name, would like the niche to be fashion based, but if it not it will still workpost your descriptions.

  • $45 USD Hace 21 dias

    I need facebook Page Likes 10000 and on daily Basis Likes from all Over the World or From Selected Countries ,

    Ronnie does not have any open projects.
    Ronnie does not have any work in progress.
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