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Innovative coding at awesome value

Nombre de usuario: rachitskiy

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Ubicación: Novelty, United States

Miembro desde: septiembre 2010



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  • $225.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor danielpereira1



    Great job. Truly a master at eBay API.

    Project Description:At our site we have our site communicate with the eBay API in order to do 2 main things: 1. Post our listings to eBay from our site according to our inventory. 2. Have eBay send order information back to our site so that orders can be downloaded when ready to ship...
  • $67.15 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor rport



    Great work! Did requested tweaking fast and final product is superb.

    Project Description:Need a clone of the Amazon Discount Finder found at <> for my websites. Will need to be able to insert affiliate link myself as I will use the script on multiple sites with different affiliate links...
  • $99.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor EntHubUK

    EntHubUK [ Informe incompleto ]


    Didn't work out.

    Project Description:We currently sell products via Amazon Marketplace in the UK with a Pro account, and use the MWS API to manage listings. We need a script, which we will run via Cron once a day, that emails buyers 7 days after the last package from their order was dispatched...
  • $82.45 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor emailsolutionvw



    Excellent coder and very quick.professional communication and exact deliverables.Highly recommended.

    Project Description:Hi Coders I am using the chipdir php scripts to get the information from the amazon and it all works great from the following url: <> my problem is the xml it returns...
  • $170.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor babyhaven



    Really good programmer. Actually the first ever that actually finished before his estimate.

    Project Description:We need to create a script that works on these four Amazon platforms: It must be an application that allows us to define the Amazon "merchant"...
  • $100.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor davidtrue



    Did a great job. Very good communication, and made the software project go very smooth. Will work with him again and strongly recommend him to others.

    Project Description:I've built a custom database in PHP that is a project management database to organize my articles and writings. The problem is that when I write, I don't know my keyword density or the number of keywords I'm putting in for SEO...
  • $200.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor marietto2008



    rachitskiy is very good. He has an excellent knowledge of programming and a big amount of patience.

    Project Description:I'm trying to feed specific coordinates into Google Maps javascript. The coordinates come from a specific file on my web server (coords.txt). The Javascript I have set up so far will read the coordinates file (coords.txt) and display it in text form within the HTML page...
  • $14.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor makelo

    makelo [ Informe incompleto ]


    not completed

    Project Description:simple project where html textbox gets an flv url from youtube, and extracts the mp3 file and save it on server and store the mp3 file name as string to db. by using ffmpeg. preferred language is asp and db can be access or sql server...
  • $70.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor magentophreak



    Completed the job very quickly and the results were even better than I was hoping for.

    Project Description:Current functionality: This lightbox type script creates a gallery grouping of all elements on a page with a specific class name, after clicking an element you can scroll through each image in the gallery within the lightbox...
  • $80.00 USD
    Imagen de perfil para el vendedor amproexperts



    An absolute pleasure to work with Anton. Timely, well mannered and very good at what he does. A true asset to

    Project Description:Hi. Need a simple Google Maps API configuration done. Need multiple map icons placed via xml file. Then it will popup a callout box with an image and some text showing linking to a URL. We are good at working in XML so it is just the configuration needed...
    rachitskiy no ha terminado ningún proyecto.
  • $187 USD En curso

    I need a plain text website and back-end database. The citation management system shall allow:1. Officer access - query existing database if vehicle has had previous citations, if yes, provide a tow alert message.. Store date/time of query. Ask later for more details about their query on a data-entry screen. Store all data for future inquiries by officers and supervisors. Send automated emails for vehicles that may or have been towed, based on officer"s input. License plate queries should include close matches from the database (70% or better).2. Supervisor access - shall define data sets for drop down boxes, be able to search a license plate for tickets without generating a future data entry as the officers would, export all or some data in CSV format, add/remove Officer accounts, add/remove additional Supervisors. This level of account can also edit any type of data.Prior to inquiring and adding a license plate to the database, license plate must go through a verification process. Most license plates will be in the following formats: 1ABC123 or 12345A1 or 1A12345. If not, the user shall be questioned if this is a "VIN Number" (must enter 6 numbers), "Personalized" (any combination of letters and numbers), "Other" (any combination of letters and numbers), or "Out of State" license plate (any combination of letters and numbers). If out of state, they shall specify a state (49 state drop down list, excluding California, which is the default for all other entries).Upon entering the "Data Entry" screen, all citations should be preceeded by any TOW ALERTS. If a prior TOW ALERT message was previously provided, the officer shall be asked - was this tow successful? If yes, he is to enter additional data as above with citations. Once submitted, an successful tow email shall be generated to the same email as above. This email shall include the towing data, plus the previously related citations. The next confirmation screen shall also provide a (supervisor defined) phone number to call and notify the Sheriff. Upon completion of the phone call, the officer shall enter a "person notified" and "badge/ID number". The date and time of the submission of this data shall be prefilled. The important data shall be stored with the TOW ALERT. A successful TOW ALERT shall "flag" the prior citations that qualified this as a TOW ALERT (2 prior citations in the past 365 days). This flag of a successful ("yes") tow shall no longer apply when querying the vehicle again in the future. Their tow "count" is basically "re-set" once they are towed. Now they have to get 2 more citations before the can get another TOW ALERT.If the officer selects NO, the tow was not successful, the officer shall be directed to the usual citation data entry screen. Except the first field shall ask "Why was this vehicle not towed?" This will also generate an email. This data shall also be saved.Once system is fully tested and running smoothly, we require you to import the previous 1,384 citations we have written in the last year. It is available in an Excel spreadsheet with the above listed data (citation number, date, time, address, license plate, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle color)

  • $530 USD En curso

    Hello,I need a customized map system that will allow me to easily add locations to it either one-by-one or by uploading an excel spreadsheet to add locations in bulk.What I was originally thinking was a simple google map with the thumbtacks showing the locations. I tried the Google MyMap site to create a customized map and I used the Yahoo API application to get the GeoData of the locations so I could create a spreadsheet of the Geodata, Name and address to display on the map. I uploaded the spreadsheet to the Google MyMap system bur all I was able to get was a very basic map just showing the locations.This was okay in the beginning but we need a lot more flexibility, so after stumbling on this site now would like a system like this that seems to offers a great way of displaying locations with lots of additional information and flexibility.I like this system, so I will need a quote for a system similar to this one (I need to be able to add locations via an excel spreadsheet if I need to).You will need to work from your own temporary address data and provide me with a set of instructions on how to use the system once it"s all done.You will also need to agree to a non-disclosure agreement and agree to not brand and link back in any way.The Code MUST BE Clean, Neat and Secure.If there is an admin panel, there must be a secure login for it.You will need to do all of the work on your own server and show me a working demo from your server. I Do Not have access to our server at this time. Once I see a fully working demo, I can release 50% of the escrow and the remaining 50% will be released once I received the files.Thank you and I look forward to your bid.

  • £249 GBP En curso

    I have over 1800 items in amazon inventory and want to get these items onto ebay very quickly. I need all the information contained within the amazon listing including title, pictures, technical details, product details, product description price and postage (shipping)

  • $149 USD En curso

    I need a web shipping rates calculator with these simple characteristics:all the shipping rates and countries will be stored in a mysql database and should look like (or even sexier)the rates calculator table here

  • $400 USD En curso

    I want a bot that basicilly I will add a term to the database and daily it will download videos with that search term with over a certain amount of views. It will only search for vidoes uploaded that day. It should also be able to save title and description.Can even implement youtube downloading plugins already available/

  • $2300 USD En curso

    Please review Gazelle dot com Please review the website and see the functionality. Essentially people go to this website and see what offers they can get for electronics that they have. This website uses real-time price quotes that they will offer for the item based on average selling prices on ebay.1.I am looking to create a similar website and rebrand it. I need some ideas on how to pull the average selling price from ebay and offer a percentage on what it sells for. I know I can setup with ebay research api and pull the average selling price. 2.Will require joomla or wordpress backend for easy updating. OR other if you recommend.3.Need to figure out how to have the database of all the products and images so people can search for almost any electronic product. Phones and game systems are key categories.4.Require the auto complete search bar.I will need to have same products or more pulled into the website so people will be able to search for products. Need someone with experience that knows how to do this and be able to keep the products fresh and up to date.Please bid and provide your qualifications.Please do not apply if you do not have experience with creating site of this magnitude.

  • $50 USD En curso

    I would like someone to make a few small changes to the code below. Thank you.<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--//var myID="daddywhale10";var myNum=10;document.write("<scri"+"pt language=\"Java"+"Script\" src=\""+myNum+"&cid=0&sortdir =asc&tlecolor=FA93A4&sortby=endtime&track=&srchdesc=n&width=750&siteid=3&bdrcolor=FA93A4&numbid=y&ai=tedsaodd&prvd=0&fntcolor=000000&sort=MetaEndSort&si="+myID+"&endtime=y&title=Current+Auctions+for+"+myID+"&img=y\" ebay=\"http:\/\/\/\"></scr"+"ipt>");//--></script>

  • €30 EUR 14/02/2013

    I am very interested in your project "category obtain information from list of stores" so I send you an example in Excel. I hope we can do a successful cooperation. I am a new freelancer and this job would mean a lot to me. Greetings...

  • $190 USD 26/05/2011

    Google Map Mashup Share a message and picture on GooglemapMore detail is watch attached file.We are in a hurry. so we except fast job. thank you.

  • $545 USD 30/12/2010

    Develop a PHP google maps application maintaining places from MYSQL database.Must work via WEB and FACEBOOK (iframe)Update statistic when map is displayed or a place is touchedAll text displayed are language depending from the database (user can enter his country or click another flag)Database and mockup of screens ready. Developer will receive one mockup at a time, code it and deliver it to test before next step. A total of 6 steps described below (attachment)Important: Add the readcode found in attached file with your bid to be considered. Also please add info about existent experience with facebook and google maps.

  • $350 USD 13/12/2010

    Our objective is to identify the number of "locations" that have another "location" within a distance of X meters. Where X is a variable that we wish to vary to have different scenarios and "location" is a branch of a same company (i.e., stores of a same brand)the "locations" appear on google maps and there are around 3 thousand of them within a countryWe wish to do 5 scenarios of distance

  • $48 USD 07/12/2010

    Hello all, We have just installed a MaxMind database with country ip addresses in MySQL. We need a coder to create a javascript code to lookup the database and redirect visitors based on the ip address.We will provide database details to you or you can simple supply the javascript code and we will modify.Obviously we will require a demo of the script working.As stated the script must be javascript and not php codeLooking for a fast turnaround if possible as its an urgent requirementRegards Stu

  • $30 USD 03/12/2010

    The attached file worked at one time.. now it doesn"t... there is a simple reason, but I am not a javascript type person... need help... Look over the attached file and give me your best price for repairing it...Lotioneer

  • $550 USD 02/12/2010

    I would like to know if you could helping me developing a VRP Vehicle Route planner, with following :-I need to add profiles of people with checkout time and checkin, and addresses via csv-With this checking and checkout and addresses, system should plan an itinerary for all users efectivly so a taxi will know who is going to go with him, at what time and wich will be the first,2nd,3rd5th6....destinations effectivly -Restrictions: max capacity for cabs (ex 6 people) and also a passanger cannot be inside taxi more then 1 and ½ hours, also have a way to define if is to pickup passangers that go to office or from office to destinationsPlease bid if you have experience in this.Skype: cbetteleylinks:

  • $99 USD 21/11/2010

    We need a simple, commented, detailed plugin to allow our users to easily select addresses to be added to our database.It should be easy integrateable with our current php scripts

  • $250 USD 18/11/2010

    i need an experienced web crawler to scrape and retrieve product info. i have a small list of specific urls on amazon website and each url has a keyword to search to bring up the desired products and then search the info needed. attached is a picture showing all the info fields and where on amazon page to scrape them from. Make sure you search all products by following multiple search results pages. attached is the excel sheet list with url, keyword to search in url and the info need to fill in the excel sheet. some urls have no keywords in which case we need to retrieve info from all products on that urlplease ask questions

  • $190 USD 11/11/2010

    I am looking for some one to help intergrate my users in my two websites. i am using this and need someone who knows what they are doig. Please don"t waste my time and yours if you don"t understand what this script does

  • $250 USD 27/10/2010

    Project Aim:=========================Create a upload form, (very simple)let"s user upload their own movie to our server.After we got the movie file, our server will auto append a short movie in the beginning and at the end of the original movie.Also, watermark will be auto add to the user"s movie.After the movie is rendered, it will auto upload to our youtube account.If youtube support 10 movie formats, then your script should also support 10 movies format.Server is Linux, Redhat, php, apache.==========================Payment:We pay 50% of the project amount in escrow once you win this project.Once you send us the first testing code, we escrow another 25%After you send the code for us to testing, bug fix and work.We will pay the rest 25% and complete the previous 75% escrow.Notice that we don"t accept delay in this project, and if you fail to fix or deliver the code to us.It is treat as you give up the project and please do full refund back to us.We don"t want to waste time.============================Limit:Not more than 7 days, first release code must be done in the first 3 days. and we have 4 days to bug test and fix.Code must be 100% finished within 7 days.

  • [Sealed] 26/10/2010

    I have written a personality profile and I need technology developed for two versions of the test. The first would be a simple version...clients choose one of four options for about 65 multiple choice type questions. Each possible answer is linked to a personality type (there are 4 different ones...) At the end of the test, answers would be tabulated to give a result of how many points were attibuted to each type. They would instantly receive the total scores (and thus the blend) of their personality. A copy of their score sheet would be emailed to our office to prepare for the workshop.The second version has an addition to the above test. This one has the addition of having up to 10 people on one"s team also anwer questions about their working style. Those responses would be tabulated into a resulting report and sent to my office only. The end result would be having one score that provides your profile based on how you answered the questions...and a second report indicating how one comes across to their teammates. Each member will get to see if they come across like they think they do on a team. I am not sure what software this could be done in and I am open as long as I can read the reports.We are putting the finishing touches on the questions and will be ready to begin on Novemeber 1st.

  • $600 USD 22/10/2010

    The Booking search module it has to be 100% similar with the search and results as booking(.) com.This is my offer in 7days 1.We cannot accept any delay ! In case of delays we can reject the developer !2.No advance payment 3.Daily update of the project !4.10-12h/day work online with us (our developers ) for assistance and will not any modifications from our site .5.Success will be awarded with one of our next 6 projects ! (see GAF) 6.In case you don’t accept our offer please remove your offer !Please study the specification attach !Thanks for understanding !User ispasaurel

  • $120 USD 04/10/2010

    I have a jquery image slider on my website. This is almost working ok in Firefox but not in IE. I will require someone that can make changes to the code in order for this image slider to work in all browsers.The bottom part of the image where text is placed should also be transparrent and requires a fix.If interested then please respond, I will give the URL and you will be able to check and place bid if you are confident you can complete this task.

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